arwiki غياث الدين بلبن ألغ خان; azbwiki غیاث الدین بلبن; azwiki Sultan Qıyasəddin Balaban; bnwiki গিয়াসউদ্দিন বলবন; cawiki Balban; enwiki Ghiyas ud din. Ghiasuddin Balban is the greatest Sultan of the Slave dynasty and an extremely Buried, The burial chamber of Ghiyas ud din Balban is famous as the Tomb of. Nasir-ud-din-Mahmud was just a nominal King; the real power was in the hands of Ghiyas-ud-din Balban, a slave of Iltutmish, who belonged to.

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The Mewatis, Jats and Rajputs had also gained power and revolted against the government. In order to check the Mongol invasion, Balban built new forts and ordered the repair of the old ones between the river Indus and Delhi.

Tomb of Balban

He set up a magnificent court and ghiyasucdin his power and authority with kingly dignity. Besides he was a very affectionate father. His court was very disciplined and nobody could even dare to smile in his court. Balban ordered his soldiers to attack and set fire to their houses and to wipe out their adult male population. Such was the critical stage, when Balban had been given the responsibility to face and fight.

Balban’s military reign also distinguished with his success repelling Mongol army. This site uses cookies. Whereas the second part, the provinces of Multan, Sind and Lahore, were supervised under the leadership of Prince Muhammad Khan.

The army also was supervised by Imad al- Mulk, who was regarded as a competent officer. When Tughril heard of the approach of Balban, he fled away towards east but was captured and put to death. During his reign, Balban ruled with an iron fist. Home Events Prehistoric — The Year — — — — — — — — — — — Present Personalities Prehistoric — The Year — — — — — — — — — — — Present Videos Prehistoric — The Year — — — — — — — — Present Jinnah Glimpses Contributed By People.


Each one of them started to consider himself as a second to the Sultan.

Ghiyasuddin Balban AD sultan of Delhi. Bengal was always a headache to the Delhi Sultanate. His main antagonist was Imad ud-din Raihan, who in works written after Balban’s time, is characterized as a Hindu Murtad who revoked Islamalthough some claim him to be of Turkic origin as well. Thus Balban by displaying his power, authority and dignity struck terror in the hearts of the people and made them submissive.

Biography of Ghiyas-ud-din Balban

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Islam is against extremism and emphasizes on implementing social justice upon people, regardless of their ethnicity and bslban. They were proud, arrogant and were guiyasuddin of Balban. The younger Muqtas had been taxed for the surplus revenue which was not taken from them as it should have and the children and women who took possession of the Iqta of their forebearers, were to be deprived of their Iqtas and compensated with the money required to sustain them.

Ghiyas ud din Balban reigned: He believed that the king should be very powerful so as to frighten everyone around him. But Amin-Khan was defeated by Tughril. When Balban realized that his end was coming near, he called his son Bughra Khan from Bengal to stay with him but Bughra Khan, was so afraid of the stern nature of his father, that he slipped away to Bengal.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Thus he could restore the status and prestige of the Sultan.

However, Bughra declared independence after Balban’s death, which he maintained for 40 years. Retrieved from ” https: Due to the demise of Sultan Iltutmish, his intelligent daughter, named Sultanah Raziyya, come to power. He then nominated his son Bughra Khan as the governor of Bengal. Retrieved from ” https: Imad ud-din managed to persuade the Sultan that Balban was an usurper.

He dearly loved his sons and relations.

Ghiyas ud din Balban

As a Sultan, Ghiasuddin Balban ruled his territory with an iron hand. Later he was brought to Delhi where Iltutmush purchased him.

Sultan Balban, therefore, adopted a number of measures for the safeguard of the western borders. He appointed Imad-ul-Mulk who was a competent vigilant officer, as the Diwan- i-Ariz minister of war in charge of the army. During the reign of Razia Sultan, he was the Amir-i Shikar or lord of the hunt, ghiyasuddih position of some importance at the time, having military and political responsibilities. These territories of expedition witnessed the existence of great rulers who used valban own creativities in implementing policies upon subjects to consolidate their authorities.

In short Balban put the Muslim rule on firm footings.

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