Buy Bauchentscheidungen: Die Intelligenz des Unbewussten und die Macht der Intuition Gerd Gigerenzer, Professor für Psychologie und Direktor am Berliner. Bauchentscheidungen: Die Intelligenz des Unbewussten und die Macht der Intuition (German Edition) May 28, by Gerd Gigerenzer, Hainer Kober. Gerd Gigerenzer: Bauchentscheidungen. 5 likes. Interest.

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Klappentext In Gut Feelings: Gigerenzer’s explanations of social decision heuristics — what we do versus what we think we are doing — are compelling and thought-provoking.

Gut Feelings: The Intelligence of the Unconscious by Gerd Gigerenzer

Judgment and decision making: Risikokompetenz und die Gestaltung der eigenen Zukunft: Adaptive Heuristiken in den Sozialwissenschaften.

Technology needs users who can control it. Get my own profile Cited by View all All Since Citations h-index 75 iindex University of Amsterdam, May Simple tools ggerd understanding risks: Der Tagesspiegel, Berlin, October Die Toleranz von Unsicherheit in der Psychologie.

Internationlisierung der Psychologie in Deutschland. Excerpts reprinted in Texte, Themen und Strukturenby B.


However, I did appreciate learning more about the mental functions that Gigerenzer so clearly writes about and I enjoyed reading his many examples and stories the second time as much as the first. Its very nature makes it elusive. Decision making under uncertainty in organizations.

European review of social psychology 2 1, The role of information representation. Zum Umgang mit Risiken und Chancen. Innumeracy and modern technologies. Kontexteffekte im Urteil von Kindern.

Clubhaus Free University Berlin, April What stood out to me, was how the author demonstrated that those who have average knowledge of a given subject often can accurately deduce things about that subject as well as, if This book was not exactly what I expected, but good nonetheless.

What does the public know about the benefits of breast and prostate cancer screening? The system in the US operates vice verse. Helsana, Zurich, May How to improve statistical reasoning without really trying.

Department of Psychology, Clark University, February This isn’t to say intuition is better than reason, only that its a different tool which is useful in a different set of circumstances. How to publish in journals with high impact rates.


Natural frequencies improve Bayesian reasoning in simple and complex inference tasks. Do studies of statistical power have an effect on the power of studies?

Gerd Gigerenzer – Google Scholar Citations

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, May Bauchentscheidubgen, Basel, October It is somewhat puzzling that a clearly very wise person is so exercised by a mistaken perception.

The Intelligence of the Unconscious you kind of have to stop making sense to borrow from the Talking Heads or at least let go of the idea that everything has to make sense. University of California, Los Angeles, Psychological Review, University College Gigerrenzer, July Workshop mit der Kantonspolizei Basel-Stadt. Nickel Institute, Berlin, December University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Free University Berlin, December

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