Additional members of the Cometa group included a France National Space Center director, a high ranking director of the DST, the French FBI. Un remarquable rapport, daté des années , le rapport COMETA, toujours disponible sur le site du GEIPAN / CNES (Centre national d’Etudes Spatiales) link. Ufology is the study of reports, visual records, physical evidence, and other phenomena related .. GEIPAN found a mundane explanation for the vast majority of recorded cases, but in , after 30 years of . Skeptic Claude Maugé criticized COMETA for research incompetency, and claimed that the report tried to present.

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La vie dans l’univers – Le Rouge et le Blanc

Le Rouge et le Blanc. Ils croient que nous ne sommes pas seuls dans l’univers.: Pourquoi la vie existerait-elle seulement sur la Terre? C’est comme chercher une aiguille dans une meule de foin.

Holbecq ancien pilote de Concorde et auteur, avec J. Selon toute vraisemblance, c’est l’invention d’un mythomane, Jean-Claude Petit. It is summarized here with the approval of the authors. What must we be prepared for? A non exhaustive list of members gapport given at the beginning, and it is impressive enough. The committee also expresses its gratitude to outside contributors, among whom: General Norlain tells in rapoort short preface how this committee was created.

Most of them hold, or have held, important functions in defence, industry, teaching, research,or various central administrations. General Norlain expresses hope that this report will help develop new efforts nationally, and an indispensable international cooperation.

General Letty, as president of COMETA, points to the main theme of the report, which is that the accumulation of well documented observations compells us now to consider all hypotheses as to the origin of UFOs, especially extraterrestrial hypotheses.

The committee then presents the contents of the study: In a first part, presentation of some geopan cases, both French and foreign ; In a second part, they describe the present organization of research in France and abroad, and studies made by scientists worldwide which may bring partial explanations, in accordance with known laws of physics. The main global explanations are then reviewed, from secret crafts to extraterrestrial manifestations ; In a third part, will be examined measures to be taken regarding defence, from information of pilots, both civilian and military, to strategic, political and religious consequences, should the extraterrestrial hypothesis be confirmed.

Many feipan the cases selected are well known by most researchers, and need only to be mentioned here. Tananarive ; observation of a comefa near the ground by a French pilot, J.

Fartek ; observation at close range over a Russian missile site, by several witnesses Although the selection is limited, it seems to be sufficient to convince an uninformed but open minded reader of the reality coometa UFOs.

The second part, entitled “the present state of knowledge” “Le point des connaissances”begins with geiapn survey of the organization of the official UFO research in France, from eapport first geipab given to the “gendarmerie” in for the redaction of reports, to the creation of GEPAN inits organization and its results: It then surveys agreements passed by GEPAN and, later, SEPRA, with the air force and the army, the civilian aviation and other organs, such as civilian and military laboratories for the analysis of samples, and photographies.


A historical note appears here with a quotation of the famous letter of General Twining, of septemberasserting already to the reality of UFOs. The following chapter, called “hypotheses and attempts at modeling” “OVNI: Partial simulations have already been made for UFO propulsion, based on observations of aspects such as: One model is MHD propulsion, already tested successfully in water, and wich might be achieved in the atmosphere with superconducting circuits, in a few decades.

Other studies are briefly mentioned, regarding both atmospheric geioan space propulsion, such as particle beams, antigravity, reliance geipab planetary and stellar impulsion.

The failure of land vehicle engines may be explained by microwave radiations. In fact, high power hyperfrequency generators are under study in France and other countries. One application is micro wave weapons. Particle beams, for instance proton beams, which ionize the air and become therefore visible, might explain the observation of truncated luminous beams. Micro waves might explain body paralysis. In the same chapter are next studied “global hypotheses”. Hoaxes are rare and easily detected.

Some non-scientific are put aside, such as conspiration and manipulation by very secret, powerful groups, parapsychic phenomena, collective hallucinations. The hypothesis of secret weapons is also regarded as very improbable, the same as “intoxication” at the time of the cold war, or just natural phenomena. We are then left with various extraterestrial hypotheses. One version has been developed in France by astronomers Jean-Claude Ribes and Guy Monnet, based on the concept of “space islands” of American physicist O’Neill, and it is compatible with present day physics.

In the United States, the media and the polls show a marked interest and concern of the public, but the official position, especially of the Air Force, is still one of denial, more precisely that there is no threat to national security. Actually, declassified documents, released under FOIA, show another story, one of surveillance of nuclear installations by UFOs, and the continued study of UFOs by the military and intelligence agencies.

The report stresses the importance, in the United States, of private, independant associations. It mentions the “Briefing Document.

Best available evidence” sent in to a thousand personalities worldwide, and the Sturrock workshop inboth sponsored by Laurance Rockefeller. The committee also notes the public emergence of alleged insiders such as Colonel Philip Corso, and considers that his testimony may be partly significant as to the real situation in that country, in spite of many critics. The report describes briefly the situation in Great Britain, with a special mention for Nick Pope, and poses the question of the possible existence of secret studies pursued jointly with American services.

It mentions as well research ccometa Russia, and the release of some information, notably by the KGB in What intentions and what strategy can we deduce from their behavior? Such questions open a coometa controversial part of the report. Possible motivations of extraterrestrial visitors are explored here, such as protection of planet Earth against the dangers of nuclear war, suggested for instance by repeated flying over nuclear missile sites. The committee then ponders the possible repercussion on the behavior, official or not, of different states, and focuses on the possibility of secret, privileged contacts which might be “attributed to the United States”.


La vie dans l’univers

The attitude of the U. Since that time, a policy of increasing secrecy seems to have been applied, which might be explained by the protection at all cost of military technological superiority to be acquired from the study of UFOs.

Next, the report tackles the question: A kind of “cosmic vigilance” should be applied by the elites, nationally and internationally, in order to prevent any shocking surprise, erroneous interpretation and hostile manipulation. Nationally, COMETA urges the strenghening of SEPRA, and recommends the creation of a cell at the highest level of government, entrusted with the development of hypotheses, strategy, and preparation of cooperation agreements with European and other foreign countries.

Ufology – Wikipedia

A further step would be that European states and the European Union undertake diplomatic action toward the Unites States within the framework of political and strategic alliances. A key question of the report is “What situations must we be prepared for? It mentions such situations comeeta COMETA devotes special attention to “aeronautical implications”, with detailed recommendations aimed at various personnels, such as air staffs, controllers, weathermen and engineers.

It also makes recommendations at the scientific and technical levels, aimed at developping research, with potential benefits for defence and industry. The comwta further explores the political and religious implications of UFOs, using as a model the perspective of our own exploration of space: Such an gfipan is not new to the well informed readers of the abundant ufological literature, but it has a special value here, being treated seriously at such a level.

UFO Reports in the UK

Only one hypothesis takes into account the available data: This hypothesis is of course unproved, but has far-reaching consequences. The goals of these alleged visitors remain unknown but must be the subject of speculations and prospective scenarios.

In its final recommendations, it stresses again the need to: Finally, this document is accompanied by seven interesting annexes which are worth reading rwpport by seasoned ufologists: Elements for a chronology.

The importance of this report should not be missed by all informed ufologists around the world, considering not only its contents but the personality of its authors, and in spite of critics which may be addressed to it.

Let’s hope that the present summary will help clarify the debate. Suivez-moi S’abonner au flux RSS http:

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