The Lost Empire of Atlantis: History’s Greatest Mystery Revealed [Gavin Menzies] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “Tremendous. This guy. Ex-submariner Gavin Menzies attracted global attention with his eye-catching farragos “” and “”, books laying out how he imagined. Given the fevered nature of most works on Atlantis, it is slightly alarming to read this sentence: “In , as captain of the submarine HMS.

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Tan Ta Sen, president of the International Zheng He Society, has acknowledged the book’s popular appeal as well as its scholarly failings, remarking, “The book is very interesting, but you still need more evidence. If nothing else, this book leaves you questioning century-long beliefs about the discovery of America and the origin of the instigators who dispersed the secrets of metal smelting and casting over Europe, Egypt and the Americas during the Bronze Age.

Published first published Former British submarine commander and amateur historian. However, apart from being fairly entertaining in a “what if” kind of way-which is why I gave it 2 stars-this book is complete applesauce. So this book was a perfect choice, really, since it deftly combined both topics.

As, in the present case, nothing in my own research offers support for the views of Rich Santacoloma, but at the same time, I am perfectly prepared for the possibility that time will prove his views correct. Unlikely though this seems, I don’t know enough about ancient naval technology or, come to that, archeology, to dismiss his claims outright.

This is another book to add to the list that presents evidence that Europeans had been to N. This guy memzies done history like you would not believe. I now think of the early Minoans and later Minoans.

Having sustained a lifelong fascination with the story of Atlantis, this book was a natural choice gavn me. May 17, Anita rated it really liked it.

Views Read Edit View history. Although I enjoy any books about Atlantis, I prefer theories based on actual archeological evidence, which favor the ancient Minoan civilization based on the Mediterranean islands of Crete and Thera as the most likely basis for legends of Atlantis.


Furthermore, Regiomontanus could rely on atlantix with remainder tables from the abacus tradition.

THE LOST EMPIRE OF ATLANTIS by Gavin Menzies | Kirkus Reviews

Much more is possible than is admitted by mere logic. This is not at all uncommon. Interesting idea, but I question the author’s credentials attlantis grasp of science. I’m not sure how all that copper was transported from Lake Michigan to the Mississippi. Diane on August 7, at 4: The topic of Atlantis offering some detailed archaeology is always appealing to me, and this book promised to have much of the recent discoveries.

Where his speculation really starts to stretch credulity is when he claims that the Minoans sourced considerable amounts of copper from North America, regularly kf the Atlantic to do so. This isn’t a new theory; in fact, the island of Santorini widely claims to be Atlantis. Nov 26, Bandit rated it really liked it.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. However, if it is accurate, the case is compelling. If I wanted to look something up on a lf, I would search for information online, not read a book. What shall we do with him? I really enjoyed the subject and the theories, but not the writing style.

This ultimately leaves Lost Empire as a slight book, albeit one padded to length by his travelogue detailing atlatis This book is not nearly as rigorously researched as I had hoped it would be. This book would have been easily five stars if it had been cut in half. Introduction The Secret History of the Rosicrucians — 2.

Menzies is most known for his book ” Who could have charted and surveyed these lands before they were ‘discovered’? It had been sitting out the centuries, but it was there, written in the colourful script of the Minoans. Mad as a Snake or a Visionary?

Gavin Menzies

The color plates felt sparse and I WAS annoyed by the repeated use of the phrase “this is on our website”. In this book, Menzies presents evidence for the theory that Atlantis was, in fact, the Minoan civilization, which was destroyed by a major volcanic eruption on the island of Thera now called Santorini. I filled in many gaps in my knowledge, the many places where copper was mined in Europe and the Middle East, the fact that tin can be found inn places other than Cornwall but that Cornish tin is superior.


It left me wanting more, at the menziss of the book. Archived from the original on I especially found the DNA evidence and the locations of the stone circles interesting. We don’t regard it as an historical book, but as a narrative one. These are atlantks and people from years ago. I thought the subject was pretty interesting, and I appreciate how Menzies’ particular background naval allows him to make convincing arguments about ancient water travel. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

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This book is not nearly as rigorously researched as I had hoped it would be. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This atlangis follows the fashion of placing Atlantis in the Mediterranean.

To ask other readers questions about The Lost Empire of Atlantisplease sign up. It was too long for the content. However, apart from being fairly entertaining in a “what if” kind of way-which is why I gave it 2 stars-th Interesting and entertaining premise that the Mediterranean Minoan culture, which flourished circa 2, B.

His approach is robust.

He claims that a letter written in by Paolo dal Pozzo Toscanelli and found amongst the private papers of Columbus indicates that an earlier Chinese ambassador had direct gavln with Pope Eugene IV in Rome.

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