Fundamentos de Comunicacion Humana (Spanish Edition) [Melvin L. De Fleur] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. BOOKS IN SPANISH. by Melvin DeFleur;Patricia Kearney;Timothy Plax;Margaret DeFleur Fundamentos de Comunicacion Humana (Spanish Edition). Feb by Melvin L. Margaret H. DeFleur. Fundamentos de comunicación humana McGraw-Hill/ Interamericana, cop. Topogràfic: Fun. Fonaments de comunicació.

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Human evolution sites in natural heritage properties. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.

McGraw-Hill Education

Rock art engravings, hunter-gatherer site, Kimberley, South Africa. This could be an indication that the staff component responsible for research, recordkeeping, condition reporting, humama and interventions to maintain the Outstanding Universal Value of the property is not permanently on site. Concluding recommendations from the previous 10 months’ consultation were brought together to finalize the Action Plan for submission to the 34th session of the World Heritage Committee.

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Human Evolution: Adaptations, Dispersals and – unesdoc – Unesco – PDF Free Download

Inclusion in the List of such sites as Cave of Altamira and the Palaeolithic Cave Art of Northern Spain, Rock Art of the Mediterranean Basin on the Iberian Peninsula, and Archaeological Site of Atapuerca, are illustrative of a well-defined national resolve to promote sites of such Outstanding Universal Value that require multiple scientific disciplines to preserve them from the ravages of time, as well as a great deal of regulation to maintain their authenticity and integrity so that future generations may enjoy their legacy, while furthering knowledge about our origins.

Local communities must be involved in management and decision-making and the same applies to descendant indigenous communities whose views on the management of rock art should be considered.

Land ownership and traditional land rights must be clearly stated in the application official documents, together with an estimation of potential future risks and impacts. Sites with exceptional preservation are rare and precious.


Development of a World Heritage community for the Programme at international level to promote collaboration between site managers and States Parties for research, capacity-building, training courses, field schools, exhibitions and exchange programmes at sites.

International conferences on applied research for conservation: While recognizing that most sites can fall into several categories, the Scientific Committee has identified some types of property that ought to be included in our context of analysis: Long sequences need long-lasting conservation methods cokunicacion preserve the remaining in situ deposits.

The meeting aimed to identify key values, issues comunicafion priorities in the area of rock art, particularly concerning its management, yumana and documentation in relation to World Heritage status. The associated sites encompass more than Her experience in fields such as the financing of education or the evaluation of education systems did margardt affect her unremitting predisposition to advocate an enriching approach to science in every one of the subjects that she was called on to deal with in our Organization.

It concerns ourselves as thinking people in a personal way that is nevertheless universal. Human evolution-related sites can fall into multiple categories, including some of the following identified types of properties: The aim, then, is to understand the forms of knowledge and thought, reasoning, cosmologies and differing moralities of humanity, which has shared origins but took different paths to development Renfrew, General issues about rock art and World Heritage.

The recommendations suggest the establishment of a Working Group, with close interdisciplinary connections with primatology and social anthropology; two scientific fields whose collaboration seems essential to develop current action in favor of human evolution sites.

Many of the pages that follow have been inspired by her counsel, which will undoubtedly continue to guide this project to the conclusion that she considered essential — to bring the World Heritage Convention into closer contact with scientific research. This summary indicates a potential risk to the Outstanding Universal Value of some rock art sites where condition reporting and monitoring is not being done regularly. The time period covered by more than 8, individual sites in the sample extends over the past 50, years.


Such collaborations could be formalized and supported.

Human Evolution: Adaptations, Dispersals and – unesdoc – Unesco

Los lugares que registran ese primer andamiaje de historia humana son los menos representados en la Lista del Patrimonio Mundial, pese a que se encuentran en todas las regiones del planeta. Boundaries and buffer zone; b. Elaborate methodologies for comparative analysis. The decision to switch from a nomadic life to a sedentary one brought different forms of specialization and spatialization into play. Awareness-raising programmes to encourage a platform of exchange of knowledge.

The related processes can be traced back to the earliest ancestors of human lineages, and include toolmaking at least 2. Margaret H DeFleur ; et al. The Neolithic required yet another anthropic response to the natural environment, in which forms of social organization, kinship, power strategies, territorial control, use of symbols and the practice of rituals were adopted gradually to form the full complement of models through which archaeology seeks means of interpretation, drawing, with varying degrees of caution, on anthropological parallels for that purpose.

As multidisciplinary research is needed for the conservation, each site will need a different set of expertise. Guidelines for documentation of the related sites, based on several case studies, would be useful. While the participation of local communities is good, we should also help local people to be independent entrepreneurs. Develop thematic studies according to the needs of the Programme and related World Heritage Committee decisions.

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