Strategemata, or Stratagems, is a work by Frontinus, a collection of examples of military stratagems from Greek and Roman history, ostensibly for the use of. Frontinus’s Stratagems, written after 84 CE, gives examples of military stratagems and discipline from Greek and Roman history, for the instruction of Roman. : Frontinus: Stratagems. Aqueducts of Rome. (Loeb Classical Library No. ) (): Frontinus, Mary B. McElwain, C. E. Bennett.

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This Book has been carefully proofread. If you should find an error, however, please let me know.

On concealing one’s plans. On finding out the enemy’s plans. On determining the character of the war.

LacusCurtius • The Stratagems of Frontinus

On leading an army through places infested by the enemy. On escaping from difficult situations.


On laying and meeting ambushes while on the march. How to conceal the absence of the things we lack, or to supply substitutes for them.

On distracting the attention of the enemy. On quelling a mutiny of soldiers. How to check an unseasonable demand for battle.

How to arouse an army’s enthusiasm for battle. On dispelling the fears inspired in soldiers by adverse omens.

Frontinus: The Strategemata

Not only it’s not Aemilius Paulus, it’s apparently not Vetulonia, either; or at least, there seems to be a definite bit of silent emendation in the Stratwgems edition, the manuscripts reading Colonia. The battle is now usually referred to as that of Telamon. George Dennis discusses several opinions: Stena isn’t really a geographical name here; the word just means “the narrows”.

This is one of the admittedly rare places in ancient sources that suggest that the Greeks and Romans were not so free of racial prejudices as current revisionism makes them out to be. Images with borders lead to shratagems information. The thicker the border, the more information.


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