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API testing has been considered the future of software testing thanks to its advantages in the ability to test for core functionality, time effectiveness, language independence, and GUI integration. It becomes a must for software testing projects to ensure the product quality. In recent years, many testers will definitely need to face interview questions when applying for a QA job. The web API testing interview questions below have been collected from the test professionals to help you get ready for a new role.

More than just intsrview API interview, this list of content will also benefit both freshers and senior testers who would like to achieve both general and advanced knowledge in web API testing. An API Application Programming Interface is a software intermediary that enables two applications to communicate with each other.

Top 50+ Web API Testing Interview Questions [Ultimate list]

It comprises a number of subroutine definitions, logs, and tools for creating application software. Many APIs have a certain limit set up by the provider.

Thus, try to estimate your usage and understand how that will impact the overall cost of the offering.

Whether this will be a problem depends in large part on how data is leveraged. Getting caught by a quota and effectively cut-off because of budget manuwl will render the service and any system or process depending on it virtually useless. This is teeting of the fundamental Web API interview questions. Bellows are four common Web API architectural styles:.

Since Web API services do not require configuration, they can be easily used by any client. In fact, even portable devices such as mobile devices can easily use Web API, which is undoubtedly the biggest advantage of this technology. API testing is a kind of software testing which determines if the developed APIs meet expectations regarding the functionality, reliability, performance, and security of the application.

So be prepared with the significant ones such as: The test environment of API is a bit complete and gesting the configuration of the database and server, depending on the software requirements.

When the installation process is complete, API is verified for the proper operation. Throughout the process, the API called from the original environment is set up with different parameters to questiions the test results. While there are certainly specialty tests, and no list can be asked to be comprehensive in this realm, most tests fit broadly into these following nine categories that you should remember before attending in an API testing interview.

This way you can analyze questionss validation response. The following factors should be considered when performing API testing: There are myriad of different Frwe testing tools available.

Software Testing Interview Questions and Answers – Ultimate List |

A few of common tools are: While doing Unit and API testing, both targets source code. If an API method uses code based in. NET then another supporting tool must have. One of the most common Mannual API testing interview questions is about the testing methods. Manula the most common ones are:. The API documentation is a complete, accurate technical writing giving instructions on how to effectively use and integrate with an API.


It is a compact interviw manual that has all the information needed to work with the API, and helps you answer all the API testing questions with details on functions, classes, return types, arguments, and also examples and tutorials.

APIs, especially modern RESTful APIs, are a nice creation that can certainly simplify and accelerate integration efforts, which makes it more likely you will benefit from them.

If an API call is obsolete and disappears, your procedure will interrupt and it is important to understand how often the APIs you depend on change or are deprecated. It revolves around resource where every component being a resource that can be accessed through a shared interface using standard HTTP methods. Mostly, there are two kinds of Web Services which should be remembered in questione next API testing interview: REST architecture treats any content as a resource, which can be either text files, HTML pages, images, videos or dynamic business information.

So please get the answer ready in your mind with these 2 ones:. These messages comprise message data and metadata, that is, information on the message itself.

Manual Testing Interview Questions & Answers

You can use the GET operation which has view-only rights. PUT operation is idempotent, so you can cache the response while the responses to Intervies operation are not cacheable, and if you retry the request N times, you will end up having N resources with N different URIs created on server. Below is an example: It creates read-only requests to the server.

It is a string of characters designed for unambiguous ingerview of resources and extensibility via the URI scheme. The purpose of a URI is to locate a resource s on the server hosting of the web service. So, theoretically, a user can pass unlimited data as the payload to POST method. But, if we consider a real use case, then sending POST with large payload will consume more bandwidth.

Hence, a user should take action accordingly. Caching is just the practice of storing data in temporarily and retrieving data from a high-performance store usually memory either explicitly or implicitly. When a caching mechanism is in place, it helps improve delivery speed by storing a copy of the asset you requested and later accessing the cached copy instead of the original.

This is one of the fundamental Web services testing intrview that you must know the answer. It is known for designing and developing web services as well as enabling communication between applications developed on different platforms using various programming languages over the Internet. It is both platform and language independent. SOAP is used to provide a user interface that can be accessed by the client object, and the request that it sends goes to the server, which can be accessed using the server object.

The user interface creates some files or methods consisting of server object and the name of the interface to the server object. It also contains other information such as the name of the interface and methods. When using SOAP, users often see the firewall security mechanism as the biggest obstacle. The technical complaint against SOAP is that it mixes the specification for message transport with the specification for message structure. There are two different methods available for developing SOAP-based web services, which are explained below:.


It is an obligatory root element that translates the XML document and defines the beginning and end of the message. HTTP is more preferable, since it works well with the current Internet infrastructure, in particular with firewalls. The SOAP protocol is used to provide simple access methods for all the applications available on the Internet, providing the following functionalities:. The security model includes the given security tokens.

These tokens comprise digital signatures for protection and authentication of SOAP messages. Security tokens can be used to provide the bond between authentication secrets or keys and security identities.

Security token uses the authentication protocols and an X. The signatures are used to verify the messages quesstions their origin, generate knowledge to confirm the security tokens to bind the identity of a person to the identity of the originator. Security model prevents different attacks and can be used to protect the SOAP architecture.

A complete understanding of the performance limitations before building applications around SOAP is hence required. In addition, only one client can use the services of one server in typical situations. SOAP has different support levels, depending on the supported programming language.

SOAP is the heavyweight choice for Web service access. It provides the following advantages when compared to REST: REST is easier to use testong the most part and is more flexible. It has the following advantages when compared to SOAP: Generally, REST is preferred due to its simplicity, performance, scalability, and support for multiple data formats. However, SOAP is favorable to use where service requires an advanced level of security and transactional reliability. But you can read qjestions following facts before opting for any of the styles.

API testing inferview questions can be unlimited regarding of the number of questions and area covered. Although the above answers might tssting fully be used in your interview, we do hope it somehow provides the solid understanding on Web API testing and gets you ready for the upcoming job and project related to API testing.

Wish you confidence and luck in your testing career! If you have any suggestions on this topic, please do not hesitate to add to here. We look forward to a better and more adequate list to inteeview testers.

What is an API? What are some architectural styles for creating a Web API? Who can use a Web API? What is API Testing? What are the advantages of API Testing? Some common protocols used in API testing? What is the test environment of API? What are principles of an API test design? What are the common API testing types? What is the procedure to perform API testing? What must be checked when performing API testing? What is the best approach method to perform API testing? What are tools could be used for API testing?

What are major challenges faced in API testing? What are the testing methods that come under API testing? Why is API testing considered as the most suitable form for Automation testing?

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