Classificação das formas de vida segundo Raunkiaer, adaptadas às .. co, relação planta-solo, planta indicadora e gradiente de vegetação (DU RIETZ, ;. Dentre outros sistemas definidos na época, o de Raunkiaer () foi o mais facilmente reconhecida e as formas de vida deveriam ser de natureza funcionais das espécies de florestas tropicais: altura máxima da planta, densidade. Los resultados documentan la diversidad de plantas vasculares que se desarrollan en Nosotros analizamos la composición taxonómica, la forma de vida y el origen . taxonomic composition, Raunkiaer’s life-form, and the.

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For example, we classified a species as “phanerophyte” in the floristic and frequency spectra, even though some of their individuals were smaller than 50 cm.

Nevertheless, the life-form spectra of the cerrado vegetation so far constructed seem to be quite consistent, with phanerophytes and hemicryptophytes always being the most represented classes. Whereas the phanerophytes proportion decreased toward the vegetation spectrum, the hemicryptophyte proportion increased.

Nomenclature of species according Zuloaga et al. Royal Botanical Garden, Edinburgh, p. The size of the groups ranges from 9 assemblage 6 to 22 species assemblage 7. In the biological spectra, it was possible to visualize the different structure of the studied areas, emphasizing the environmental diversity present despite presenting low floristic richness.

Supplementary Material 1 – Plant life form classification

Furthermore, there was a bias in our sampling in relation to the other surveys. An enlargement of the database and further collection of field data will improve the knowledge about the vegetation ecology of vernal pools and will allow a better classification of the communities in Chile and elsewhere in South America. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society formaa London.


Community structure and ecosystem function. It was used the Braun-Blanquet cover value and abundance scale. Ecological diversity and its measurement. Das unidades amostrais estudadas, a da VE foi a que se mostrou menos similar dd.

formas de vida de las plantas raunkiaer pdf merge

To describe the climatic gradient following the latitudinal distribution of sites we superimposed an ESRI-shapefile over climatic raster-dataset obtained from the WorldClim database Hijmans et al. The final dataset included records from plots. We compared the floristic spectrum to Raunkiaer’s normal spectrum. These species colonize shorelines of oligotrophic lakes and streams with gravel or sand and are more frequent in the southern part of the study area OberdorferDeil et al.

Semir CompositaeJ. Ephemeral wetlands are habitats with a restricted time window for plant growth due to the alternation of flooding periods with dry ones.

Cerrado species with potential for recovery of degraded areas for gold mining, Paracatu-MG

Since previous studies AlvarezDeil et al. On the other hand, Littorelletea australis species assemblage 7 are more frequent in the humid and colder climate in the South.

Character species of vernal pool habitats are related to the Nanojuncetea australis Deil Climbers and epiphytes would be classified, along with shrubs and trees, as phanerophytes since they normally extend, or occur, more than 0. These records are not only restricted to Chile but some are located in the Western Argentinean Patagonia area Eskuche Variables are separated in four groups: A floristic survey of the temporary wetlands in the Mediterranean-climate region of Chile.

Such species could be recorded by chance or due to introgression from the local neighbouring vegetation and may interfere in the statistical analyses. Hence, care must be taken when comparing spectra constructed in different seasons. In the floristic spectrum, the most represented life-forms were the phanerophytes and the hemicryptophytes, as in other cerrado sites. In the frequency spectrum we recorded occurrences and, in the vegetation spectrum, 2.


Floristic, frequency, and vegetation life-form spectra of a cerrado site

Silva Verbenaceae e W. Supplementary Material 1 ee Plant life form classification. Growth and generative reproduction of the plant species are concentrated on the aquatic phase in spring and the amphibic phase in early summer. Journal of Tropical Ecology Zappi CactaceaeE.

viea In order to produce sociological groups of species species of similar ecological requirementswe classified them into co-occurrence groups inverse classification according to Wilson et al.

Flora et Vegetatio Mundi 2: Centres of plant diversity. Though neophytes are very frequent in Chilean vernal pools, the high dominance of native species in most of the co-occurrence groups suggests low risks of extinction by out- competition. Nevertheless, Raunkiaer stated lxs counting all plant individuals in a survey is too problematic, because it is not always possible to distinguish what an individual is.

Penumbral rock communities in campo rupestre sites in Brazil. Most of these clusters are dominated by annuals.

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