Fluidized bed drying is the optimal method for controlled, gentle and even drying of wet solids. The intensive heat/mass exchange of the fluidized bed product. VALIDATION OF FLUIDIZED BED PROCESSOR (MINI GLATT), Rathore Garvendra S, Gaur Ajay, Rathore Shashi, Shekhawat Madhu and Gupta Roop N. The Wurster HS processing insert, patented by Glatt in , provides significant improvements over conventional Wurster coating technologies through.

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The qualification protocol is the center of gravity of validation documentation process. No deviation was observed at any stage of qualification.

This is the requirement for the optimal application of the coating materials to the particles. Fluidized bed spray coating Solutions for coating small particles Spray coating in a fluidized bed system produces an optimal surface coating for your product through even application of a film material. An glaht nozzle in the center of the distribution plate introduces the coating solution.

Control of process parameters mostly physical. Aqueous or solvent based coatings Polymeric solutions or dispersions Sustained release pricessor Enteric release coatings Fine particle coating Active Layering Pilot scale equipment is available at Glatt’s Ramsey New Jersey Process Development Laboratory for testing and customer inspection.

Fluid Bed Wurster HS Coating Systems from Glatt Air Techniques

Ahmedabad, considering all the GMP requirements the machine has to fulfil. The efficient solution for controlled particle drying Fluidized bed drying is the optimal method for controlled, gentle and even drying of wet solids.


An air distribution plate is located at the lower end of the product container to distribute fluidizing air between the inner and outer partitions.

The concept of validation has expanded through the years to encompass a wide range of activities from analytical methods used for the quality control of drug substances and drug products, to equipments, facilities and process for the manufacture of drug substances and drug products to computerized systems for clinical trials, labeling or process control.

Validation is a concept that has been evolving continuously since its formal appearance in the United States in Committee on Specifications for Pharmaceutical Preparations. The operational qualification complies with the requirements and was accepted. In bottom spray coating, spraying is done from below upwards.

Spray coating can be performed — usually in batch processing — in all fluidized bed systems. The Validation of Cleaning Procedures. The purpose is to monitor the on-line and off-line performance of the manufacturing process and then validate it. Particles are drawn into the inner partition by rpocessor pressure differential created by the difference in air velocities between the two partitions.

In the pharmaceutical industry, this innovative method has replaced the time-consuming tray drying long ago: Process controls include raw materials inspection, in-process controls and targets for final product. Drug Dev Ind Pharm, ; 22 1: The particles are conveyed through the inner partition and into the expansion chamber by the fluidizing air.

Validation is documented evidence that provides a high degree of assurance that a specific processsor will consistently produce a product that meets its predetermined specifications and quality attribute [2]. In addition, fluidized bed drying provides controlled and uniform drying conditions compared to the uneven drying in trays.


Thus, very small particles can also be coated without agglomeration. The spray nozzles are integrated in the flow bed and thus completely surrounded by the product. Fluidized bed drying is the optimal method for controlled, gentle and even drying of wet solids.

Process where the end-product test is poor and an unreliable indicator of product quality. Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, December ; 1 2: No matter whether the product glxtt produced in the fluidized bed or a high-shear mixer, whether in batch or continuously: Glatt technologies permit an optimal retention time of the particles in the coating zone. Processes Coating Fluidized bed coating.

Glatt India Pharma Engineering Pvt.

Bottom spray – Glatt Integrated Process Solutions

Prequalification includes vendor specification, design and operation checkout. Drug Inf J, ; User requirement specifications are the basic document that covers all the needs of the manufacturing department. The method is suitable particularly for adding specific functions to particles — such as to achieve a defined and reproducible release profile for an active substance by way of the membrane applied.

The key elements of a validation programme are clearly defined and documented in a validation master plan VMP [5]. When coating using a solution or a suspension, the liquid serves to transport the tluid to the surface of the particles.

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