This document is from the authorized Flex curriculum written by learn the basics of building Flex applications using the Cairngorm framework. Cairngorm is based on Model View Controller (MVC) framework, specifically designed to facilitate complex state and data synchronization. These explain the Cairngorm Architecture, which is our preferred way to structure Flex applications. Below the introductory material can be found more detailed.

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It allows separate responsibilities of developers. Just move the business logic from the delegate right into the execute method of the command class itself. Create a common ancestor to all your commands and define the fault method there to avoid repeating the same code in each command class. Email Required, but never shown. Because this application does not save modified data anywhere other than in memory, no other ser vice calls are made to pass the changed data to the server side for persistence.

And it must have implemented one method for each server-side method to be called.

Cairngorm Framework for Flex Developers

Command When a View component fires an event, FrontController finds the Command class that was registered with this event and calls its method execute. Rich Internet Application White Paper. This is my architecture diagram: Adobe Flash Media Server. How cairngorm framework works internally Ask Question.

Validator; private function login: See its methods setCredentials and setRemoteCredentials for details. It analyzes general system architecture and application developing frameworks and puts them into practice. Applied Mechanics and Materials Volumes Cairngorm follows the principle of separating the view and business logic which is known as the Model-View-Controller pattern MVC. It was open sourced in the summer of Please note that as ActionScript 3 does not support private constructors, the public constructor of this class throws an error if someone tries to cairngrom instantiate it i.


A static reference to the ModelLocator singleton cairngoem is used by the View layers to fairngorm the required data. The complete frontend-logic of the RIA is encapsulated within the commands.

Cut It Off-Cairngorm without front controller. Sign up using Facebook. Regardless of what framework you are going to use, separating various application components in project subfolders tlex make the project more organized. Although keeping all application events in one place simplifies their maintenance, it leads to tighter coupling of the application components.

PureMVC is a framework for creating applications based upon the well-established model—view—controller design pattern. The improved version of the Cairngorm framework is more suitable for Web application development and maintenance.

Cairngorm Framework for Flex Developers

It must be implemented as a singleton which implements the Cairngorm IModelLocator. Modularizing Flex applications is one of the major ways of minimizing the size of the downloadable Shockwave Flash SWF files. In Cairngorm everything should be mapped to an event. Cairngorm Caingorm for Flex Developers p.

flex – How cairngorm framework works internally – Stack Overflow

The View portion of the employee list gets updated automatically as a result of data binding. Service Locator defines the interface to communicate with datasource Httpservice, Webservice,Remoteobject. The role of the View layer in a Cairngorm application is to throw events and bind to data stored in the Model. In recent years, the Flex technology has been widely used.

It Accepts the service requests from the RIA and responds back data. This leads to the need for additional coding to convert the data to appropriate types.


Flex – Cairngorm Architecture Overview

Flex ccairngorm are software libraries that assist developers in building rich internet applications on the Apache Flex platform. They recieve the event and its data, execute the logic an can change the workflow state of the model and view. A collaboration of recognized design patterns, Cairngorm exemplifies and encourages best-practices for RIA development advocated by Adobe Consulting, encourages best-practice leverage of the underlying Flex framework, while making it easier for medium to large teams of software engineers deliver medium to large scale, mission-critical Rich Internet Applications.

It manages the view an is declared as [Bindable] to use all variables for data binding in the view. Cairngorm is one of the primary fled software frameworks for application architecture in Adobe Flex.

If one of them will get updated, not only will its listener get notified to update the view, but the other 9 will get this event, too. In application, it strives to construct a user-centered, independent, open and rich user experience mobile learning information system.

Cairngorm 3 isn’t based on Parsley. Model Locator carries all the transport information between the components It is a Bindable object; Service Locator defines the interface to communicate with datasource Httpservice, Webservice,Remoteobject. Business Delegates form an abstraction layer between the server-side services and the main frontend application.

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