PDF | The paper analyses the importance of behavioural finance theories in household decision-making process. Behavioural finance theories investigate emotional characteristics to explain Kognityvinės terapijos pagrindai [The Basics . gyventojų elgsenos teorijos tyrinėja rinkos dalyvių emocines. solutions. This handbook will help the students, studying finance management, to foster the Buckiūnienė O.() Finansų teorijos pagrindai. Vilniaus. Finansų pagrindai (FIN). Annotation. This is an introductory course in finance. Course objective is to provide students with the basic knowledge in finance.

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For example, if a company is considering two investment possibilities that may bring approximately the same sum of net revenue, the one which is least risky will be chosen. On the basis of information available, decisions may be classified as: Then, it is pagrindaj that possibility distribution or just distribution of random variable is indicated.

Calculating the tax burden, the ratio between all teodijos income and GDP is analysed most frequently. The abundance of financial and commercial models in this work was supplemented by methods for calculations of profitability of main standard financial instruments bills, bonds etc. Remember me Forgot password?

It is hardly possible that these bonds remain unredeemed or that interest is not paid. This is finams structuring the information employed in the models according to the needs of probability theory or directly including risk models into traditional financial and commercial methods adjusting them to solve conceptual and practical problems of profitability calculations.

In order to successfully integrate Cinans into perspective development projects, the General National Programme for Scientific Research and Collaboration of Science and Business was prepared and approved. This priority will be included into the monograph, which is being prepared within the activities of the international Baltic region project IGA implemented by the Faculty of Social Sciences of Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences in cooperation with The Hanseatic Parliament Hamburg, Germany.

Laffer suggested a theory that introduces dependence between possible rates of teorios and the resulting levels of government revenue. Analysing the aggregate of calculation methods, bank, financial and commercial calculations or mathematics of finances, calculations of high finances or just paggrindai quantitative models of finances and commerce are pointed out, when stochasticity of variables or conditions is considered.


The novelty, theoretical and practical significance of the results are revealed through the following aspects: Intellectual resources are seen as the most important element of competitiveness in the knowledge-based society. The decisive element in the ability of labour force, as an individual, to perform assignments of the labour process is population size, which is predetermined by demographic and migration processes and possesses quantitative and qualitative parameters.

One of the goals of this work is to create prerequisites for risk assessment in the process of practical pargindai and commercial decisions, whereof quantitative expression employs adequate fknans models.

Therefore, the involved parties of fknans transactions, representatives of financial institutions have to more comprehensively perceive interests of each other and the harmony of interests of all the parties of transaction. Socialiniai mokslai, vadyba ir administravimas 03 S.

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Decision has to be chosen. From to the end of the tax reforms in Lithuania firstly targeted at the fiscal principle gaining budget revenuesdisregarding complicated situation of enterprises in the country during recession. Therefore, imitation technologies are employedwhich aim to replace a usual functional-analytical research in situations by computer means of information preparation and choice of solutionswhich do not require specific knowledge, which may be hardly understandable by non-specialists.

This research sphere also embraces the reviewed research works that target at business innovations and industry competitiveness. Making of justified decisions in competitive business becomes of utmost importance. Further research will be carried out on the basis of the scientific publications submitted for the review. The identification of competitive labour market parameters was conducted and their projecting was analysed systematically establishing the most essential regularities of these processes, what creates conditions for business development and economic growth as well as ones for national security avoiding threatening employment-related problems.

The conducted identification of parameters of the competitive labour market and their projecting create conditions for business development and economic growth and for national security avoiding threatening problems of employment.

verslo pagrindai pdf files

The process of reaction embraces receiving and adaptation of information on changes in external and internal conditions, formulation of possible methods of response and re-orientation to a possible new status. Random variables are frequently divided into two groups: Such situation of decision making is understood as gambling and is analysed applying methods of game theory.


Labour, as conception of labour market, is expressed as workforce, which consists of all the employed residents and the unemployed individuals, who are in active search for a job. The programme for further research. Decision making directly depends on the set of goals and the kind of information. The essential conditions for innovative and competitive development of small and medium business wee identified.

Labour force supply refers to amount of public labour, which is offered in the labour market by the individuals fjnans appropriate qualities of labour force or by those, who realise their own labour force. Secondly, employing correlation and regression analysis, decisions are made applying the data accumulated through observation or expert generation.

The gains from supply of such services and goods in value terms are hardly estimated. Non-formal or subjective decision making is applied most frequently because it is cheapest and least complicated. In case of an internal cluster, a company changes its structure to teotijos divisions that integrate scientific research and the researchers themselves for potential needs of a company. Taxation of a taxpayer should also consider the capacity of the tax object to pay.

Moreover, the situations may not necessarily be clear. Thirdly, expediently applied, this potential conditions increase in labour-related income of labour force.

Following this principle, taxes should not impede but promote the economy and all the related processes.


Decision on investment is considered to be risk free, if the return tekrijos unambiguously stated. Thus, following the above-mentioned decision classification four possible cases may be pointed out: Labour as well as land and capital are primary factors of production. Brewer ; A.

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