Learn about panleukopenia, also called feline distemper, in cats, including risk factors, signs, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. Feline panleukopenia requires aggressive treatment if the cat is to survive, as this disease can kill cats in less than 24 hours. Learn about the veterinary topic of Overview of Feline Panleukopenia. (Feline infectious enteritis, Feline parvoviral enteritis) . Treatment and Prevention.

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The information is divided into two parts.

It has been shown to stimulate the white blood cell production and appears to prevent losses due to secondary infections in the third phase. We prefer gauge 19 needles for adults and gauge 20 for kittens. The results from these veterinary studies were mixed at first, but seem to be converging on the result that Neupogen does increase leucocyte counts in the feline with a variety of diseases, and in the healthy feline.

It is caused by feline parvovirusa close relative of both type 2 canine parvovirus and mink enteritis. Experienced cat rescuers will recognize signs of full blown panleukopenia, cats crouching in front of water bowl, lethargy, fever, and diarrhea with distinctive odor.

It affects mostly unvaccinated kittens and younger cats. If you have a sudden death of kitten or adult, suspect FPV until you know otherwise. Give Neupogen, by direct SC injection, once a day for two to three days, then a day off and then again on the fourth or fifth day. Inserting a feeding tube is also an option, however the disease progresses relatively rapidly, and we have not had to apply a feeding tube.

A temperature of It also seems to have an immediate effect. We have found it almost impossible to insure.

Successful Treatment of Feline Panleukopenia: A Guideline For Rescuers and Veterinarians, Part I

This results in profuse and usually bloody diarrhea, severe dehydration, malnutrition, anemia panleukopenoa, and often death. False positive parvo results are not very common, however, modified live panleukopenia vaccines can result in a positive parvo test immediately following vaccination and this positive result rarely can extend up to 2 weeks after the vaccine [ 20 ].


If the temperature of the cat is low, it may require IV antibiotics. We have had good success with even young kittens in the range of 5- 6 weeks of age. Sub-cutaneous SC fluids should be given slowly in sick animals. They have higher numbers of cats in their study.

Feline panleukopenia – Wikipedia

They are inexpensive, sensitive, easy to use, and will pick up cases before symptoms appear. It is ok to do it. It may last longer, therefore, we give our space is clean of panleukopenia virus in our shelter after a FPV case. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. April 17, Published: It can be kept on hand in rescue or shelter and run when you suspect a case or have lost a cat suddenly.

Complications are quite common in feline panleukopenia [FPL]. In other projects Wikispecies.

The liver enzymes should be in check and what causes them to rise is excessive vomiting and not eatingso if you control vomiting and do minimal feeding, panlwukopenia liver enzymes will be in function.

The amount of fluids needed is about 3 to 4. We then give full dose 3 weeks later at 8 weeks and repeat again at 12 weeks of age. Cats with low WBC counts must be given full spectrum antibiotics immediately upon diagnosis.

Feline panleukopenia

The pre-loaded needle has mcg in 0. This is due to panleukopebia having some antibodies and kittens lacking enough to treatnent themselves when they are weaning. I generally find that injectable Baytril and injectable penicillin is good coverage.

Reference [ 4 ] recommends vaccinating FPV exposed cats on the normal schedule. In many cases, the cat or kitten is too lethargic to eat anything. If the white count is suppressed considerably or the parvo test is positive, do not wait one panleukopenla, one hour, and one day.

Over many years of feline rescue work, I have developed a successful course of treatment for feline panleukopenia virus FPV also referred to as feline distemper. If you have kittens less than 2 lbs, I recommend that you also use Tamiflu. The first area is contaminated if you have FPV and its better not to contaminate another space.

It is better to give one injection and then give yourself some time to put a plan in place than to wait and possibly lose the cat. One important tool is early testing using a canine parvo test kit on fecal matter [ 1819 ]. The second essential tool is the use of the drug Neupogen.


In my experience, it takes about two weeks to contract a full blown case and about a week to show slight symptoms of distemper, but a litter can contract it at different times and you may have one very sick or sudden death kitten and others look fine. You have to then use blood testing diagnostics WBC count and symptoms such as temperature and lethargy, although, these symptoms can overlap with vaccine reactions, too. Their low WBC count can result in death due to secondary infection no matter what virus or condition is causing the neutropenia.

In a disease outbreak, unvaccinated kittens or adults can be given anti-FPV serum containing FPV antibodies subcutaneously or intraperitoneally, which may protect for 2—4 weeks. Never use over 5mg per kg of injectable Baytril because it can cause blindness [ 2122 ]. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. It has been reported that the canine version, rCG-CSF, also causes an increase in neutrophils in the healthy feline [ 16 ].

Some kittens will have immunity from mother and some will not build immunity, but those that will can be protected for a few weeks until they can build better immunity. However, we follow a more aggressive vaccination schedule for younger kittens and vaccinate at weeks of age. We stagger metronidazole off times from the other broad spectrum antibiotics.

Overall, any long-term sequalae in survivors of feline panleukopenia is extremely rare, with almost all cats who survive making a full recovery. Pansystemic diseases, Feline panleukopenia feline distemper “. It involves recognizing the disease early though the uses of parvo test kits or low neutrophil count; applying the drug Neupogen filgrastim ; and providing antibiotics, SC fluids and other supportive therapies.

Disseminated intravascular coagulation may also occur, and is often fatal.

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