FAA to Conduct Runway Safety Events Focusing On Wrong Surface To that end, NBAA has created a six-part video series that explains TALPA and how pilots. SUMMARY: The FAA is amending its pilot certification regulations to establish a second-in-command (SIC) pilot type rating and associated. Aviation Administration (FAA) regarding an opinion that would have required installation of a cockpit voice recorder (CVR) in aircraft with six.

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The memo further recommends reducing pat down searches by giving screeners the discretion not to search those wearing tight-fitting clothes and even suggests exempting several categories of passengers from screening, including federal judges, members of Congress, Cabinet members, state governors, high-ranking military officers and those with high-level security clearances.

I am all for supporting travellers’ use of aircraft rather than automobiles. I find its logic rather stretched and without any statistical support to show that families “might” drive instead of fly if forced to purchase an extra ticket to accomodate a child safety seat. Not sure whether all 6, are pilots, flight engineers or navigators, but I would guess that they represent a good portion of that number.

At lease they have an FFDO program, which is better than none at all. The plaintiffs then appealed. And I agree that air travel is safer than automobile travel.

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But the Illinois sicc and their governor believe these bills will increase aviation sjc and prevent terrorist attacks. The new rule, effective on September 6, will bring the U. If you will recall from my July 20,”Operation Safe Pilot” compared a list of individuals collecting disability benefits from the Social Security Administration against the list of certificated airman in California.

Operators are encouraged to begin the approval and slot acquisition process for DCA flights as far in advance as possible. I was in recurrent all last week and didn’t have much time to spend on flightinfo. I think this person must have other “issues”.

Almost immediately, the NTSB issued a Press Release expressing its disappointment with the FAA’s refusal to follow through on its earlier proposed rulemaking to require child safety seats. The Final Rule is effective Septermber 26, and comments are due no later than September 26, Absolutely no reason they shouldn’t be already typed. Those options have been available all along, but no one has apparently exercised them. As a result, that service will be discontinued.


If not, get ready to sharpen your pencils. The plaintiffs also fail to identify any mandatory statute or regulation dictating how the FAA must oversee private contractors or assure the contractor complies with federal regulations and the contract provisions. So it appears that approximately 6, individuals are involved. Hopefully airmen will take advantage of the opportunity to apprise the FAA of some of the unnecessary challenges posed by Aeromedical Certification Services’ current procedures and processes.

The information may be downloaded from the NBAA website here. However, they don’t cite any evidence to show a child safety seat mandate will actually result in decreased air travel and increased automobile travel. Originally Posted by Icelandair.

Although I still recommend that pilots call flight service before every flight to confirm Notams, temporary flight restrictions etc. In fact here in the USA I can fly any aircraft I am rated and current in regardless of country of registry as long as I stay within US airspace and I can show the aircraft is airworthy in the country of registry.

Grieshaber the airman filed his appeal 14 days late. Sitemap Site Statistics Legal Privacy.

Exercise the priviliges of a SIC in Venezuelan license to FAA license?

Obviously that same is true for any crew member. Sign in or Ffaa. All operators who are not in compliance with AC E by August 11, will have to use actual passenger and bag weights in their weight and balance calculations. I fly in vz all my sic are sif in the usa on my FAA lic. Although I am sure any praise will be appreciated, and likely touted by the FAA, it will be more interesting to see how the FAA handles the constructive criticism it is likely to receive.

Without any empirical support to correlate the two, this seems like a feeble argument for transportation safety. Both of these laws will take effect Jan. Federal Aviation Administration, Independence Ave.


On July 22,the Inspector General sent a Memorandum to the FAA stating that “it is important that FAA take steps to proactively identify and address similar falsifications occurring elsewhere across the greater community of certificated pilots.

Originally Posted by flyer. There was no evidence of a speedboat or rough water around the eic airplane during the accident sequence.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Seems to me that this legislation will add to aviation safety about as much as the destruction of Meigs Field: Why would they now? Each case is unique and must be analyzed by an attorney licensed to practice in your area with respect to the particular facts siic applicable current law before any advice can be given.

This amendment six now codify their understanding. According to the NTSB, the video showed that “[t]he aircraft made a low altitude, level turn toward the video camera.

Reigel Serving clients throughout the U. You can obtain more information regarding the topic at the NBAA’s website here. As we have discussed previously, falsification of an airman, medical or other FAA application can result in criminal prosecution. The Court went on to note that the U. Assuming the pilot is operating an N registered aircraft entirely within the boundaries of their home country. The airplane transitioned to a nose-down attitude and impacted the water. Currently air tour operators have been paying fuel tax, as opposed to excise tax, on their flights with the understanding that they were not subject to ssic tax.

At the time, both of the aircraft were receiving flight control services from the Meigs tower which was operated nnaa private controllers under contract with the FAA. This is another case where plaintiffs attempt to stretch the limits of the law to join as many deep-pocket defendants into a case as nbqa. A N registered airplane is to be flown nbaaa within Venezuela airspace.

However, in this case, this appears to be more political rulemaking rather than rulemaking truly in the interests of safety.

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