Identify whether the reference words are anaphoric, cataphoric, or exophoric by selecting your choice in the pull-down menu next to each item. After you make. Definition of Exophoric from our glossary of English linguistic and grammatical terms containing explanations and cross-references to other relevant English. Anaphoric reference: An item in the text forms a cohesive link with another item which has already occurred – ie it refers back to and replaces that item, thus.

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Hasan, Cohesion in English Longman,pp. Probably just a typo?

He found the referejce to be calming and relaxing”. What your test instructions admonish you to do is to forego exophoric pronouns that may seem obvious to you but are not to others. He was annoyed because it was closed. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

Jim, yes, [blush], thank you. How do you interpret ‘her’ without extralinguistic context?

My understanding of exophoric pronouns is that they refer to subjects that do not appear in the text. Semantics Pragmatics Rhetoric Semiotics stubs Linguistics stubs.

Reference examples with demonstratives: For example, My girlfriend and I traveled to Brisbane. Anaphoric reference occurs when a word or phrase refers to something mentioned earlier in the discourse.


It is endophoric, because its referent is manifest in the text.

Anaphoric, Cataphoric and Exophoric Referencing

Anaphoric reference often makes use of the definite article thebecause one of the functions of the definite article is to indicate that something has already been mentioned. We meaning You and I can work as Anaphoric sometimes. If it is a refeerence statement about some unnamed scientists somewhere or the elusive “they” who are responsible for all rumored activitieswhich the author assumes to be obvious expohoric the reader, then it is exophoric.

Tom was saying that he was going to the movies. Can you give an example of an exophoric pronoun that is not deictic?

As for personal pronoun reference went, they might refer cataphorically or anaphoric ally. Reference examples with comparison: It is exophoric because ‘her’ is outside the text, and deictic because the semantic meaning of ‘her’ is fixed but the denotational meaning depends on the context. Exophora can be deicticin which special words exophori grammatical markings are used to make reference to something in the context of the utterance or speaker.

I have been reading about errors with exophoric pronoun references the paper was mostly aimed at preparing one for a certain standardized testand found the author saying “In the context of this test, exophoric pronouns are always incorrect.

Anaphoric, Cataphoric and Exophoric Referencing –

In the above sentence, they could be exophoric or endophoric. If “they” refers to the set of all people who say such a thing, is it reflexophoric?


Many exophoric pronouns are deictic, but not all. They refers to some people outside the discourse known to both speakers. It also refers to something that both speakers know about perhaps the dinner.

For example, the meaning of the phrase “the Queen” may be determined by the country in which it is spoken. That is quite different to my understanding, but the concept of deixis does seem to be quite varied depending on your field.

A type of exophora, homophora relates to a generic phrase that obtains a specific meaning through knowledge of its context; a specific example of homophora can variably referrnce a “homophor” or a “homophoric reference”.

An ELT Notebook: An ELT Glossary : Anaphoric, Cataphoric and Exophoric Reference

Exophoric reference occurs when a word or phrase refers to something outside the discourse. Demonstrative pronouns, definite articles and some adverbs referenc act as an effective textual cohesive tie. The interpretation would be “those plants there, in front of us”. Then, I met some of my friends.

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