These are generic rules that apply to most “crayon rail” titles in the series, including Empire Builder, British Rails, Eurorails, Australia Rails, Nippon Rails, and. I supported because “I support the Geek because of all the great friends I’ve made here. I love playing PBF, VoIP and RL games with you!?” – Fred M ( derf_red). Here are the rules I invented. Pick out any two Crayon games and lay them out side by side on a large table. I recommend North America Rails and Eurorails.

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You must activate validate your Eurail Pass before your first train journey.

M.I.T. Strategic Games Society house rules for Eurorails

This can be done at a European train station, or online by using our Eurail. Eurail Passes are issued on identity and cannot to be used by any other person. Your name, country of residence, and passport number should be filled in on the Pass.

This means that if, for eueorails, you purchase your Pass on May 31, the latest day you can activate your Pass is April Read more on how to activate your Eurail Pass. A travel day lasts 24 hours, from midnight to midnight. On each travel day, you can take as many trains as you rulee and go wherever your Eurail Pass is valid.


You’re free to choose the days when you want to travel. Fill in each travel date on your Eurail Pass before you board the train. Find out more about travel days. Take advantage of extra benefits available with your Eurail Pass.

A wurorails of discounts and special offers are available in the European countries where your Pass is valid. Learn more about Eurail Pass benefits. Before boarding each train, bus, or boat, you’ll need to record your trip in the “travel diary” on the Pass Cover in blue or black ink.

If you forget, you could be fined and pay for a full fare ticket. When you get home from your trip, make sure you send us your travel diary, so we can send you a FREE Eurail gift to help remember your Eurail journey.

We can send your travel diary back to you if you wish to keep it as a souvenir! Read more about fules travel diary. All the travelers names are printed on the Saver Pass, so this Pass is only suitable if you’re traveling together for your whole trip.

Learn more about the Saver Pass. In some countries a seat reservation is mandatory for specific trains. The rules and conditions for making these reservations vary between rail companies and countries.

Therefore we advise you to make sure you know in which country wurorails reservation might be needed before you travel, so there are no surprises. Read more about train reservations. Be the first to know about our latest deals, like our winter SALE, and receive a free travel magazine. Yes, I’d like to receive the weekly newsletter with travel tips and special offers from Eurail. You have already created a cart and therefore the currency cannot be changed anymore! How to Use a Eurail Train Pass.


Add to wish list Remove from wish list. Find out everything you need to know about using your Eurail Pass.

Eurorails | Rules | Forum | RPGGeek

Traveling in a group. We can imagine that you want to protect your valuable Eurail Pass. Please note that laminating makes your Pass invalid. We advise you to store your Pass in a plastic wallet instead.

This protection covers the cost of replacement tickets up to the remaining value of your Pass, if it gets lost or stolen. Your cart is empty. Get on board Be the first to know about our latest deals, like our winter SALE, and receive a free travel magazine.

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