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It is simply substituting active soul-will, love, for indifference, passive body and sufferance; but, as sure as death, here is the starting point of a divine life! Swinburne Clymera later Supreme Master of the Fraternitas, stressed that years later in a death-bed confession, a former friend of Randolph conceded that in if state of jealousy and temporary insanity, he had killed Randolph.

Such antipodes cannot blend, because the girl is peach-downy, supple, gay, lithe and lightsome, but the man lithy, that is, limy, calcareous; and they cannot, will not mingle in any more intimate relations than that of father and daughter. If I could, I certainly would have every male over fifteen witness just such a redemptive and impressive scene; and would take every boy through the wards of a hospital for syphilides.

It arose in a princely act, rightly considered princely, when the real, delicate, inexpressibly high-bred motive and its circumstances are understood, which motive is systematically and properly concealed.

In the beasts it means propagation, mainly for food purposes; but in man it stands for, and implies, a great deal more, as will be seen hereinafter. In proof of the truth of these statements, and of how I had to struggle, the world is challenged to find a line of my thought in the whole 4, books on Rosicrucianism; among the brethren of that Fraternity—and I know many such in various lands, and was, till I resigned the office, Grand Master of the only Hiwtory of the Order on the hisstory or in the Ansairetic works, English, German, Syriac or Arabic.

They were violations of the love-law, and the suffering was the penalty. In the second case, resulting from spermatic plethora, a relief follows, but leaves a weakness after it, requiring phosphoric food to recuperate from. No true man can help loving all true women; not in the grosser sense, but in the higher one of soul. The History of Love: I allude to the notorious fact that some womb-bearers, wives and mothers too, are females only physically; while spiritually, mentally, morally, histry, and in every other way but one, they were and are wholly hard, cold, masculine beings, living contradictions of the statements their forms and functions declare to the world.

In case first, the normal one, waste is occasioned by ths magnetic action of the electric lymph, the absorption of which by the masculine compensates the vital loss on one side; and the absorption by the feminine parietes of the exudation from Cowper’s gland compensates on the other side; and here I give the doctors a new discovery—to them, not me—which uistory, that just within the vulva are two little glands, called glands of Duvernay, from eulia French discoverer.


Then comes the unveiling; and, my God, what an awful, horrible spectre stands frowning where each expected to behold and hold—she an Adonis, he a perfect Hebe!

So sighs a singer of the day Whose pensive strain my sympathetic lay Sadly prolongs. It has no reference to general evil whatever, but it expressly means evil of a certain and peculiar kind; for it so happens that the real first hjstory is not Honi but Yoniand that means nothing more histroy less than the feminine organs of histoty, coupled with their periodic functions. Well, that is worth worlds to you, for suppose that, instead of wishing, willing, desiring, decreeing perfect offspring, you exert it to redeem your husband, to kindle up his love for you, for home, for his own fire-side.

Hope you will like it and give your comments and suggestions.

Eulis! the History Of Love by Randolph, Paschal Beverly

But note the tremendous difference in the results that follow in each of the four cases. Oh, that literature, foul, disgusting beyond belief! I know that the temptations,—youth and freshness on one side; influence, society, position, money, on the other,—are great indeed; but for all that, it is a something against which that same society ought to turn; and one that God Himself frowns down; for never a marriage among them all produced other fruits than discontent, jealousy, madness and despair.

May God pity all such, and alas! She admires him, but probably loves this distant Adonis, and, tempted beyond her strength, she may have forgotten and neglected duty, at the urgence and call of love; the facts of which came rushing through the air to you and took form and shape through the vision of the seer.

We are pleased with the Platos, but we worship the Christs. Nearly every one will at once see many of the reasons why; but there are some others not quite so self-apparent, and here they are. For example, there are ten thousand treatises extant concerning what the doctors call the sin of one Onanmeaning, thereby, a certain nameless solitary vice. Matt McDonough marked it as to-read Jul 19, She cannot absorb, reciprocate or assimilate him, or aught pertaining to him, magnetically, or in any other way; and she even loathes the food he dotes on, and the liquids he consumes to keep his unnatural fever up.

Who of them all has given us the rationale of the orgasm—the why and wherefore, or the cause of its being a thing of apparently no moment whatever at certain times, and under circumstances: At this point I wish to pick a flaw or two in the reasonings of the popular physiologists and phrenologists of the day, every one of whom urge their moral pleas mainly upon the ground that the marital-functional nuptive rite of the human being is precisely on a par with the creative act of beasts; that is, that God intended it in man as in animals, to be solely and only a propagative function,—that, and nothing more.


It was clear he ought to give her up at once even if the effort snapped his heart-strings, because the making of her child was a doubtful question.

In the union of two such there is a compatibility of spirits to a great extent, but none whatever on the amative plane,—the sex of form; for the actual fact of marriage produces utter dissatisfaction to himhorror, pain, mental anguish, disease and lingering death to her. Some of us have not just such husbands as we wish.

Eulis! the History of Love/Part 1: Affectional Alchemy

No sooner does an American boy get on his first pair of pants than he has prurient notions right straight along, and takes good care to demonstrate them with chalk upon the walls and fences everywhere. Very nearly all that I have given as Rosicrucianism originated in my soul; and scarce a single thought, only suggestions, have I borrowed from those who, in ages past, called themselves by that name—one which served me well as a vehicle wherein to take my mental treasures to a market, which gladly opened its doors to that name, but would, and did, slam to its portals in the face of the tawny student of Esoterics.

The Rosicrucian system is, and never was other else than a door to the ineffable Grand Temple of Eulis. We want perfect offspring! One, two, three, five hundred years roll by as one would count the hours to midnight. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. I am forced to use similes, but trust to be fully and entirely understood. I leaped from the couch; rushed to my friend’s place; told him the tragic tale; fired his soul with vengeance dire; and, putting a loaded revolver in his pocket, bade him swiftly traverse the 1, miles intervening betwixt him and his deep revenge.

There was a young man of the fun-making genus,—a fellow whose nature was inflamed nearly a year before his birth, and who kept it up to boiling-point by food and drink, and the secret books he first read, and then so artfully concealed, that the servant-girls were sure to find them,—read, get detected,—of course, by the owner.

True, there are among the lower types and forms of organic life, a few seeming exceptions, as the so-called hermaphrodites; but, in reality, such are apparent only; for examination in the light of modern science proves all such organisms to be a union of the two principles in a single body, and not a fusion, by any means; and that the male side fecundates the other. Paschal Beverly Randolph was a medical doctor and occultist, notable as perhaps the first person to introduce the principles of sex magic to North America, and, according to A.

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