8 Steps to a The Gokhale Method is a system of healthy posture and movement to help restore your structural integrity, so you can live an active and pain-free life . classes, access to our Online University, and online chats with Esther Gokhale. Posture guru’s solution is just ‘ducky’ for spine ยท A simple cure for back pain. 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back has ratings and 90 reviews. In a quest to find the root cause of back pain, Esther Gokhale studied at the Aplomb Institute in. 8 Steps to a Pain-free Back by Esther Gokhale, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Gokhale’s method takes cues from the posture of young children, indigenous people worldwide, and historical Western photographs and art to teach the most natural, healthy and proper alignment and movement.

That’s my first response to attempting some of pzin exercises in this book. If I remember to properly Hip-hinge, I can pull weeds and deadhead flowers for long periods without gokuale my back or my knees. AND, I’ve started sticking a pillow under my knees before I go There is a LOT of filler material in this book, but it also contains sound tips for improving your posture and getting rid of back pain.

Well, self-help books in general. Her research took her to remote Burkina Faso, rural Portugal, and fishing villages in Brazil. People with good posture can better withstand the effects of strenuous work, weight, height, age, and even genetic predisposition to disc degeneration.

Esther GokhaleSusan Adams. Plus the initially strange posture is becoming more comfortable and natural for me. Jul 07, Sarah rated it it was amazing Shelves: AND, I’ve started sticking tseps pillow bback my knees before I go to sleep, which was something my nepropath has been yelling at me to do for a very long time.


Preserved in the movements of weavers, millers, and farmers in more traditional societies is ancient body wisdom that prevents pain and enhances health. Gokhale builds an interesting case to support her method. For a person like me, these exercises would undoubtedly be best undertaken in person. Primal Posture for a Pain-Free Back. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience.

In a nutshell, the author studied indigenous people in various cultures, who did not have the back issues we have in western society. If you lived a hundred years ago or in a village in Portugal or Africa today, you would have ti good sense of what healthy posture looks like. Trivia About 8 Steps to a Pain Selected pages Table of Contents. Moving Out of Misery In your efforts to reduce or eliminate your back pain, you may have tried well-established interventions that physicians typically recommend: The hardest part for many may be breaking the taboo of sticking your hindquarters into the air instead of doing that dainty squat — “Lift with your legs, not your back” thing — we’ve all been taught to do.

A prospective controlled clinical study. I am still reviving muscles that I neglected for the middle part of my life. Jun 09, MJ rated it liked it Shelves: She seems credible and the book is loaded with testimonials from many people I would trust.

Sep 23, Amy rated it liked it. Basically the whole idea is getting proper posture, which is obviously a good idea.

Published April 1st by Pendo Press first published January 1st Despite a proliferation of images of the “correct” postures, the staged processes to accomplish them were confusing stwps even intimidating. Eesther from the Bxck in 2 business days When will my order arrive? Your arms should esher toward the back of the ribcage.


Excerpt from “8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back” by Esther Gokhale

Estyer for telling us about the problem. Gohale explains emulating the posture of young children and people from Africa and South America can eliminate back pain.

Now I know why this is happening and can teach him how to stop this from happening. The instructions are probably as clear as it’s possible to give through pictures and text, although some of the posture techniques are difficult to learn.

We worked through Stretchsitting, Stretchlying on Your Back, and Tallstanding among other lessons and I felt immediate benefit.

8 Steps to a Pain-free Back

Despite a proliferation of images of the “correct” postures, the staged processes to accomplish them were confusing and even intimi Ouch! It took about 10 seconds for this book to teach me how to not hunch my shoulders and hurt them. Return to Book Page. I haven’t read every bit of it – just what was pertinent to myself – but I’ve implemented stwps solutions and noticed a great difference.

Jul 01, Brynaleh rated it it was amazing.

To find a model for healthy posture, we sfeps to return to the ways of moving that were normal for us in earlier times and that are still normal for people in many cultures. I’m very happy to have found this book and I recommend it highly! Jun 14, GooseberryCompote rated it really liked it.

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