“Ernesto Oroza works and thinks through the potentials of what he calls the “ vernacular production” of the periodo especial in Cuba—design. Ernesto Oroza () is a Cuban artist and designer. Contents. 1 Biography; 2 Awards; 3 Books by Ernesto Oroza; 4 References. Biography[edit]. Oroza earned . Ernesto Oroza works and thinks through the potentials of what he calls the “ vernacular production” of the periodo especial in Cuba—design.

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Photographic documentation in Recife: Processes of hybridization have the potential to open access to innovation, destroying and creating logics and sense, provoking excesses, invasions and reciprocal contaminations that have important repercussions in the city where they happen.

They are housed inside milk crate casings which are then stacked in towers. It was precisely these intellectual incursions that attracted me to design, because I came to the discipline without a defined vocation, neither by design nor by anything else.

Ernesto Oroza [US] | Eastern Bloc

The photos of bourgeois mansions destroyed, fragmented, painted by their tenants are read only from the perspective of the picturesque. No matter the degree of affection of the need, this alienation concerns both the needs of the body and the spiritual ones. Domingo, 24 de Abril del This article has multiple issues.

De tanto abrirlos, repararlos, fragmentarlos y usarlos a su conveniencia, terminaron desestimando los signos que hacen de los objetos occidentales una unidad o identidad cerrada. In some circles I am considered pessimistic because I reject this production as an alternative.


Juventud TecnicaPublications. For example, in the s the first satellite dish was brought to Cuba. Ernesto Oroza is a Cuban artist and designer.

Every Friday three video cassettes were prepared, multiplied and distributed for the weekend entertainment of senior government and military officials. Etnesto by Liber Ponce, Habana, Ernesto Oroza en entrevista con Manuel Cullen.

This event was the first ideological initiative of the national movement of Cuban innovators and inventors, who had begun organizing […]. Embroidery T-shirtdesigned by Ernesto Oroza using text appropriated from an Ernesto Guevara speech, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Many of those who feel left out argue that a lack […]. The current law now allows re-registering cars if it retains up to 60 percent of its original features.

Belief in the Potential Object: Technological Disobedience in Cuba

Learn how and when to remove these template messages. From the Revolution to Revolico.

How do you categorize yourself professionally or intellectually? The current law now allows re-registering cars if it retains up to […] Twitter. Edition of 20 for Name Publications. La crisis profunda e interminable ha dotado al individuo de una destreza especial.

The narrative of the ruined Cuban city is one of them. Objects of necessity In certain contemporary urban areas the necessity generates objects that look more the result of an unavoidable sedimentation of materials cornered by the wind into the shapes of the city than the result of a productive activity.


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Ernesto Oroza – Wikipedia

July Learn how and when to remove this template message. Juventud TecnicaVignettes. For many decades, reproduction was an exclusive right of the state. Broken metal chairs loosen from a school and plastic chairs, also broken, expelled from a cafeteria, nearly one piece each month, they ramble orooza the neighborhood until they get tangentially trapped inside a human activity: Founded metal bars chairs and monobloc plastic chairs. Accumulation proposes […] Twitter. Some of these channels or protocols were orzoa by the government but ended up exceeding their own control.

Es descapotable, de 2 puertas y con capacidad […] Twitter. To recover the original image from the lights of the cars, the designs are molded ernesyo original diffusers and its lenticular surfaces.

Ujamaa diagrams — Las sillas eran las mismas en todas partes.

Aspects that were formerly just a component have become the subject. Floating Cubans, web project by Andrew Ho Twitter. Llamar a Renato o 4- Vendo Moscovish.

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