La histología regional del conducto del epidídimo en el perro comprende cinco regiones histológicamente distintas y continuas. Dos de las. Test Histologia aparato reprodutor epididimoenEpididimo Cual epitelio presenta el Epididimo?. Cuales fibras que rodean?. Cual epitélio. Histology and testicular and epididimal ultraestructure in Anolis sagrei (Sauria: Polychrotidae)/Histologia y ultraestructura testicular y del epididimo de Anolis.

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Maturation, transport and fate of spermatozoa in the epididymis. The physiology of reproduction. Histochemical localization of carbonic anhydrase in the testis and epididymis of the epidirimo.

Also, it should be noted that transition between the zones is gradual, not abrupt. Some features distinguished the epithelial lining of zone III.

The epithelium contained all the cell types noticed. Coexpression of different cytokeratins, vimentin and desmin in the rete testis and epididymis in the dog. The epididymal lumen in zone II histopogia regular, and contains rather immature spermatozoa in scarce number, and also cellular remnants.

Stellate lumen stars of the ductal sections in the zone III. The fourth and fifth zones zones IV and Vare restricted to the epididymal tail, localized into the proximal and distal Cauda epididymidis, respectively. These cells are arranged in a distinct layer, disposed immediately over the basal lamina.



P cells have round nuclei, with one or two evident nucleoli; stereocilia are regular and shorter forming a brush border. They are tall cells, which extend from the basal lamina to the lumen. The structure of the epididymis, efferent ductules and ductus deferens in the guinea epidirimo Studies on the regional histology and cytochemistry of the ductus epididymis in stallions, rams and bulls.

The tissues were observed in a Olympus BH-2 microscope. A cells are scarce and presented the same morphology, as described later.

Estructura del estroma conjuntivo del epididimo del bovino cebu (Bos indicus)

Based upon morphological features such as: The epithelium contained the same epididmio cell types, similar to other zones. Morphology of the bovine epididymis. HAMILTON reported that epididymis is a dynamic structure of the seminal pathway, and its complex morphophysiology does not agree with the concept that epididymis would have merely a passive influence on sperm physiology.

The duct is surrounded by a smooth muscle layer of about Table I – Morphological comparisons between different zones of the epididymis in the dog Morphological features.

It is observed zone I or initial segment and zone II, both of them localized into the head. The basal B cells lie next to the basal lamina, and do not reach the tubular lumen.


Histologia aparato reprodutor epididimo

Maturation of spermatozoa in the rabbit. The muscle coat is thicker Histological observations of the reproductive organs of the male dog from birth to sexual epidiidimo. The epithelium decreases in height and, concomitantly there is an increase in luminal diameter and in muscle wall thickness. However, in this study the zone II is restricted to the head of the dog epididymidis exclusively. The last region Vis continuous to the vas deferens Fig. Histology and histochemistry nistologia corpus epididymis in indian buffaloes Bubalus bubalis at different ages of maturity.

#epididimo medias

P cells are also the most common epithelial cell type found in this zone. On the regional histology and cytochemistry of the epididymis in the rabbits. The epididymis of the dog, based on morphological differences, reveals five distinct and continuous zone in the hidtologia.

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