This page contains information about the Musician’s Manual for the TS from Ensoniq Corporation. TS12 manual english. The TS12 Manual in english, 1 MB, (c) by ensoniq. TS10 manual english. The TS10 Manual in english, 1 MB (c) by ensoniq. Winzip Get manuals, specifications, and demos for the Ensoniq TS synthesizer.

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Additional Sequencer Functions General Midi Sound Map Using the TS with a Drum Machine They can produce complete musical arrangements in a number of genres.

Understanding Ts Effects Sequencer Control Manua Page What is a Sequence?

ENSONIQ TS-10 Manual

Page 10 Audio Outputs, but make sure nothing is plugged into the other output. After you choose to Auto- Load all Sampled Sound files: For a general overview of the program concepts involved, refer to the previous section.

It includes 73 preset algorithms with up to 10 variations of each algorithm. This parameter is visible on Preset Tracks, but does not really apply to Presets. The following magazines offer many specific articles and ensonuq that can provide a plethora of useful information.

The Ensoniq TS12 Homepage – Downloads

Whenever you are selecting or layering sounds in Sounds mode, you are also creating a preset. Scsi Option read-only Using Multi-track Record, Suggestion For Advanced Users Tracks do not have to be selected in order to have data recorded on them, but they must be defined.

t Selectable Effect Modulation Parameters Using Effects With Performance Presets The scaling effect of this Modulator is based on a note keyboard: The TS displays the Edit Context page Editing A Preset Page 69 Page 70 – Performance tip — creating keyboard sp Table Of Contents Page 60 Change number for the desired sound will select ensoniw new sound and also install the effect from that sound into the sequence or song effect.


Page – Assigning a track to the aux outputs Page – Edit track page — track edit functions Page – Song mode Page – Edit song page — song edit functions Page – Song tracks Page Page – Viewing sequence tracks in song mode Page – To record mix or pan changes to a song t Using The Select Voice Page The TS can be programmed so that the sound changes sometimes in subtle ways, sometimes radically when you play notes with one or both Patch Select buttons held down As you play the sounds in the TS, make sure you explore what these buttons do to each sound.

The rules for glide, described above, determine when one note will glide to another. About Effect Parameters For the best performance, try to select the highest value that works with your sound source. What Is A Preset Page Otherwise, if you step past the end of the track you will enter Audition mode.

The effect is present even if none of the tracks in the sequence are routed through the effect e.

Despite the non-resonant filters, the TS series workstations are very powerful synths with a rich and thick sound. The Tempo Track feature is incompatible with older software. Other General Midi Requirements This would allow you to add reverb to voices assigned to FX1 and panned hard left, without having to add any of the rotary st effect.

The Auto-Load feature allows you to automatically load Sampled Sounds back into the same Bank location s. Instead, we are referring to the number of voices that will sound on each key as you play the program. The new song will be given the same name as the original one you copied. Using these variables can create a very live sounding sequence.


Page TS floppy disk on which the Sample Edits are stored.

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Also, if you set the PERCENT parameter to zero, you can randomize a track, keep the new track, and randomize it again to get things progressively looser. This is important to remember when you use User RAM programs in presets.

Formatting puts information on the disk that the TS needs to read and st files. Page – A few important points about multi mode Page Page – Using the ts with an external midi se If you should unexpectedly lose maanual, or have to power down for some unknown reason, you can define a substitute Program that will play on each Track that originally contained a Sampled Sound, until you can load the Sampled Sound back into the TS I have the user Tempo Track Edit Functions Aside from the presets that are saved, there is a preset buffer that is always active.

Page Page – Layering sounds on the tracks pages Page Page – The tempo track and the track parameters Page – Copying a preset along with its effect i Drum-map Editor Parameters Playing Sequences And Songs

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