IN THE MOREMARROW/EN LA MASMÉDULA is the final volume by the vanguard poet of 20th century Argentinian literature. “In the fabled Oliverio Girondo. That first line is beautiful & on one level it seems a sort of how-I-wrote-my-book- and-so-can-you! treatise by Girondo. They are the last 4 lines of. Oliverio Girondo — ‘una libélula de médulauna oruga lúbrica desnuda sólo nutrida de frotesun Oliverio Girondo, En la masmédula.

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Taking tirondo then framing a photograph of the Cordon Cacti garden seems tempting, as a compromise and a memorial, but this is neither transplanting nor translating. Love for Girondo is a force that howls out.

The heart of the matter, the gist, the meat, the essence where the blood, where the oxygen-carrying vitality is produced. It is a historical document, a hasty epitaph to something ,asmedula living elsewhere.

This seems a problematization. To undo the dovetails, quite literally.

In the Moremarrow/En la masmedula PAPERBACK – Oliverio Girondo : Small Press Distribution

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on August 17,Masmedjla Girondo studied and traveled widely in Europe as a young man, serving as a European correspondent for Argentine literary magazines including Plus ultra and Caras y caretas and establishing close friendships with writers and artists who introduced him to surrealism and other vanguard movements.

Faithfulness may be a practice rather than a result. I think this book is extremely important. It is split into two short sections. Maybe something about the male poet accepting his anima, that female part of him that is stubbornly there but his machismo stubbornly rejects.


A photograph, in this case at least, is not a poem. It reminds me of constituent elements readying themselves to become compound.

In the Moremarrow/En la masmedula

Variations on a theme of water. In the poem Plexile, the page topography is different. Not only is this acceptable, but it seems this book argues it is the marrow of existence. He was born giroondo Buenos Aires, Argentina in We have here competing notions: It represents, among other things, a re-envisioning and re-fashioning and renovation of the Spanish language proper.

This is a reach, as psychoanalysis is a reach. Or grammatically speaking, the definite article v. Both the process of writing experimental poetry and the process of translating it — as well as the process of reading it — entail risk, a surrender of certainty and control in favor of trying to know and mean through language in the present in new ways.

If love is the essence of things, the essence of love is More. The majority of the book is such best moments. Every left page gives the original Spanish version of the poem, and the right page holds the translation.

In Girondo published Campo nuestroa single long poem. Is there an authoritative, origin-al essence to be mined at the bottom? How to reproduce this verbal rejuvenation in Spanish, how to forge from the English a new poetic language. A dovetail is a joint formed by two pieces whose respective notches are made one for the other, in alternating fashion, so they conveniently fit. So we make an inference. I mean, in order to move all the plants from one hothouse to another, one ought to take inventory to ensure that no plant was left behind.


Which, in creation myths, sounds like the soul blown into dust to animate a person.

HTMLGIANT / In the Moremarrow / En la masmédula by Oliverio Girondo

I trust it as a mode of writing poems. My Lumy does this, too, at its best moments.

The third right-indented column is the finished translation. The writing is self-referential. This book is hard to write about, around, through. There are 45 mouths.

He died in Buenos Aires on January 24, His first book, Veinte poemas para ser leidos en un tranviawas published by a small French press inand Calcomanias eh published in Span in It is not a garden.

InGirondo was injured in a car accident which left him with diminished faculties. The problem this brings the translator, of course, is how to remain faithful.

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