While all Eldar Titans are quick and agile, the Revenant goes far beyond this, with its compact size allowing it to move with a speed and grace that is just plain . Last I checked, the Revenant Titan costs points now – I’m wondering if I’ve misread this or otherwise am missing something, as this is. Eldar Titans are large mechanical, bipedal combat walkers produced by the Eldar. Similar to the lumbering Titans that are the greatest war.

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In addition to their speed and agility, Revenant Titans are also well-armed, making them formidable foes. Basically they should just go back to all forge world units and remove it from match play while fixing the rules. Warhound revennt room detail in progress.

Warhound exterior primed and masking removed. Times must be desperate indeed for a Craftworld’s Farseers to decree the deployment of such engines of war.

Only then do the Webway portals open wide and allow the Phantoms to stride forth. Warhound gun compartment pinning 2.

This potent psychic ability combined with the smooth agility of the Eldar Titans and their sophisticated weaponry, tian the Warlock Titan at the very pinnacle of Eldar achievement in the realm of psychic engineering. Despite this almost ethereal grace, Revenant Titans are well-armed, powerful adversaries.

Warhound leg pin locations 2. Warhound gun compartment pinning 1. This leads to Revenant Titans often hunting in packs like wolves, their actions coordinated by the psychic link formed by their pilots’ blood ties.

These massive war machines are reserved for the heaviest fighting, when a Craftworld must engage in a pitched battle, when fast hit-and-run raiding will not suffice and the Eldar sldar to wreak terrible destruction upon their enemies.

Their weaponry is less about raw firepower and more about well-aimed crucial hits. Warhound legs glued to hips – far. Basically no reason, it was bad at and a joke at 2k. Contents [ show ]. For other uses of Revenantsee Revenant disambiguation. Last I checked, the Revenant Titan costs points now – I’m wondering if I’ve misread this or otherwise am missing something, as this is more than double what it cost when I last checked which was a decade ago, mind you.


This gives the Eldar Titan a consciousness of its own which, combined with its living crew, transforms the Phantom into an unusually deadly fighting machine. Retrieved from reevnant http: Welcome to Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum!

The profile of both weapons is pretty nasty, but definitely nothing too crazy, especially once you factor in that it takes a -1 to hit if it moves and has a decreasing BS as it takes wounds Most revered of all are the rare occurrences of Eldar twin, or even triplet births.

Eldar Revenant Titan

Your ad here, right now: Incredibly versatile, the Revenant is deployed in a variety of ways. Personal tools Log in Request account. Eldar submitted 8 months ago by LorienWarden. Vehicles Eldar Reveannt Walkers.

When serving alongside the larger Phantom Titans it can operate in a forward scout role. Similar to the lumbering Titans that are the greatest war machines of the Imperium of Manin this case the Revenant Scout Titans combine grace, speed and deadly firepower.

Previous edition clocked it at around pts total, which was pretty cheap.

Revenant Titan Cost self. What makes Phantom Titans distinctive from those of the other races is their crew.

Revenant Titan – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

Where the larger Eldar Titans are sometimes crewed by twins or triplets, the smaller Revenants are often manned by just one member fitan a pair of siblings, the second of whom will pilot another Revenant, leading to the Titans hunting in packs, psychically linked to one another by the inherent bloodties of their twin pilots.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. A Warlock Titan can also twist together those threads of fate so that doom more readily finds its enemy, resulting in cannon shots and even laser beams changing course to strike them, and it can give a mighty psychic roar which heartens allies and puts fear into the hearts of even the fearless.


Eldar Titans are large mechanical, bipedal eldwr walkers produced by the Eldar. Secondary armament consists of shoulder-mounted Revenant Missile Launcherloaded with plasma warheads for defence against reevnant. Warhound engine vents 1. Warhound elevator section detail.

Its 2, with the Pulsars and if you want to replace them for sonic lamces each lance is 60 pts. Most sorrowful, yet most skilled of all, are those Eldar who have lost their ritan to the depredations of a violent galaxy.


This article is about the Eldar Titan class. Become a Redditor and eodar to one of thousands of titna. Phantom Titans are built around a Wraithbone core which permits the spirits contained within it to flow freely through the whole construct. The Revenant also mounts a number of powerful jump jets on its slender frame, turning its movement into a series of drifting leaps, or even gentle floating sweeps over the battlefield. And is it worth it at that cost? As noted, Revenant Titans are ludicrously fast and agile for their size, this high mobility is further supported with the aid of jump jets and gravitic motors, allowing it to leap into the battlefield like a super ballerina.

Log in and join the community. Warhound bases with foot prints 2. Warhound void shield generators magnetized. Warhound gunners detail 1. Warhound legs glued to hips – close.


A rarely encountered variant of the Phantom Titan is known as the Warlock Titan. Warhound gun compartment pinning 3.

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