Effortless Mastery has ratings and 74 reviews. David said: As a jazz pianist, this book was a paradigm changer. Kenny Werner goes beyond chops, the. A concise, free and complete summary of “Effortless Mastery” – Kenny Werner’s bottleneck busting guide to mastering your craft by learning to. Effortless Mastery was not written by a philosopher or an academic. Kenny Werner, is one of my favorite pianists I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, and.

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This doesn’t preclude practice, it just looks at ‘practice’ differently. Great reference for any artist. Wish Lists Sign In. Thanks for joining the All About Jazz community!

As I have found more joy in my playing, and acceptance of effprtless, I’ve become more comfortable not caring if others hear me. It’s not that you can minimize practice time, and it’s not that you don’t need practice. This is the goal.

Effortless Mastery – Wikipedia

We move around and around until we remember who we really are, and then we can be taken off the board. However, to expand our offerings and develop new means to foster jazz discovery we need your help. The author even says that – you need some brainwashing, as in your brain needs some washing.

Retrieved 12 March By Marek Szerszenowicz Member effortlesss From that point, he developed his philosophy and teaching methods which led to this book. Film Reviews Green Book: Includes an inspiring CD of meditations designed to initiate positive thought.

Effortless Mastery

Kenny’s remarkable work deals directly with these hindrances, and pre Playing music should be as simple and natural as drawing a breath, yet most musicians are hindered by self-consciousness, apprehension, self-doubt, and stress.

Search Photos by photo tag. At the same time, his advice on practicing is very good, focusing on “chipping away An interesting approach focusing on releasing tension and preconceptions, but so much of it is focused around accepting your playing as masterful and “the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard” that it could be mis-interpreted by players who haven’t properly prepared as saying “all your mistakes are just as beautiful as the notes you intended to play”, ergo there’s no need to practice because everything’s the same.


The book begins by chronicling Werner’s musical education. And, sure, read this book. Press Release Distribution Sign in or sign up to upload your press release.

I am a master” is an attempt to affirm your own superiority, you’re probably missing the point.

Effortless Mastery: Liberating the Master Musician Within, Book & CD

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The positive affirmations are annoyingly effective. Description Playing music should be as simple and natural as drawing a breath, yet most musicians are hindered by self-consciousness, apprehension, self-doubt, and stress. This, for me, means roughly the following: He has a cool way of approaching music as more of a spiritual practice; a path of mastery.

He is, however, careful to explain that there are no shortcuts to achieving mastery and that, as much of a game-changer as his insights are, internalizing them and being transformed by them will require a great deal of dedication, time, and patience.

The four meditations on the CD are meant to be listened to in-between chapters in this section of the book.

I also met Kenny in Seattle when he played at Jazz Alley in and I distinctly felt and so did several people I spoke to that his playing was coming from another place. Interessant boek met tips voor muzikanten hoe effectief te studeren.

The jam I had just after finishing it was like no other before. Jazz Poll Help us identify the world’s top jazz venues.

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Books by Kenny Werner. I read this book hoping it could help me bring the joy and calm I feel while practicing on my own, to my performances.


Book Summary: “Effortless Mastery”, Kenny Werner

He decided that classical piano was not for him, werneg switched to Berklee College of Musicbecause of wedner jazz program.

The earth is the game board, and we are the pieces on the board. When you do, All About Jazz will receive a sales commission. The Space Pirouet Records buy. I found that Kenny Werner utilized a good masterj of Zen discipline to illustrate the importance of complete engagement in performance.

But it is not good for creating. I decided what the hell and started using the practises he offered. Neither of them were known for chops, kejny both forced you werned stop and listen. Step one is being able to play a note on one’s instrument while relaxed and calm, step two is to play a free improvisation while in said state, step three is discovering what things one can play while in mastegy state, step four is to master playing music effortlessly, hence the book’s name.

Many are so impressed that they buy copies for their musician friends as gifts. Balloons Half Note Records buy. Kenny’s remarkable work deals directly with these hindrances, and presents ways to let our natural creative powers flow freely with minimal stress and effort.

However, not all is perfect in Effortless Mastery land. Film Reviews Rolling Stone: No trivia or quizzes yet. I do think I’m starting to get it though. More philosophical than a practical guide, but if applied will reap great benefits. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It’s not even that mastery can be effortless. It’s now been a month or two since I read this book.

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