Egzote- drvo, Beleške’ predlog Fitofarmacija u šumarstvu. Sveučilište Drvo odlucivanja-Vezbe-Vestacka inteligencija i ekspertni sistemi-Info. Teorija odlučivanja | Mathematics in Engineering | Faculty of Technical Sciences | FTN. multikriterijskog odlučivanja. Analizirana je . Metoda multikriterijskog odlučivanja. The method of . Slika 2. Drvo odlučivanja pri multikriterijskom odlučivanju.

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It odluclvanja encourage regular maintenance and discourage vehicle owners from tampering with or disabling the emission controls, both through direct enforcement and public information. They will also be beneficial for other harmful effects of traffic expansion such as noise, congestion, etc.

EMEP shall, utilizing appropriate models and in good time before the annual meetings of the Executive Body, provide to the Executive Body calculations of nitrogen budgets and also of transboundary fluxes and deposition of nitrogen oxides within the geographical scope of EMEP.

In matters within their competence, such regional economic integration organizations shall, on their own behalf, exercise the rights and fulfil the responsibilities which the present Protocol attributes to their member States. U smislu nusprodukata, jedini relevantni produkti su deaktivirani katalizatori iz SCR procesa. Ustava Republike Hrvatske, donosim.

Furthermore, the Parties shall in particular, and no later than two years after the date of entry into force of the present Protocol: The Parties shall exchange information by notifying the Executive Body of the national programmes, policies and strategies that they develop in accordance with article 7 and by reporting to it annually on progress achieved under, and any changes to, those programmes, policies and strategies, and in particular on: Isto tako, primjena novih koncepta u izgaranju i tehnologiji sustava znatno je pridonijela smanjenju emisija NOx.

Inspection and maintenance programmes can be beneficial for all types of control technology by ensuring that new-vehicle emission levels are maintained. In general emission limiting standards may be set per emission source according to plant size, operating mode, combustion technology, fuel type and whether it is a new or existing plant.


Стабло одлучивања

Until other data become available this annex concentrates on road vehicles only. It shall form an integral part of the Protocol. Kalifornijska vozila niske emisije vrvo opcija E. In cement kilns or glass melting furnaces, for example, certain high temperatures are necessary to ensure the product quality. Data are based on the practical experience gathered from a large number of implemented plants. Glavne tehnologije za nadzor emisije NOx navedene su u tablici 2.

Both have made significant progress in reducing NOx emissions through new concepts in combustion and system technology. The instruments of ratification, acceptance, approval or accession shall be deposited with the Secretary-General of the United Nations, who will perform the functions of depositary.

However, odlucivanjw environmental impacts have to be considered. The table also presents typical emission levels for open- and closedloop catalytic control as well as their cost.


The present Protocol shall enter into force on the ninetieth day following the date on which the sixteenth instrument of ratification, acceptance, approval or accession has been deposited. The inspection and maintenance programme has an important secondary function. Increasing the application of cracking technology in refineries, however, also brings about a reduction in the nitrogen content of the end-product. The Parties shall, in particular, through national research programmes, in the work plan of the Executive Body and through other cooperative programmes within the framework of the Convention, seek to: These improvements will focus on engine management, very precise control of air-fuel ratio, heavier catalyst loading, on-board diagnostic systems OBD and other advanced control measures.

In the design of control options for such sources, all polluting emissions should be considered together in order to maximize the overall abatement effect and minimize the impact of the source on the environment.


Obrada i odlaganje otpada. The original of the present Protocol, of ddvo the English, French and Russian texts are equally authentic, shall be deposited with the Secretary-General of the United Nations. As this knowledge and this experience continuously expand, particularly with new vehicles incorporating low-emission technology and the development of alternative fuels, as well as with retrofitting and other odlucianja for existing vehicles, the annex needs to be updated and amended regularly.

Industrial combustion plants and processes with combustion.


However, the reduction potential indicated in table 2 is considered representative of reductions achievable in use. Amendments to the Technical Annex shall be adopted by consensus of the Parties present odkucivanja a meeting of the Executive Body and shall become effective thirty days after the date on which they have been communicated in accordance with paragraph 5 below.

Process and Combustion Modifications.

Quality control of measurements must odluciavnja ensured. Sporazumjele su se kako slijedi: Stationary combustion turbines can also be integrated into existing conventional power plants known as topping. Postrojenja za izgaranje u komercijalne svrhe, u ustanovama i stambenim objektima. The baseline engine configuration is the turbocharged diesel engine. The Odlucivnaja Body shall discuss the proposed amendments at its next annual meeting provided that these proposals have been circulated by the Executive Secretary to the Parties at least ninety days in advance.

A newer concept of FBC is pressurized fluidized bed combustion PFBC presently being commercialized for the generation of electricity and heat.

The reagent production of ammonia and urea for flue gas treatment processes involves a number of separate steps which require energy and reactants.

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