Dräger Savina® The Savina® combines the independence and power of a turbine-driven ventilation system with state-of-the-art ventilation modes. Service Technicians Forum Drager Savina Service Manual omer kurt gateelektronik hi I need service manual drager savina ventilator. Service Technicians Respiratory Forum Savina Service Manual Pere Sureda IBERMANSA Could someone share with me the service.

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Information window on screen During setting of a ventilation parameter, the Savina calculates the derived parameters and displays them in the information The left-hand column For your safety and that of your patients For your safety and that of your patients Strictly follow the instructions for use Liability for proper function or damage Any use of the apparatus requires full understanding and strict The liability for the proper function of the apparatus is observation of these instructions.

Do not use mobile phones within a distance of 10 metres manual ventilation device from the equipment. Mobile phones can cause interference with electrical If a fault is detected in the Savina so that its life-support and electronic medical apparatus, thereby putting patients functions are no longer assured: Pressure-controlled ventilation combined with free spontaneous breathing during the complete breathing cycle, and adjustable pressure assist on CPAP level.

Information window on screen During setting of a ventilation parameter, the Savina calculates the derived parameters and displays them in the information window on the main screen page.

Operating Concept Screen Pages Structure of the screen pages 1 Ventilation mode display field 2 Alarm message display field 3 Curves and measured values display field 4 Measured values display field 5 Information bar Main page Displays a pressure curve and displays three measured values. To switch to standby: To adjust ventilation parameters: Extreme settings Certain ventilation parameters are limited by Savina to a threshold value. LED for that parameter key will go out. When setting the pressure limit, ensure that the tidal volume V is still being applied, as otherwise Savina will display a “!!

Tidal volume low” message. The actual frequency may be higher than the ventilation frequency f set. The trigger can be switched off if spontaneous breathing by the patient is not expected or desired. The ventilation mode IPPV is displayed on the screen. Spontaneous breathing at a raised pressure level, to increase the functional residual capacity FRC. Spontaneous breathing can be assisted with additional pressure by ASB.

Set CPAP by means of the ventilation parameter keys: For automatic switchover to volume-controlled mandatory ventilation if the patient stops breathing.

Apnoea ventilation can be provided for all ventilation modes with spontaneous FlowAcc breathing. If the patient stops breathing, Savina activates an saviina after the set apnoea alarm time T and starts Apnoea volume-controlled mandatory ventilation with: To end apnoea ventilation: Savina carries on ventilating in the original ventilation mode and Msnual associated ventilation parameters.


During Savina settings, servcie status of switched on apnoea ventilation is displayed for 6 seconds by a special information page where, in principle, apnoea ventilation is possible. Advisory messages are marked with one exclamation mark. Flow monitoring off Savina generates a two-tone sequence that sounds only once. To remedy the faults, please refer to the “Troubleshooting” section starting on page NIV — Non-invasive ventilation Mask ventilation optional Installing the NIV option This should only be done by experts, following the corresponding installation instructions.

Using NIV When masks are used, the dead space increases.

The advisory message appears briefly. Savina Either an automatic ventilation stroke that has just begun will be accordingly prolonged, or a new ventilation stroke can be Connect your O supply 2. Prepare the medicament nebulizer in accordance with the accompanying instructions for use. If medicament nebulization needs to be stopped prematurely: The yellow lamp goes out, the nebulizer is switched off.

Flow calibration Remove any left-over medicament from the medicament nebulizer. After the program has started, during the oxygen enrichment phase Savina ventilates in the selected ventilation mode for up to seconds with Vol. When the ventilator is disconnected for suction, Savina automatically interrupts savins. All alarms are immediately reactivated.

Savina immediately continuous ventilating in the set ventilation mode. Savina uses a full inspiration phase for calibration. Short inspiration times are extended to about one second. Message in the information line on the screen: Flow calibration in progress The O sensor for O control and display sensor 1 is automatically calibrated by Savina: Srvice Savina displays an advisory message: Temperature high To prevent the breathing gas becoming too hot, Savina reduces the maximum speed of the built-in blower as the ambient temperature rises.

If high inspiratory pressures are set at the same time, e. Operation If the patient needs an inspiratory O concentration higher than 21 Vol. In the event of blower failure Savina cannot carry on ventilating.

Continue ventilating without delay, using 3300 independent ventilator. Disconnection and change of O concentration would activate the alarms. For this reason Savina turns the alarms off during calibration. If the patient is not reconnected within 30 seconds, Savina continues ventilating and all the alarms are reactivated. When the plateau is deactivated, Savina switches to expiration after application of the tidal volume V. The inspiration time setting T does not apply.

Savina establishes a minimum Advisory Message with low priority Savina displays a message for your guidance in the information line when certain alarm messages occur. The messages are listed in the table in alphabetical order. In the event of an alarm, this table is designed to enable you to identify the cause and take rapid corrective action. Use longer inspiration hoses. Check settings Due to an internal data loss, Savina is Check settings and adjust.

DC power supply on-board network. The remaining Do not switch over Savina to operation via operating time is only a few minutes. Key xx failed xx key e. Malfunction fan Fan failure. Use external O monitoring and switch off the built-in O monitoring, page Rotary knob failed Drafer knob cannot be turned or pressed. Disconnect patient from Savina and continue ventilation savvina delay, using another independent ventilator. Standby activated Savina has been switched to standby.


Temperature high Breathing gas temperature in Savina Reduce ambient temperature. Care Care Observe the hospital hygiene regulations.

Savina Service Manual – Service Technicians Forum

Clean and prepare the machine after each patient. Change the hose system and expiration valve every week. Keep the replacement systems ready. Dismantling Removing parts Switch off the savima and breathing gas humidifier, and remove their power plugs. Care When removing the ventilation hoses, always grasp them by the sleeve, never by the hose itself, to avoid possibly tearing the hose at the sleeve or ripping it out of the sleeve. Medicament nebulizer optional 1 Remove nebulizer hose from the medicament nebulizer and from the spigot on the device.

It is not temperature-stable and would be destroyed.

Dräger Savina Instructions For Use Manual

Do not sterilise parts in ethylene oxide! Ethylene oxide can diffuse into the parts. Care — Ventilation hoses — Y-piece — Water traps and collecting jars — Expiration valve casing — Expiration valve diaphragm — Containers for water traps — Temperature sensor are thermo-stable and can be steam-sterilised 3300 — Prepare medicament nebulizer in accordance with the accompanying instructions for use.

For infectious patients, all parts that conduct breathing gas must be additionally sterilised after disinfecting and cleaning. The parts that conduct breathing gas listed here can be steam-sterilised at C.

Slide new microfilter into housing as far as it will go. Rdager of used microfilter with domestic waste. Do not operate Savina without a microfilter, as the inspiration side will get dirty. Fit new dust filter. Dispose of used dust filter with domestic waste. Savina is switched off. This enables Savina to supply valid O measured values as soon as it is switched on.

The O dosage operates at reduced accuracy during this time.

Savina contains permanent batteries that contain harmful substances. Important when storing Savina If Savina is stored for manhal than 1 month without power: Remove fuse for internal battery. Preparation Preparation Assembling Only use the duly prepared components!

Mounting the expiration valve 1 Attach diaphragm to expiration valve. Inserting the expiration valve 3 Turn knurled sleeve to left as far as it will go.

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