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Kaushik rated it really liked it Aug 01, chatterjew Tags activism archives Brexit Cold War colonialism communism Conference education empire fascism featured feminism football gender higher education history History Workshop History Workshop Archive History Workshop Archives immigration imperialism India Japan London memory migration museums oral history protest public history race racism radical history Radical Objects Raphael Samuel revolution Ruskin College Russia Second World War slavery strike twentieth century United States women’s history working class.

Jul 13, Sucharita rated it really liked it. Frfe March 18, at 5: Of course I discovered Manini Chatterjee’s excellent book on the subject.

No tomb, plaque, or saintly epithets for him and his ilk A great book and I thoroughly recommend it. The initial slow pace of the film gives way to action scenes in the second half which recreate the key stages of the Uprising: While the armoury contained the best collection of weapons in the district, this proved quite useless, as the ammunition to use it was not stored there.

Their actions stunned the colonial power and ignited the spark of rebellion throughout Bengal. She has made extensive use of India-centered sources in both English and Bengali: Surjya Sen and Dastidar were hanged to death in January and a number of other leaders deported for life to the Andamans.

Hello Roshmi Sinhanice blog. After the raids, the revolutionary group gathered outside the police armoury where Surjya Sen took a military salute, hoisted the National Flag and proclaimed a Provisional Revolutionary Government amid cries of Bande mataram [Hail Motherland] and Inquilab zindabad [Long Live the Revolution]. RustyJ rated it it was amazing Jul 08, Good readdiscount of 27 percent available if one buys through fipkart. maini


Do and Die – Wikipedia

This is how one of India’s greatest heroes was arrested. My husband betrayed the greatest hero of Chittagong.

Despite a ban on women members in underground revolutionary organizations, two women in particular — Pritilata Waddedar and Kalpana Datta — became frontline fighters in numerous hit-and-run attacks on British targets. The exploits of the revolutionaries, whom the British denounced, brutally tortured, tried and hanged as “terrorists”, have entered our folklore of people’s struggle for independence from colonial oppression.

Bollywood & Revolutionary Bengal: Revisiting the Chittagong Uprising (1930-34)

Yet Surjya Sen and his band of young recruits triumphed over their deaths and films such as these will continue to stoke the fire of remembrance for a long time to come. Which just reinforces the saying, ‘don’t judge a book by its movie’.

They hoped it would be the prelude to a general uprising. My husband betrayed a great son of Mother India. After the martyrdom of Cie Sen and other revolutionary leaders such as Bhagat Singh and Chandrashekhar Azad, the prolonged saga of revolutionary terrorism came to an end but the spirit of revolution continued to live on albeit in a new avatar. Netra Sen’s wife was a staunch supporter of Surjya Sen, and was horrified by her husband’s betrayal.

Do And Die : The Chittagong Uprising 1930-34

Posts that keep the gray cells from graying and tickle the funny bone too! The revolutionaries of colonial Bengal were organized into two major groups: To read my take on the movie version of this book, click here.

Amit Rathor November 20, at 5: Though the film ends on a sad note with the defeat of the revolutionaries, it powerfully establishes the legitimate right of the masses in every oppressed country to resist imperialist eie. I read this book after I came to know the movie version wasn’t really an accurate adaptation of the actual history of the Chittagong uprising.


Do And Die : The Chittagong Uprising by Manini Chatterjee

She was arrested but escaped the tragic fate that others met and was sentenced to transportation for life. They built up an ‘army’ amongst teenage recruits who were given physical training in physical training clubs, and secret training in arms under cover – a parallel activity which the district administration did not get wise to. Tarakeswar and Kalpana along with others were arrested.

Women who had cast off traditional roles during a period of struggle found it far more difficult than men to pick up the pieces and reconstruct their lives in “peace time”.

My virtual footprints on: It was as members of the District Congress Committee and other mass fronts of the Congress that they planned and trained for the armed attack on the Chittagong armoury, police headquarters and European club on April 18,an attack they hoped would yield them a sufficiently large quantity of arms and ammunition. The s was a period of great radicalisation in India with little ideological consensus within the nationalist movement.

Literature and Politics in the Age of Nationalism: There are many contemporary newspaper articles, police reports and Hansard parliamentary references to what official accounts claimed happened. Eventually on 17th Februaryfollowing a tip off, Surjya Sen was arrested from his hideout near Chattagram. Despite an unforeseen hitch at the last minute, the carefully planned operation goes off flawlessly and takes an unprepared administration totally by surprise.

Interview by Sourav Bhattacherjee.

Chatterjee traces the continuation of the struggle through many a tortuous twist. Suriti rated it really liked it Jun 07,

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