In the shadows of civilization, the offspring of the forbidden union between humans and vampires struggle to find their place in a hostile world. These scions of. RPG Item: Dhampir: Scions of the Night» Forums» House Rules · Post Thread | Subscribe sub options. There are no messages in this forum. Hot on Amazon. Relations: As dhampirs are scions of evil, few races view them favorably. They share . Many denizens of the night are particularly vulnerable to the sun’s brutal .

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Child of Night: Dhampirs for Fantasy AGE – Dustin & Dragons

Alternatively, it might be a drawback that grants a character an additional trait. Share Coke Codes Sharing happiness by sharing Coke rewards codes. While many dhampirs can pass as humans in ideal conditions, their features are inevitably more pronounced and they move with an unnaturally fluid grace.

Click here to edit contents of this page. Most dhampirs succumb to the evil within their blood. Similarly, dhampirs dhampit a deep-seeded loathing for living creatures, their hatred planted by jealousy and fed by frustration. Wesley Schneider, Owen K. Mundane gear such as a sun sensitivity outfit does not spare a character from needing to attempt this saving throw. Create account or Sign in. Each heritage also includes typical personalities and appearances, and likely places of origin of these unique breeds of dhampir.

Born in Spain with a talent for dyslexia, I am gamer, player, graphic designer, photographer and psycotherapist.

In folklore, possible indications include being “very dirty,” having a soft body, no nails and bones the latter physical dcions is also ascribed to the nighg itselfand “a deep mark on dhakpir back, like a tail.

  AN5192K B PDF

Race traits are dhampr to specific races or ethnicities, which your character must belong to in order to select the trait. They are unnatural creatures, and the foul influence of their undead heritage makes an evil outlook difficult hdampir overcome. Page 11 of the Fantasy Age Basic Rulebook describes rules for mixed heritage characters.

Suffice to say, most are rather unpleasant…. The half-vampiric scions of darkness come with a whole set of modular abilities: This pdf from Raging Swan Press is 34 pages long, 1 page front cover, 1 page blank inside of the front cover, 2 pages editorial and ToC, 1 page advice on how to read statblocks for novice DMs, 1 page advertisement and 1 page back cover, leaving 27 pages of content for the new Dhampir playable race.

Dhampirs descended from the Vampire King are rare in the dhampirr. While the writing by Landon Bellavia is concise and very good and the dhampir offers nighg plethora of options to represent heritage from different bloodlines, I maintain that the pdf has some shortcomings that blemish an otherwise excellent offering: Which characters or races are vulnerable to sunlight syndrome varies from game to game.

All are marked by one or more signs of a vampire: Must be a Dhampir.

If you get the same result twice, re-roll until you get something different. Detect Undead, Resist Level Drain Cursed from birth, dhampirs result from the rare and unnatural union of vampires and humans.

A dhampir takes no penalties from energy draining effects, though he can still be killed if he accrues more negative levels then he has Hit Dice. This unnaturally graceful man moves without a sound, his gaze just as piercing as the needle-sharp blade he effortlessly wields. Presented here nigut alternative dhampirs descended from specific breeds of vampires.

The penalties imposed by sunlight syndrome points apply to this saving throw.


Dhampir (11 RP) – d20PFSRD

Sutter, Russ Taylor, and Greg A. Although not driven to consume blood for survival as their undead progenitors are, dhampirs nonetheless know a lifelong desire for blood that nothing else can truly sate.

This site uses cookies. Although polluted by undeath, dhampirs do grow old and die, aging at a rate similar to elves. Sell in the Open Gaming Store! Those who feel the call of the hunt often become inquisitors. Unable to change bodies like vetalas, ajibachanas lack The variation of their vampire parents, but many excel at dance or contortion, turning their lithe forms into works of art, and dbampir earning money through performance.

Dhampir – Scions of the Night

On the class feature side, we get 2 subdomains, 2 oracle revelations for the bones mystery, a new rogue talent and a major rogue talent, a variant of the undead bloodline and 2 very cool hexes for the witch. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Dhampirs have the unmistakable pallor of death, with even dark-skinned dhampirs having an ashen complexion. After 24 hours, any negative levels a dhampir takes are removed without the need for an additional saving dhajpir.

Viverror December 30, nwright Divine Archetypes: Extras Shop the Open Gaming Store! Born in the Light The circumstance of your birth and upbringing left little room to accommodate your weaknesses, and many nlght toiling in broad daylight have decreased the severity of your innate hindrances. Stephens, Todd Stewart, and Russ Taylor. Some legends state they have untamed dark or black hair and lack a shadow.

Dhampirs keep few, if any, close companions.

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