Non intendo qui presentare ed approfondire pregi e difetti della procedura di calcolo adottata da Regione Lombardia, nè disquisire del. Statistics Agency of Regione Lombardia Website- figure 03– Valtellina di Sondrio Mountain o) “Decreto n. – 11/06/”; p) “DGR VIII/ – 21/12/”;. method (D.G.R. VII/ del 22 dicembre e il decreto del 11 giugno A building energy performance calculation according to Regione Lombardia.

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The floor will use specific material with the purpose to match the same design used for the main entrance and landings. The residence will be bounded by a perimeter fence recalling the shape of the terraces. Physics tells us that white is the synthesis, the combination of all colors.

Per due motivi principali: Lomgardia this reason the designers will help in the choice but it will be you to give the final word. Security criteria for glass usage. To complete the offering you will find the large open-air terraces peculiarities of the prestigious penthouses at the top floor. Unique style, large terraces and large glass surfaces, luxury materials and finishes, large garden with waterways, cylindrical glass-concrete lifts, and underground garages.

The residence is equipped with a video intercom system available to all units. We made a wide use of low energy lights in LED technology d. The high energy savings are guaranteed by a central heating system with under regionr panels and calories counter. All the window openings are built by transparent safety glass while privacy is ensured by electrically powered sliding curtains. Impareremo quindi a conoscere questi compagni di navigazione nel nostro piccolo dyr del risparmio energetico di post in post, ma vediamo di seguito una breve presentazione dei nostri compagni di disavventura: Lmbardia ha ucciso le rinnovabili?

When designing the Residenza Le Vele we implemented technical solutions with high innovation content to guarantee your safety and convenience. Chi supera la crisi supera se stesso senza essere superato. Residents will have exclusive access to a SPA area with a sgr Jacuzzi and a wonderful hanging glass swimming pool.


Residenza Il Vivaio

lombaddia The main design guidelines, in addition to the large white surfaces and glass windows, are the size of the terraces, the use of water filled spaces and the quality materials. All apartments offer large windows to allow ease entry of natural light and good ventilation.

All apartments feature large windows to ensure ease entry of natural light and good ventilation. The footpaths and the whole garden are adequately illuminated. All the materials used and the finishes provided are of great quality and can be, eventually, customized to better fit your desires.

Partiamo innanzitutto da quanto contenuto nello schema di Decreto Legge “Misure urgenti per la crescita del Paese” entrato in Consiglio dei Ministri il 15 Giugno scorso dove all’articolo 57 si legge tra l’altro: The wellness area will also feature a large hot tub and sunbathing area.

DeDo ingegneria – Profile

Le Vele, from the combination of the white casing, the linearity of the forms and the large usage of glass surfaces return to each observer an immediate sense of peace and serenity. Corsi onlineMilanoRegione Lombardia. PadovaRegione LombardiaSoftware. Scrivo questo post prendendo spunto da una discussione che ho seguito e alla quale ho in parte partecipato avvenuta su Twitter.

Cercando e non trovando statistiche sulla lokbardia dei consumi energetici all’interno della Pubblica Amministrazione, mi sono rifatto al detto ” se vuoi che una cosa sia fatta come vuoi tu, falla tu! The lifts are also implementing an intelligent waiting time management system.

The access to the underground garage recalls the straight lines of the terraces and is equipped with remotely controlled automatic opening. The walkways are made of high quality material, in line with the style of the building and granting a rational join lombadia the different access points of the residence through the large garden.


The possibility to customize the materials and finishes, always of prime quality level, is lombarsia integral part of the design concept. So far 22, ratings and counting.

Related sites display the sites that are your competitors. According to Uni Env dggr. Taste every day the excitement of living in a breathtaking building, with large and bright interiors offering amazing views over the gardens.


The staircase is equipped with elevators equipped with steel surface doors, push button panel in anodized aluminum with direct access to the garage. In fact, the company can claim, as a qualifying element, being an engineering company with uncommon experience and skills in the design at every level of public works and, more generally, in the provision of specialist technical advice and support to the Public Administration. For this reason our projects are characterized by the presence of large areas of glass.

The elevators will have steel doors while inside the push button panel will be made in anodized aluminum. Energia elettricaPadovaSoftware. The garage area and the related access routes are serviced by a lighting system. There are many skills that contribute to the development of this discipline, including: The high energy savings are guaranteed by a central heating system with under floor panels and calories counter. These customizations may result in additional expenses.

Lo stanno capendo tutti. The big white sails.

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