Dome Camera Installation Manual Weatherproof and Indoor versions www. Contents Introduction. Menu System Manual. Page 4 of 1. THE DENNARD TYPE DOME CAMERA. The Dennard Dome Camera is a precision unit, offering a wide. The Dedicated Micros Camera has a number of features which can be selected by the System. Supervisor when the dome is installed. Any of these can be.

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Cut or drill a hole in the ceiling in the required position using the pattern shown below. This operation should be carried out in an clean, dry environment. Attach the mounting disc A to the dome in the chosen position and use 3 of the existing M4 dome hd screws to attach the hemisphere to the dome.

Ensure power is OFF before connecting the dome. Ensure the safety bond is fitted. Control Switches – Indoor Dome Solution Reboot the controller with the joystick self centred.

This product is marked with the CE symbol and indicates compliance with all applicable directives. The configuration drawings show the three connection arrangements.

To Frame the image from a Fixed attitude camera; The mechanism needs to be removed from the dome to enable this. Open the Technician Menu refer to the Operation and Programming manual for details on accessing the menus. Servicing is required when the apparatus has been damaged in any way, such as power cord or plug is damaged. Always support dome with bond prior to mating connector.

DM with rx domes are delivered with the address switches set at Select the node address of the dome to be configured. Framing the desired camera image will be easier using a local monitor. From above, clamp to the tile via 2 x off split clamp rings C.


When reassembling the dome, check the hemisphere sealing gasket is in place and that the hemisphere retaining screws are retightened to avoid water ingress.

No joystick dead band recognized as joystick was off centre during powerup. Hi, I am completely new to cctv, in fact I am installing a setup at my home, I am not a professional installer or anything dennard that so please forgive my lack of technical knowledge.

The desired protocol and denhard node address for the dome are selected by the two rotary hex switches blue and yellow inside the dome. Re-install the tile in the ceiling.

Dedicated Micros 2060 Installation Manual

Scan across the table to identify the values for the blue and yellow switches. Ceiling Mounting – Weatherproof Dome Attach the mounting disc B to the ceiling in the chosen position and fix 4x M6x16 socket head cap screws supplied into the bushes C as shown below. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Fit the supplied safety bond E to an attachment point in the ceiling.

Software Version To check the version of software installed in the dome; 1. Troubleshooting No joystick dead band recognized as joystick was off centre during powerup.

Remove and retain the four screws securing the shield to the head and lift off the shield. Extended Rs Addressing Locate SW3 on the main PCB adjacent to the mounted connector attaching the daughter board housing the yellow and blue address switches. Scan across the table to identify the values for the blue and yellow switches. Weight of dome should be supported by bond ensuring no stress is placed on centre connector B at any time.


Use only with the brackets or equipment specified by the manufacturer. Mounting brackets may have been ordered and delivered separately. By ramformerApril 3, in General Digital Discussion.

Operation and Programming Manual Note: Page 14 Secure the mounting disc with 4 x supplied off M6 socket button head fixings D. Video The co-ax and power wires are always connected, the RS wires are only connected when an external protocol converter dennagd fitted or an RS controller is being used.

Attach bond to a suitable secure position in the ceiling void. This will provide a noticeable improvement in camera performance at both the wide and telephoto dennrd of the lens zoom range. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.


Such marking is indicative that this system meets the following technical standards. Refer all servicing to authorized service personnel. The connector mates with the dome as shown in the image below. The mechanism has been designed to fit within the existing housing allowing it to remain compatible with the wide range dennrd Dennard accessories and brackets.

Electrical Connections – Weatherproof Dome Denard Connections – Weatherproof Dome The Dedicated Micros external connections are via an IP66 Amphenol connector with 3 metre composite cable flying lead that can be extended to 30 metres max.

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