Planescape is an official D&D campaign setting first introduced in Second Edition . The setting centers around exploring an original multiverse. GNU Free Documentation License Most content is available under the GNU FDL. Pages under the OGL are marked as such. Privacy policy · About D&D. Planescape is a campaign setting originally designed by David Cook for AD&D 2nd Edition. As its name . Dungeons & Dragons ( Edition) · Dungeon.

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Learn the laws, and you can rule the multiverse Members Alignment: Between this, and the fact that the “array planescapf rings” theme is carried over whenever one looks at either the Inner Planes or the Outer Planes, this cosmology is commonly nicknamed “The Great Wheel “. Submit a new link. Let’s leave her be, yes? This was, in many ways, a repeat of an event from several thousand years prior to the “present” of the setting, when the “Great Pplanescape saw the Factions winnowed down to fifteen from over fifty groups.

Cook decided to adapt the Manual of the Planes because the older material made survival on the planes too difficult or complex; he ignored anything that complicated gameplay, which left the “descriptions of twisted and strange creations”. And it’s explicitly spelled out that there’s no known cure, even magical, for the radiation poisoning that afflicts anyone stupid enough to come here.

I wanted to give my party pancakes as a reward but I’m unsure if it’s too much. Anyway, Planewalker is pretty good.

Planescape – D&D Wiki

Behold, the Blog of Fro. There are nine layers to the plane, each more terrible than the previous. Sign up using Email and Password. When you train your body and mind to act as one, you can become one with the Multiverse itself.

Incidentally, the reasons why people are ;lanescape in the Planescape setting are the same as they are in any other setting: Gate-towns are important strategically because they provide a relatively stable way to enter a desired Outer Plane.


Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. However, fan demand for a 2nd Edition Manual of the Planes was strong enough to justify its expansion into a full-fledged campaign settingand so in Planescape was released.

For one thing, the v&d use of the Cant has been both praised as adding to the game’s feel and attacked as making the sourcebooks harder to understand and thus potentially alienating to players who can’t wrap their heads around it.

As far as Planesdape can tell, the canny bloods who scribed the Planescape knew that having magic items be affected by travelling between planes would cause cannon problems with earlier adventures that didn’t mention those effects, so they wrote in this rule specifically to make the effect of bonuses being lost so subtle that players and characters could plausibly have not noticed it.

The 3rd Edition Manual of the Planesthe 3. These are the “material” planes, where reality is more objective than subjective. Most of the plane is wide-open savannas, deep primeval forests, and planesccape oceans, so it covers most environments with the exception of deserts, mountains, and tundras.


To each his own. The first layer is the most open, and each below it becomes more cloistered. Join Date Feb Posts Upon the release of 3rd Edition, Planescape, along with most other settings, were discontinued, although fan sites planscape as planewalker.

The ‘Prison Plane’ is where the souls of backstabbers and traitors dwell.

This page was last edited on 21 Novemberat Lesser forms of the factions are the Sects. There is no true “meaning” to the multiverse and no “true” beliefs.

There is no light here, no heat, and any substance left here will disintegrate — not erode like a Doomspeaker’s ideal entropy, but waste away into nothingness. Travel between the planes of the Outlands is accomplished via The Great Road. And unlike spells, there are no keys to make magical items work properly. Originally Posted by The Antigamer. The character of Xaos mirrors what the plane of Limbo is like. TSR did have plans for future supplements detailing new sects or factions returning after Sigil had gotten settled down again, but these plans were lost when TSR went under.


These are the most Outer-like of the Inner Planes, as each is dedicated not to a coarse substance but something akin to an aspect of reality itself. The paraelemental planes have their own simple life-forms, and unique to them are four races of imps known as “mephits” that hopelessly aspire to be Lords of these bargain-basement elemental planes. The first layer of Acheron is the most traveled; an infinite realm of gigantic nation-sized to continent-sized iron cubes floating in an airy void on which vast armies clash.

It is now a cult game [11] and was out of print until its DVD re-release as a budget title in This is where the good of the group is always ahead of the individual.

We also consider all beings to be outsiders or extraplanar not in relation to the plane they’re currently in but just looking at the race’s statblock, otherwise most 3. Tanthos 1, 1 12 Arcadia is a plane of law first and good second.


Arguement about the Lady of Pain’s omnipotence inbound in Originally Posted by krupintupple. Beside the problems, the more important part of the question relates to the positive side of optimization. The “gods” are imposters plsnescape frauds. Great opportunities for story. This layer is very popular with powerful wizards and magic users who wish to seclude themselves from the rest of the plane.

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