Dark Tide. The Great Boston Molasses Flood of Author: Stephen Puleo. Description; Praise and Reviews; On Our Blog; Video; Reader. Around noon on January 15, , a group of firefighters was playing cards in Boston’s North End when they heard a tremendous crash. It was like roaring. A new th anniversary edition of the only adult book on one of the odder disasters in US history–and the greed, disregard for poor immigrants, and lack.

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More interesting are the tidbits of Boston’s and America’s history, such as the importance of molasses to all U.

Water looks harmless in the glass, and fire seems fairly friendly at the end of a match, but we’ve all seen evidence of the power of these elements — if you’re fortunate, only on You Tube or in the movies. Jun 25, Matt rated it it was amazing. See and discover other items: In the second half, Puleo describes the disaster itself and then turns the book into a compelling detective story about who was responsible: Sep 27, Josiah Jost rated it liked it.

I was really interested in all the stories about the Italian immigrants, but at several points the author restated the same statistic twice, or nearly the same paragraph as in a previous chapter, and it sort of felt cumbersome in the beginning. It hurt to breathe, whatever breath he could draw seemed insufficient to fill his lungs, and he had to be careful not to inhale a mouthful of sticky molasses.

Stephen Puleo, Dark Tide: I cannot tell what a page turner this book is and how surprisingly important the entire event became to me as I read it. Dark Tide does put the flood in its surprisingly important historical context — ultimately, it did for building permits what the Coconut Grove fire did for fire codes 23 years later.

DARK TIDE by Stephen Puleo | Kirkus Reviews

This is one of those. But there was no physical evidence of bombing, and after a grueling, year trial, USIA was found guilty, held accountable for not hiring qualified people to oversee the operation. Not only all the stock, but the bricks, the shelving, everything.


I read this from cover to cover and would highly suggest the paperback. A new th anniversary edition of the only adult book on one of the odder disasters in US history—and the greed, disregard for poor immigrants, and lack of safety standards tids led to it.

Based on extensive research using trial transcripts and other primary sources, the author has crafted a rich and meticulous narrative of the massive flood, including the tragedy itself as I knew nothing about this disaster that occurred almost a hundred years ago, and I found the book to be fascinating.

Puleo has done justice to sgephen gripping historical story.

Dec 09, Sean Kennedy rated it liked it. It knocked out an elevated pukeo, wiped out a firehouse, killed 21 people, many horses and injured many more. Puleo includes some entertaining over-the-top newspaper headlines from the time, and there is a bracing immediacy to their sensationalism that is missing from Dark Tide as a whole.

In the end, the court auditor ruled against the company — dismissing its argument that anarchists had bombed the tank — and concluded that the tank collapsed due to structural weakness. In the end, the flood took xtephen lives of twenty-one people in the largely immigrant community, and the law suit that ensued was the longest and costliest in Boston history, lasting more stephdn three years and involving witnesses.

Martin Clougherty, who worked the night shift, was asleep when the drak demolished his house. I just found it so painfully boring. Quotes from Dark Tide: But what would become of his other ten? Then you see the subtitle, The Great Boston Molasses Flood ofand you suspect some other possibility: In addition to reflecting his research methodology, the two disjointed narratives seem to suggest an uncertainty about the appropriate way to write about tragedy.

The Rise of an American Metropolis, Boston Read it Forward Read pule first. The most striking aspect of this tale is the timeliness of the topics it touches on. Then, shortly after noon on Jan.


The wave of molasses, which was fifteen feet high and moved roughly thirty-five miles per hour, leveled buildings, knocked down the elevated train trestle, and lifted houses off their foundations. These were ordinary people, and the things written about them were pretty everyday as well. He has won numerous tode communications awards and has been both a stepnen speaker and served on communications panels at industry conferences. May 30, Lanelibrarylady rated it really liked it Shelves: And then, a miracle: See all books by Stephen Puleo.

But until they were given voice in this book, the characters who drove the story were forgotten. Amazing account of a little known tragedy. Unlike the Irish, the residents took no part in the city government, etc. Furthermore, the Prologue and the tone of Part I clearly lead the reader to believe, correctly, that daro was a simple structural failure.

Dark Tide book by Stephen Puleo reviewed by Jonathan Sherman-Presser

Jun 20, Wanda rated it liked it. This is the whole story, and there isn’t anything offhand about it. He teaches at Suffolk University in Boston. He draws from contemporary newspaper accounts, personal correspondence, and thousands of pages of trial transcripts to present well-documented portraits of The Boston Molasses Flood is my favorite quirky historical moment in Boston, and this book showed me how much I didn’t know about the tragedy.

Far from being a freak accident that is relegated to the dustbin of history, this tragedy should be seen as a clear product of its time and the beginning of the concept of corporate social responsibility The Rise of an American Metro Stephen Puleo is an author, historian, university teacher, public speaker, and communications professional. The characters, if somewhat one-dimensional, are gripping. A very worthwhile read that grips you until the end.

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