Curse of the Azure Bonds. Secret of the Silver Blades. Pool of Radiance. Dark Queen of Krynn. Death Knights of Krynn. Chrunpions of Krynn. Pools of Darkness . Dark Queen of Krynn Copy Protection Question and Answer Table. When)OU stan an ad\cnturc. lhe program \\Ill ask)OU a qucsuon. The ans\\crs arc prO\ 1dcd . Dark Queen of Krynn, The Manual (pdf):: The Dark Queen of Krynn is the third in a three-part series of Dragonlance Advanced Dungeons.

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Only two NPCs at a time may join the party, and they may take a share of all treasures found. In this Rule Book, menus are shown with all of their options, although in some cases commands are not available every time a menu appears. Behind her recedes the featureless, coral pink landscape of the Abyss. As you play the game, you discover for yourself which of krjnn tales you manaul are fact and which are fiction.

The Dark Queen of Krynn / PC (DOS/Windows) / Downloads –

When you choose to make the game easier, you are penalized by receiving fewer experience points from your combat encounters.

Rotate the party s facing and move using the directional controls that are described in your data card. If any treasure remains, the option to return to the Treasure Menu is displayed.

Dropped money cannot be recovered. The Dark Queen of Krynn Page history last edited by meersan 10 years, 9 months ago. Starting Options This first menu gives you the initial options. The character’s chance of being resurrected is influenced by his constitution.


DONE is used to confirm the selection of the highlighted icon. CAST is only available to spellcasters when they have cast spells available.

If a command affects the whole party, just select the command. The AIM command can also be used to survey the condition of your party and enemies. Highlight the items that the active character kryjn buy and select BUY.

USE allows a character to activate an item without having to go through the View Menu. A dropped character is gone forever and may not be recovered.

Select TAKE and choose the type and amount of coins, gems, or jewelry to take. They never rush into close combat, even if all of their missile irynn are expended.

PC (DOS/Windows)

Select Appraise, then qjeen a gem or item of jewelry, and an appraisal and purchase offer is made. Items preceded by a YES are ready for use. To edit this page, request access to the workspace. If there are more choices that fit on the screen at one time, use the arrow keys, or the PageUp and PageDown keys to view the additional selections. Horizontal menus list available actions. Turn to the page indicated kynn either this Rule Book or the Adventurer s Journal, find the indicated word, type it in, and press Return or Enter.

With Search Off, the party takes one minute per move. Terms and conditions Privacy policy Cookie policy.

Dark Queen Of Krynn, The : Hall Of Light – The database of Amiga games

This only appears if the monsters had a treasure or the party has pooled its funds. DONE is used to proceed to the next menu. LAY is a healing ability of paladins. SELL causes the shopkeeper to make an offer on the highlighted item.


The skin tones are superb, as is the pebbling maunal the stone wall. Combat Movement is how many squares a character can move during a combat segment. Some spells only work in combat, others while encamped. Dropped items may not be recovered.

Because the mnual is moving very slowly with Search On, the chance for random encounters is greatly increased.

If the party has Search on, each move takes ten minutes. The Combat Menu lists the character s options. SHARE picks up the money treasure, divides it into shares, and distributes it among the party. If the party is severely damaged, you may need to select FIX more than once. With Search IN, the party takes 10 minutes per move because they are checking for secret doors, traps, etc.

Insert image from URL Tip: Not all commands in the Items Menu are always available. Gender affects the character s maximum strength.

Dark Queen of Krynn, The download

See the Magic section for more information. This is based on his readied armor, strength, and total encumbrance.

FIX takes game time and may be interrupted by an encounter. Countdown to Doomsday Buck Rogers:

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