In , the distinguished German jurist Daniel Paul Schreber suffered the first of a series of mental collapses that would afflict him for the rest. Schreber, Daniel Paul, – [Denkwürdigkeiten eines Nervenkranken. English]. Memoirs of my nervous illness / by Daniel Paul. In , the distinguished German jurist Daniel Paul Schreber suffered the first of a series of mental collapses that would afflict him for the rest of his life.

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Schreber was released from psychiatric hospitals aroundshortly before the publication of his book.

Medical Classics: Memoirs of My Nervous Illness

Around the same time, the concepts of pseudoneurotic schizophrenia and borderline schizophrenia have gone over to schizotypal personality disorder and borderline personality disorder. What unfolds is a process of limitless rationalization of the irrational. On the one hand, I certainly don’t feel like I understand his condition much better, and while the connections he makes are rather interesting, a lot of the “miracles” he describes are a little like hearing someone else’s dream.

This is an astounding document. I’ve had a much more up-close-and-personal look at schizophrenia than a lot of people, and hearing Herr Schreber– a man who tried to organize all of his psychotic experiences into a coherent theological and philosophical system– explain danisl experiences this icily has a dual effect.

Audible Download Audio Books. Jun 12, Amerynth rated it really liked it Shelves: Daniel Paul Schreber German: Inspired by Your Browsing History. He believed himself to be unique in the history of the earth in exerting an unnatural enrvous upon God, whose rays reached down from the stars to lodge themselves in his body.


I recall Deleuze and Guattari writing rapturously about Schreber’s “solar anus,” memoiirs that this hallucinated holy orifice is just as much of reality as is anything else. Too schizophrenically and religiously insane to persevere with – sad to read a great intellect wrestling with its own insanity and trying to make sense of it all.

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This was interesting diary of a man who struggled with mental illness in the 19th century schizophrenia and gender identity disorder. Trivia In order to create the other-worldly quality of the “nerve rays,” the production utilized galactic noise from NASA space probes.

Mar nercous, Charles rated it really liked it.

Im Anhang wird es eigentlich erst spannend, man kann sowohl das Empfinden des Nervenkranken nachlesen wie auch die Perspektive des Arztes auf dieses. Autrement, cette lecture est pure perte de temps. But Schreber began dealing with his inner demons at the end of the 19th century in Protestant Germany.

He even hypothesized that the thought had come from a doctor who had experimented with hypnosis on him; he thought that the doctor had telepathically invaded his mind. The miracles directed against my head and the nerves of my head happened in manifold ways. Penguin Classics Psychology, LitFlash Dqniel eBooks you want at the lowest prices.

Thatcher pulled a book from her briefcase and slammed it on the table. Written by an accomplished and respected German jurist, Memoirs is part of a long appeal against an official, court-sanctioned decision to incarcerate the author in a public mental asylum.


Memoirs of My Nervous Illness by Daniel Paul Schreber

He never stopped hearing voices, bellowing, or receiving communications from birds woodpeckers, blackbirds, swallows, crows, and sparrows but not pigeons, chickens, geese, or ducks. The film depicts the eccentric man’s increasing descent into his alternate universe of supernatural powers. Notevole, da usare come libro di testo per futuri professionisti del settore, spiega e chiarisce meglio di qualsiasi manuale di psichiatria He is clearly logical and intelligent and “Memoirs” is his ultimately successful attempt to reason himself out of commitment to the asylum and back home to his wife.

I frequently had—and still have regularly daily—the sensation that my whole skull has temporarily thinned; in my opinion this was brought about through the bony material of my skull being partly pulverized by the destructive action of the rays; but it is restored again by pure rays particularly during sleep.

Memoirs of My Nervous Illness

There was only one remedy; as his doctor noted: Therefore, Freud concluded, it may be necessary to introduce a new diagnostic notion: That was to change. Schreber accused Flechsig of attempting to murder his soul and change him into a woman. This house at any rate.

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