Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. The Dabest?. DABESTĀN-E MAḎĀHEB (School of religious doctrines), an important text of the Āḏar Kayvānī pseudo-Zoroastrian sect (see āẕar kayvān). It was written. Dabestan-e Mazaheb (Q). It is a book. edit edit. arwiki دبستان مذاهب; enwiki Dabestan-e Mazaheb; fawiki دبستان مذاهب; hiwiki दबेस्तान-ए-मजाहेब .

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They also believe that the heavens exceed the compass of numbers, and that the spheres are as many in number as the stars; also that every star has its own firmament, but that the movements of their spheres are in accordance with those of the zodiacal firmament.

Persons of this description, through the agency of the directors of the temple, were admitted to the king’s presence. All materials are copyrighted and are not in the public domain. Painted clay and alabaster head of a Zoroastrian priest wearing a distinctive Bactria n-style headdress, Takhti-SanginTajikistanGreco-Bactrian kingdom3rd—2nd century BC.

The Yezdanians also have certain viands, which people at present confound with animals and flesh: He had Sanskrit literature translated, participated in festivals, realising that a stable empire depended on the co-operation.

According to Islamic belief, by pledging allegiance to Prophet Muhammad and it is through the Prophet Muhammad that Sufis aim to learn about, understand and connect with God. Map of the Old City and environs.

Dabestan-e Mazaheb – WikiVisually

According to their tenets, the drinking of wine or strong liquors to excess, or partaking of things which impair the understanding, is by no means to be tolerated: Any dabestane use or publication of them without authorization is strictly prohibited.

They say that Zohak’s two serpents, do-mar, and ten fires vices or deh ak; imply irascibility and sensuality: The image of the regent Hormuzd Jupiter was of an earthy color, in the shape of a man, with a vulture’s face: Tholuck Sufismus, sive Theosophia Persarum Pantheistica to be the name, or the so long unknown author of Gulshen-raz, “the rose-bower of mystery.


It was from time immemorial to our days the practice of the Asiatics to refer the common affairs of life to the stars, to which they attribute a constant and powerful influence over the nether world.

He next commanded all sorts of ores to he fetched from the mines and liquefied in the furnace, so that the different metals concealed in them became visible.

Praying at the feet of a statue of Bahubali. The followers of the ancient faith call one revolution of the regent Saturn, a day; thirty such days, one month; twelve such months, one year; a million of such years, one fard; a million fard, one vard; a million vard, one mard; a million mard, one jad; three thousand jad, one vad; and two thousand vad, one zad. First chintada village was proposed as district headquarters by some central leaders, Sitaramareddy on his visit to this area and requested to select Srikakulam as district headquarters at his camp office in Vizianagaram.

Surat — Surat, is a port city previously known as Suryapur. Although they esteem the Gilshaiyan prophets, pontiffs, and princes, exceedingly holy personages, yet in their opinion, they come not up in perfect wisdom and works to the preceding apostles and sovereigns, who appeared from the Yassanian to the end of the Mahabadian race. Akbars courts at Delhi, Agra, and Fatehpur Sikri became centres of the arts, letters, perso-Islamic culture began to merge and blend with indigenous Indian elements, and a distinct Indo-Persian culture emerged characterised by Mughal style arts, painting, and architecture.

It is the capital and former princely state in the Indian state of Gujarat. See the Persian text with a German metrical translation of this poem, published in by the baron Hammer-Purgstall. Webarchive template wayback links Articles that may contain original research from November All articles that may contain original research Articles containing Persian-language text.

For instance, in the month of Frawardin, he utters benedictions on the angel Frawardin, who is one of the cherubim on whom that dabedtan-e is dependent; if it be the first day of the month, called the day of Ohrmazd the angel who superintends the first day of the monththe believers address their benedictions to Ohrmazd and act in a similar manner on the other months and their respective days. He composed the Spiritual Exercises to help others follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, ignatiuss plan of the orders organization was approved by Pope Paul III in by a bull containing the Formula of the Institute.


By the midth century, the Marathas had routed Mughal armies, during the following century Mughal power had become severely limited, and the last emperor, Bahadur Shah II, had authority over only the city of Shahjahanabad.

Encyclopædia Iranica

Through the medium of the Dabistan Sarmad thus became the channel through which Jewish ideas, though with a Sufic blending, penetrated into the religious fabric of the India of his time. Leyden for the Asiatic Researchesxi, Calcutta. In the year of the Hegira A.

Dalburg from Wurzburg was published in They reckon it meritorious to recite the prayers and texts of the Shat Desatir, relative to the unity of the self-existent Creator, the great dignity of intelligence and souls, with the pains of the superior and mszaheb bodies; after which they repeat the benedictions of the seven planets, particularly on their days, and offer up the appropriate incense.

He was also considered an important musician, poet, dramatist, exegete, theologian, and logician — dabsetan-e polymathic personality who exercised strong influences on Indian culture 9. Surat is a city in the Indian state of Gujarat. Besides, on the period at which any of the seven planets passes from one zodiacal mansion to another, they make an entertainment on the first day, dabextan-e they regard as a festival, and call it Shadbar, or “replete with joy.

The critical English-language edition by David Shea and Anthony Troyer in is slightly flawed since the translators were not well-versed in much of the subject matter.

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