The switches by Omron are all designated D2F, from there it gets a bit .. Atm I have a mice on my desk which uses two D2FC-F-7N(10M) for. Buy OMRON D2FC-F-7N(10M) Micro Switch Microswitch for Mouse with fast shipping and top-rated customer you know, you Newegg!. Those little switches have a snap fit cover, and can be opened up. Omron switch catch. carefully pull on the catch with a fine blade, and remove.

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DanD3n on Fri, 02 December They are also slightly taller d2cf-f-7n have a shorter actuation distance, it’s for this reason they are not always interchangeable with Chinese models.

Here I’ll try and document as much as I can and dispel some of the mysteries. You d2fc-f-7h find these switches now under Qiaoh name: Man these things are LOUD. So this mismatches the information you have given.

Whereas many other mouse housings do not.

Omron D2FC-F-7N

The switches by Omron are all designated D2F, from there it gets a bit more complex. If this doesn’t work, then try cleaning the contacts. Some SE sites don’t like that so I posted my solution as an answer. Another points is the “Machine switch Numbers”. Leslieann on Sat, 30 April This is important if you play FPS and need to rapid fire.

Therefore it behaves less like a spring, and more like a lever. I don’t recommend relying on the button color. Design-wise, these match the Japanese switches, however, without a micrometer it’s impossible to eyeball, so you will need to just install and try them, if they are super sensitive, then it needs Chinese switches rather than Japanese. So unless you need the added conductivity for higher amps, gold is the better choice here as evidenced by the act that better mice almost universally use the Omron has multiple ratings: The D2F01F should probably work.


Tolerances on these are pretty small so you wouldn’t notice, but just know that they are more sloppy than the Japanese models. This is backed up by the Asus ROG Spatha mouse which uses a machine numbers on the switches inside the mouse, but retail naming on the two switches included this mouse allows the user to change them.

Levers can be removed, so if you want a specific switch in a hurry and can only find it with a lever, you can always remove it from the switch and use it without problems, just be careful removing it. Those little switches have a snap fit cover, and can be opened up.

I like the D2F01F better because it’s much less annoying. New Orleans Alps Evangelist. Japanese models have much nicer internals, better tolerances, better metals,a stronger frame and are better sealed from dirt and moisture. Test the switch again.

Definitive Omron Switch Guide for Mice

One way you can get spares is to smash open another mouse that’s broken for some other reason. Some of the lower numbers the details are sketchy, but we don’t really care about them anyhow. Cary, NC Make things. Leslieann on Sat, 29 October However they often coincided with the button color or a painted dot on top.

D2fc-c-7n does the switch really bounce so hard that it bounces between both contacts when pressed? Let’s start with the spring itself: Anything touching that button shortens the lifespan.


Panp on Sat, 29 October There’s really no documentation telling how to go from Huanos to Omrons interchange, there may be measurements from Huanos s2fc-f-7n but if there is one thing I learned researching this is that documentation is lacking.

I know not, but people in eg Brazil have commented that import duties and similar can increase prices to many times the sale price. This is some great reading material, thanks for gathering it all up.

Test it again now. Frankly, you do not want any of these on your switch, as they pertain to the soldering terminals and different ways to actuate the button, almost none of which are useful to use.

Perhaps a friend has a broken one? Better to err on the side of caution.

Delivery costs many times more than the items themselves, so I’d rather repair it. Advanced search bounce or buckle? Wow, very informative and useful, thank you! Thu, 02 February Those avoid the dismantles. I found that my 10 year old spring was simply too stretchy and replaced it with a donor spring from oomron right mouse button of another mouse.

Yes, there are others that can be used. Not exactly fixing the old ones, but an even better, frugal solution.

So if you’re comparingthat should be taken into account. Logitech MX Revolution mouse repair.

Omron pdf – https: I’m going to repair my old A4 mouse just for fun.

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