call and is available as the Variable. type for variables containing Oracle objects. The object type may be called directly and serves as an alternative way of. Any outstanding changes will be rolled back when the connection object is. If None or the same string object is passed in again, the cursor will execute that.

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Tweak the setup configuration script to include all of the metadata and allow for building the module within another setup configuration script Include the Oracle version in addition to the Python version in the build directories that are created and in the names of the binary packages that documentxtion created.

The nencoding parameter is expected to be a documentafion if specified and sets the encoding to use for national character set database strings. Added additional test cases and samples. Return the index of the next element in the collection following the specified index.

The options object can be created using enqoptions and the msgproperties object can be created using msgproperties. Thanks to Pierre-Yves Fontaniere for the patch. Sharing means that a thread may use a resource without wrapping it using a mutex semaphore to implement resource locking. They are possible values for the protocol parameter of the Connection. The offset can be determined by looking at the offset attribute of the error object.

Python cx_Oracle 7 Introduces SODA Document Storage

Added support for closing the connection when reaching the end of a with code block controlled by the connection as a context manager, but in a backwards compatible way issue Added support for binding subclassed cursors.


Previously the documentationn value was simply ignored. Fetch the documejtation set of rows of a query result, returning a list of tuples. Without parameters, this explicitly begins a local transaction; otherwise, this explicitly begins a distributed global transaction with the given parameters. Upon exit the transaction is either rolled back or committed depending on whether an exception took place or not.

The documengation parameter is expected to be a session pool object and the use of this parameter is the equivalent of calling SessionPool. Added support for changing the password during construction of a new connection object as well as after the connection object has been created Added support for the interval day to second data type in Oracle, represented as datetime.

On Windows, if oci. Constructor for creating a connection to the database. Corrected support in Python 3. Read the Docs v: Note that parameters that are not passed in during subsequent executions will retain the value passed in during the last execution that contained them. This should only be used in unusual circumstances since database recovery may be necessary upon next startup. Modified test suite so that bit platforms are tested properly.

This read-write attribute specifies a method called for each column that is to be fetched from this cursor. If there are no elements in the collection following the specified index, None is returned. This read-only attribute returns the version of the database to which a connection has been established.

If this method is not called and the connection that was used to documentatio the subscription is explictly closed using the function closethe subscription will not be cd_oracle in the database. Add script for dropping test schemas. Note If you connect to Oracle Database 18 or higher with client libraries A value of 0 means that no timeout will take place. This string is identical to the strings that are defined by the Oracle names server or defined in the tnsnames.


See the Oracle documentation for more information about the statement cache.

SODA is all hot and new and under rapid development. Added support for querying native floats in Oracle 10g as requested by Danny Boxhoorn.

Object Type Objects — cx_Oracle documentation

Calling this function will raise a NotSupportedError exception. This constant is used to specify that the caller should wait for a period of time defined by the waitTimeout parameter for a session to become available before returning with an error. Increased default array size to from 50 to match other drivers. Boolean cx_oravle representing whether the error is recoverable or not. The five values are the major version, minor version, update number, patch number and port update number.

Added repr methods to provide something a little more useful than the standard type name and memory address. In any case, untagged sessions will always be returned if no sessions with the specified tag are available.

Fixed two memory leaks. Note If you plan to use callfunc then be aware that the first parameter in the list refers to the return value of the function.

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