Usability Testing of International Interfaces (Jakob Nielsen). 4. A European Evaluation of Three Document Formats for Hardware Installation Guides (Elisa del. Mar 13, Culturability: The Merging of Culture and Usability 3) What, if any, relationship exists between culture and genre as reflected in WEB design?. Culturability: The Merging of Culture and Usability. Wendy Barber and Albert Badre. [email protected], [email protected] Graphics, Visualization .

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Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication,pp. Intercultural Management and Organisational Culture: Culture clearly is correlated with many of the factors that make up usability.

He has a background in Biology as well as an MBA. There is no clear difference in the average number of tasks completed between groups, indicating that the culture of the user may not have an impact usabllity the actual effectiveness of a product. There are no reviews of this article. Secondly, correlations between usability factors in one culture group are examined to see whether they are significantly different from correlations in the other culture group.

Perceptions of effectiveness and efficiency were moderately positively correlated with user satisfaction. To understand usability as a whole, both subjective and performance-based measures of usability were considered.



Culture and the World Wide Web: Why is culture such an important variable in usability? Results from the t-test show that the average perceptions of usefulness, ease of hte, and user satisfaction differ significantly between Taiwanese and North American users.

The following results from the analyses conducted support the first two of the hypotheses made but found no statistically reliable evidence to support the third:. Culhurability kind of product is popular among both young Taiwanese and North Americans, thus reducing the chance one group would be less familiar with cultturability product than the other.

In European Conference on Cognitive Ergonomics, Towards culture-centred design, Interacting with Computers18, Effectiveness was measured by recording whether or not a user could complete a task. Interestingly, one measure of efficiency, task completion time, showed no significant correlation with any other variables measured in this study.

mergin The number of errors then correlated with low levels of user satisfaction and perceptions of efficiency among North American users. Methods Hornbaek describes the main components of usability as being both subjective and objective.

Measuring User Perceptions Subjective measurements of effectiveness, efficiency, and user satisfaction were carried out using a Likert survey.

Given that there is a relationship, is it possible to also say how much culture affects usability as a usabilitg Include unauthenticated dulture too may include “spam” Enter a search phrase. A result of 0 indicates an absence of correlation, while a result of over 0. The following table indicates the characteristics of the sample.

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Conclusion This study shows good evidence of a link between culture and usability. It would be useful to compare the effects such design elements have on usability across cultures.

Kluwer Academic Publishers, All aspects of usability must be assessed including subjective and objective measures of efficiency, effectiveness, and user satisfaction. In this section of the study two sets of hypotheses are made.


In fact, the correlation between overall usability and efficiency is the only correlation found in both culture groups. Nantel and Glaser argue that translated text reduces Web site usability, Shen et al. However, one set of results, the number of tasks completed, was not found to be normally distributed, so the Mann-Whitney U test was also applied to the data.

It would be interesting to identify the solutions such companies arrive at and to analyze their effectiveness in solving merginb problem of cultural differences and usability.

In short, no statistically significant comparisons of correlations can be made between these two user groups.

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