cscope add your_cscope_database:cscope find s [your_symbol]. This will Brief tutorial for beginners: . cscope is an interactive, screen-oriented tool that allows the user to browse cscope(1) – Linux man page . Give help information about cscope commands. ^ d. There are two main solutions for tag jumping: ctags and cscope. . http://www.

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Now type alloctest after the fourth item, Find functions calling this function.

Tag Jumping in a Codebase Using ctags and cscope in Vim – Technologic Systems Blog

We will now use a basic shell script to perform a more sophisticated find of the source files and build the Cscope database. Contents [ show ]. There are a few easy steps required to start using Cscope. First, you need to tell it where all of your source code files are. Finally, we can begin using cscope. You should get output similar to the screenshot below. If this is still too large, you can try cd ‘ing into a subdirectory of the kernel and running the Cscope commands in just that directory.

Now you want to use cscope to locate the parts of the code that are generating the message. The following table shows the commands available after cscope has cscpe the specified text: Visit the following links: If you need a diverse codebase tuutorial try this out on, try cloning a random trending c repository from GitHub.

To exit from cscope interactive prompt, type Ctrl-d. I am using cscope to get familiar with all the keywords used in socket programming.


That is, once you have entered the text string to be changed, cscope prompts you for the new text, displays the lines containing the old text, and waits for you to specify which of these lines you want it to change.

Now examine the code around the tutlrial found line. C symbols include pretty much anything that you can think of in a C file: However, cscope expects the editor it uses to have a command-line syntax of the form: This section presents examples of how cscope can be used to perform three tasks: These are very basic to understand the cscope.

Adding an argument to a function involves two steps: You can use this sequence of commands when you want to continue working without having to wait for cscope to finish its initial processing. Now you want to be sure that when the program aborts in this situation in the future, it does so after printing the more meaningful error message screen too small. Pressing Ctrl-b allows you cscops search for previous search terms again.

Hi all, I am doing a kernel related project and wanna use cscope for that. Note — Use the — d option with care. Cscope is a very powerful interface allowing you to easily navigate C-like code files. For an extended example of its use, review the cscope session described in the next section.

Vim/Cscope tutorial

It appears that many forward declarations i. The second thing cscops when i quit the page with: You can then return to the menu from the editor to request a new search. This file is sourced every time we load Vim. Cscope Tutorial Cscope is a Linux tool for browsing source code in a terminal environment.


cscope(1) – Linux man page

You can also give the autocomplete a try by starting to type the name of a function or variable. If you’d like to contribute content, let us know. Use Ctrl-T to go back. Find More Posts by bestyharis.

Change this text string: With the proper configuration, “standard” include files of your compiler are automatically searched along with your sources. If you specify — d under the erroneous impression that your source files have not been changed, cscope refers to an outdated symbol cross-reference in responding to your queries.

The cscope menu of tasks appears on the screen. Using cscope to make this kind of change ensures that none of the functions you need to edit are overlooked. Finally, you can launch the Cscope browser to search for functions and symbols in your source code.

When cscope invokes the editor for the list item you have specified, say, line 17 in main. If the program you want to browse contains a large number of source files, you can use the — b option, so that cscope stops after tutoriall has built a cross-reference; cscope does not display a menu of tasks. Edit the Code On a windowing terminal, you may have multiple windows of arbitrary size.

As for jumping around in vim using cscope, it really depends on your vim config.

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