Russell’s Periodontal Indfex & CPITN Probe Seminar For Public Health Dentistry. A periodontal examination is a clinical examination of the periodontium (gums). It is routinely carried out in dentistry and allied specialties. Many different techniques are used around the world. A report by World Health Organization in led to the creation of the Community Periodontal Index of Treatment Needs (CPITN). Use of a special CPITN periodontal probe (or its equivalent) is recommended. For epidemiological purposes in adult populations, 10 specified index teeth are.

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The CPITN is primarily a screening procedure which requires clinical assessment for the presence or absence of periodontal pockets, calculus and gingival bleeding.

Methods A cross-sectional study was performed in a small rural population in southern Brazil including individuals over 18 years of age for whom disease status was unknown. Braz Dent J ; Periodontal status of older Floridians attending senior activity centers.

Ainamo J, Ainamo A.

Assesment of periodontal disease using the CPITN index in rural population in Ninevah, Iraq

Apud J Dent Res ; Only 6 scores are recorded. In the absence of the index teeth, all teeth in the sextant were examined to generate the score, as in the original CPITN. The use of screening instruments for periodontitis is not questioned, although the adequacy of the instruments should be considered more carefully. When the operational characteristics of the CPITN were evaluated according to different cutoff points of disease severity, the best balance between sensitivity and specificity appeared in the moderate category Figures 2 and 3.

Although many of these advances are universally applicable, particular attention is given to methods and techniques that Partial indices as indicators of the severity and prevalence of periodontal disease.


Periodontal examination

Related items Showing items related by title and MeSH subject. Individuals were selected according to availability in local industries, public health centers, public services, rural unions, high schools, the university, and commercial establishments. Benzoyl-DL-arginine napthylamide BANA test is a chair side diagnostic test used to detect the presence of putative periodontal pathogens. The use inddex probing depth as the clinical parameter for diagnosis in some studies may account for some inrex the variability.

Periodontal examination – Wikipedia

A sample of individuals underwent full mouth periodontal examination including Clinical Attachment Loss, Periodontal Pocket Depth, and Sub-gingival Calculus. Braz Dent J Conventional therapy Debridement Scaling and root planing Full mouth disinfection Full mouth ultrasonic debridement. Validity of CPITN’s hierarchical scoring method for describing the prevalence of periodontal conditions.

Detailed explanations are given for the evaluation of epidemiological data. Many different techniques are used around the world. Relationship between clinical probing depth and reactivity to the BANA test of Samples of subgingival microbiota from patients with periodontitis. Table 1 shows the sample’s demographic characteristics. Fifty-seven individuals were excluded for not meeting the minimum number of natural teeth.

Views Read Edit View history. This report reviews indsx CPITN procedure and pcitn in detail the use of the method for both purposes. Several authors have proposed short tests for periodontal screening 2,4,26, Statistical methods for assessing agreement between two methods of clinical measurement. Positive and negative predictive values were Utility of Ramfjord dpitn teeth to assess periodontal disease progression in longitudinal studies. Influence of CPITN partial recordings on estimates of prevalence and severity of various periodontal conditions in adults.


The diagnosis provided by the instruments, when evaluated under the kappa statistics, shows the disparity between the two CPITN versions and the gold standard. The information was used to assess the individuals’ periodontal health, and diagnosis based on these data resulted in the gold standard. A periodontal examination is a clinical examination of the periodontium gums.

Operational characteristics of screening instruments can be assessed by validation studies.

It’s uniqueness, apart from assessing the periodontal status, also gives the treatment needs for the underlying condition. Comparative estimation of periodontal conditions by means of different index systems.

The difference between the actual prevalence of disease in the sample and that indez through the test was 23 percentage points. The criteria used for periodontitis diagnosis vary greatly, but it is agreed that monitoring the attachment level is the most reasonable way to access activity of periodontal destruction 5,6,7.

ijdex Bassani reviewed the literature, elaborated the protocol, coordinated field work, collected data, analyzed data, and drafted the manuscript.

This provides no advantage, since early stages of disease are not diagnosed and will ineex for an unidentified repressed demand in the years that follow the screening process. This is the technique recommended by the British Society of Periodontology since its introduction in Four tabulations provide an insight into the overall pattern of prevalence, severity and categories of treatment need.

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