Cooking with Fernet Branca has ratings and reviews. Richard said: Rating: * of fiveThe Publisher Says: Gerald Samper, an effete English s. Cooking with Fernet Branca, by James Hamilton-Paterson. A comedy of menus high up in Tuscany. Christopher Hirst; Monday 26 July Cooking with Fernet Branca. by James Hamilton-Paterson (Europa; $). In this comic novel, two expats try to live on the same Tuscan.

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Cooking With Fernet Branca

I borrowed the sequel Amazing Disgrace when I returned it. It also features in every one of the extremely strange recipes that Gerald cooks up throughout the book. Brancca looked like testicles set in dough.

The agent has told each that the other would only be there a month and wanted nothing but seclusion. Cooking With Fernet Branca is part of oddball publisher Europa Editions’s sinister plot to make Murrikins like me aware of the strange and sinister world of lit’rachoor published beyond our shores. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

He fancies himself as a genius cook and DIY expert, as well as an author. Hamilton-Paterson flawlessly folds Into this souffle folded many ingredients seemingly disparate, resulting in hilarity and desire for more. I was driven to comedy in this instance partly for circumstantial reasons as an antidote to miserable February weather This is an odd one to judge: He is completely without self-critical faculties, so Marta’s character is useful in showing Gerry’s deficiencies for us.

The characters in this hilarious romp are the most dysfunctional group of misfits and ignoramuses and stereotypes ever deployed by an English-language author. The film they are making is about a group of environmentalists setting up a fishing commune and how they turn racist when an immigrant fisherman fails to follow their ways. As someone with the good fortune to branxa amorously paired with an ambitious cook though happily not quite as ambitious as GeraldI have picked up enough familiarity with the world of haute culinary feret that Hamilton-Paterson is parodying to have a sense of how well done this is.


A Betty Trask Award Winner. I also have a very low tolerance of fart fernef. Can they all get along? And all the time, snarking and judging and learning to depend on each other.

Cooking with Fernet Branca

Gerald speaks excellent English, of course, and a passable Italian. Both have come in search of total peace and quiet, Gerald to write and mope, and Marta – a classically trained musician from a generic former SovBloc republic with a family to kill yourself for – to compose the soundtrack for a film.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. But Marta’s brother keeps stopping by in a helicopter in the middle of the night, and Gerard sings horrifically off-key coojing while he avoids work by loudly building fences and other such, and each drives the other totally crazy with their drunkenness and terrifying cooking.

Cooking with Fernet Branca

It helps, but is not necessary, for the reader to be somewhat knowledgeable about Pier Paolo Pasolini, East European mafia, gourmet c Hamilton-Paterson flawlessly folds Into this souffle folded many ingredients seemingly disparate, resulting in hilarity and desire for more. Beth has done something awful.

Don’t read this book while eating Man Booker Prize longlist. I did not like this book. Once again, an overly-refined Brit goes to Italy to follow his writing muse. Two days have now gone by since our coooing and nary a squeak out of Marta. Gerard Samper, a very proper Englishman and self-proclaimed “master chef” more on that soonwho makes his money ghostwriting autobiographi I didn’t manage to read this in Mexico, though I was told it would be the perfect smart-person airplane book, but I did pick it up as soon as I got back, and it was very much as promised: Ugodna knjiga puna dosjetki i humora.


The story of a motherless girl named Faith and her family and close friends, all of whom are determined to see her live a happy life. Hamilton-Paterson writes with an assured and idiosyncratic comic spirit.

Cooking With Fernet Branca

I agree with other reviews that it doesn’t totally sustain itself all the way through, but then it’s not especially long either.

Dec 14, Skay rated it did not like it. Mar 08, Stacia rated it really liked it Shelves: View all 5 comments. It also takes a complete absence of salt-of-the-earth peasants a I am laughing again as I turn to this, on page four: And oh, the cooking!! He sings arias while he invents the most bizarre recipes, the products of which he sometimes shares with his aggravating neighbor, a woman from Voynovia, who generously shares bottles of Fernet Branca with him.

May 18, Jessica Keltz rated it it was ok.

A laugh-out-loud farce set in Tuscany and superbly parodying the British obsession with books set in that region usually with recipes.

Dec 08, Joel rated it really liked it. Although you get the feeling that ‘acquired taste’ in this case is a bit of a euphemism eg.

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