O Desespero Humano (Sygdommen til Døden em dinamarquês, literalmente “A Doença até à Morte”) é um livro escrito pelo filósofo dinamarquês Søren Kierkegaard em sob o pseudônimo Anti-Climacus. Trata o conceito de desespero de Kierkegaard, equiparado ao conceito . O desespero e angústia, nas obras de Kierkegaard, tem uma estrutura. Baixar O conceito de angústia Soren A. Kierkegaard livro online, No século XIX, em meio ao império dos sistemas idealistas, o pensador dinamarquês Søren. 30 out. Temor e Tremor () O Conceito de Angústia () Soren Kierkegaard A vida de Kierkegaard: Pseudônimos Formação.

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Kierkegaard by Rafaela Trapp on Prezi

It’s at times cynical, at times sorrowful, at times nihilistic, at times optimistic, and very often it is comedic to the degree that I burst out laughing we laugh because a mirror has been held up to our eyes.

Even this abridged version was extremely taxing and took an enormous amount of time and concentration. Did Napoleon Teleologically Suspend the Ethical?

Here again, these teachings are not presented systematically, in the modern sense of a logical, scientific, or analytic system. I think a somewhat more expanded explanatory notes would have been useful.

A word about reading a difficult “philosophical” text on Kindle. I should have known what I was buying and that is my mistake for not seeking out the proper edition but this was a huge disappointment recieving the book to find out it was abridged. It is all kierkeaard adjectives I used in my review’s title: He can slow the camera down to a halt and, to borrow a modern simile, like Morpheus pausing the Agent Training simulation in “The Matrix”, walk about the scene commenting with nuance, grace, and an often wholly refreshing acerbity.


One essay from part one is missing, as are later passages that make reference to it ‘First Love, Comedy in One Act cobceito Scribe, translated by J. Skip to main content.

O Desespero Humano

Log In Sign Up. This study applies Kierkegaardian anxiety to Blake’s creation myths to explain how Romantic era creation narratives are a reaction to Enlightenment models of personality.

Some ‘Diapsalmata’ were removed from part one. Sources, Reception and Resources, vol. I also suspect that combining the two parts into one volume also forced the translator to keep his annotations brief. He’s like eloquently describing things that I’ve experienced but never was able to understand or put into words.

This article has no associated abstract. He began to criticize Christianity, and in broke off his engagement to concentrate on his writing. However, this means that Kierkegaard does not present a theory or systematic exposition of prayer – despite his loquacity on many other matters, Kierkegaard conceiot fascinatingly reticent on the topic of prayer.

Unlike a work of fiction kierkegaagd an easier work which can be read more or less straight through, I found that a work that requires going back to previous sections and comparing passages and so on, difficult on kindle. His childhood was unhappy, clouded by the religious fervour of his father, and the death of his mother, his sisters and two brothers.

El concepto de verdad en el Postscriptum de Kierkegaard. Soren Kierkegaard – – Revista Portuguesa de Filosofia 24 3: El Futuro y la Angustia. It reads a lot more like a Platonic dialogue or a classical invective. This review concerns the abridged Penguin paperback edition translated by Alastair Hannay.


This paper suggests to read Kierkegaard’s notion of Christian love through the perspective of Levinas’ notion of transcendence. You are all guilty of scaring me away from this book and Kierkegaard in general for over ten years. This is a work of literature, not philosophy.

Søren Kierkegaard

It appears that the full edition Hong translation is about pages the main text whereas the Hannay is about pages. Visualizar ou modificar seus pedidos em sua conta. Now, a prefatory note to every reviewer who described this book as a “difficult” or “challenging” or “dense” read: This quality alone proves Kierkegaard a genius. It also proves, one should add, the genius of the translator Alastair Hannay.

No categories specified categorize this paper. Patricia Carina Dip – – Enfoques 17 2: Request removal from index. Formas de pagamento aceitas: Detalhes do produto Capa comum: Adicionar ambos ao carrinho. No keywords specified fix it. You will fall in love with this book on page Mario Enrico Cerrigone – – Divus Thomas 2: Rastreie seus pedidos recentes.

And when he is not being utterly concise Kierkegaard can do as good a job as Proust in teasing a whole universe out of fleeting and ve commonplace moments: Without these and others, which Kierkegaard doesn’t always identify I certainly, and I’m sure others, would be unable to follow kierkkegaard going on.

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