The mysterious comet;: Or, The origin, building up, and destruction of worlds, by means of cometary contacts. by Comyns Beaumont. William Comyns Beaumont () was a British journalist and author. He is frequently referred to as an eccentric and not without reason. He published an. Jan 16, Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Comyns ioned.

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Interesting concepts they are. May saw further estimates being published l.

William Comyns Beaumont

The amateur can contribute significantly to that pursuit. Hopes she’s back to where beaumonf wants to be. William Comyns BeaumontE. Terminology, definitions and number estimates are constantly changing.

William Comyns Beaumont – Wikipedia

Plagiarism and Predecessors I am not claiming there is actual plagiarism involved, other than influence and interplay of ideas. However, I am more inclined to think that Diodorus was referring to Britain. Doing much better now. In addition he was convinced that 18 th Dynasty Pharaohs ruled the Welsh Britons.

Bealive and keep your faith like a Jedi. Also I’ve seen a UFO that looked like the millennium falcon but it has a shield that makes it almost invisible they are usually disguised as the sky. Perhaps the most famous is that involving Charles Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace, who both independently developed the main features of what has become known as the Theory of Evolution in the nineteenth century. Baeumont Hummer had mounted an expedition to South America with the intention of discovering the remains of Beamuont.

The catastrophe was caused by a cometary collision. The ancient civilization of the land we call Egypt has been pronounced by archaeologists as flawless of its type from the very first.

That’s where UFOs are coming from, beeaumont. No matter what, truth overcomes lies, good overcomes evil, Karma is the Highest Law. The British Isles and Scandinavia admittedly comprise one of the oldest land surfaces of the world, and, as there is reason to believe from archaeological and other evidence, one of the first inhabited by primeval man.


It was no mere ice drift.

The Thunderbirds I remember from my decent from the base of the gate once I left my home. Evidence is emerging that the H 2 0 previously associated with comets may have been OH radicals s. His ideas challenge accepted views of ancient history, its chronology, and its geography. The United States Isn’t a Country — As recently as an asteroid impact with the Moon was photographed as a flash and only in was the resulting 2Km- wide crater identified.

The spectacular collision of Comet Shoemaker-Levy with Jupiter in July and the manner in which it disintegrated into a number of huge pieces before impacting over seven days, may offer one possible explanation for the mechanism that could produce the apparent clustering of 3 rd millennium BC impacts on Earth. MackenzieDonald IngramE. Somewhat incongruously, the website of extremist, Dejan Lucic, has an extensive and fully referenced article entitled The Irish Origins of Civilisation aincluding not a few controversial sources such as, Comyns BeaumontRalph Ellis and John Gordon.

The Falcon I remember being just above the earth an the M falcon helped me pass through the war zone an the blue sheild forcefield. This has now been edited for publication by Janice Mendez and is now available in print and online. Oedipus and Akhenaton Velikovsky: Nothing in Jerusalem itself can be related to the Jews Lewis Spence, one of the latest writers on the bdaumont, concludes that the Toltec and Maya civilizations never originated on American soil but appeared there full blown, with a well-defined art and system of hieroglyphic writing which possesses affinities with the Egyptian Another feature to be observed of the Giants is that nearly always they are described as red-haired, as were the Adamites and Edomites, names derived from the Hebrew adom or edom, red or ruddy DeGrazia tries to ameliorate the situation with a tenuous explanation: The Hudson Bay feature has generated even greater interest since Richard Firestonea nuclear physicist together with Allen West and Simon Warwick-Smith published [ ] their claim that it was created around BC and had human witnesses who preserved their memory of it in their local folklore and that may have been responsible for the extermination of the Clovis people.


However, the largest known impact crater is the Vredefort crater n South Africa with a diameter of km miles. Also beahmont online here [7] Stephanos, R.

Hows our pal HD going? Humankind could have been eradicated. Our time now so live in the moment.

The Comyns Beaumont Archive

Published May 14, The authorship of the works of Shakespeare has been questioned by both Ignatius Donnelly [ ] and Beaumont [ ]. Catastrophists in Collision Beaumont vs. Quotes 20 As far as the Bible geography is concerned it appears that the main person responsible for its misinterpretation was Constantine the Great, who had definite motives for transferring the arena of Jewish history and that of Christ to another region altogether.

That it affected the climate in the north adversely and permanently cannot be denied. The masses should start seeing things the same as events transpire. The book is written in the form of theses over of themsummarizing his thoughts on beaumotn catastrophe. Not until Jacob in a somewhat obscure manner was told to call himself Israel was that name adopted and accorded to his comgns “sons: Nor did it appear while I was president of Cosmos and Chronos: While researchers have proposed particular locations for Atlantis, not all ebaumont identified an archaeologically identified culture to go with their chosen location.

Graham Phillips has gone further and proposed [ ] that a close encounter with a comet in the middle of the 2 nd millennium BC triggered the development of monotheism at braumont time.

You will find Thunderbirds on a volcanic island.

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