An essay in epistolary form, c. 5, words, on the technique of electioneering, purporting to be addressed by Q. Tullius Cicero (1) to his brother Marcus Tullius. THE’COMMENTARIOLUM PETITIONIS’. The difficulty inherent in a discussion of the authenticity of any ancient work, and of the Commentariolum in particular. I. THE Commentariolum Petitionis is not in the Codex Mediceus of Cicero’s corre- spondence with his brother Quintus, but it appears at the end of the letters to.

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On running for the Consulship

See that those aids to natural ability, which I know are your special gifts, are ready for use and always available; and remember what Demetrius wrote about the hard work and practice of Demosthenes; and, finally, take care that both the petitiohis and rank of your friends are unmistakable. The third and fourth Philippics, 20th Dec. I have heard a man say about certain orators, to whom he had offered his case, “that he had been better pleased with the words of the one who declined, than of the one who accepted.

Please subscribe or login to access full text content. I suspect, however, that those who, though born of consular families, have not attained the position of their ancestors will unless they happen to be strongly attached to you feel ‘some’ jealousy.

Page – – The Classical Review 6 XVI A I, While the comprehensive commentary clarifies the cultural, historical, and literary problems of the text, an incisive introduction supplies the reader with an account of the nature and practice of elections and canvassing for office in the late republic, as well as a detailed rehearsal of particular aspects of Cicero’s career that provides the necessary context for understanding his campaign for the consulship in Tatum – – Classical Quarterly 52 1: Tulli Ciceronis Epistularum Ad M.

These are the points that I thought, not that I knew better than you, but that I could more easily than you—in the pressing state of your present engagements—collect together and send you written out. The first and most obvious thing is that you should embrace the Roman senators and knights, and the active and popular men of all the other orders. Hicks – – The Classical Review 17 Some Books on Xenophon 1 Xenophon Cyropaedeia.


Hide browse bar Your current position in the text is marked in blue. Make sure that they do understand this by directing your speech specially to this point. For questions on access or troubleshooting, please check our FAQsand if you can’t find the answer there, please contact us. In all these classes alike consider and weigh carefully the amount of influence each possesses, in order to know both the kind of attention to pay to each, and what you are to expect and demand from each.

Find it on Scholar. For within the last two years you have put under an obligation to you four clubs of men who have the very greatest influence in promoting an election, those of C.

The genuineness of the letters ad M.

On running for the Consulship – Wikisource, the free online library

The last days of Cicero. Then again, you have on your side the best of the rising generation, and the most devoted to learning. I cannot doubt that these men, from hope of your services in the future as well as from the benefits recently received, will be roused to active exertions.

For you have such as few novi homines have had—all the publicaninearly the whole equestrian order, many municipal towns specially devoted to you, many persons who have been defended by you, men of every order, many collegiaand, besides these, a large number of the rising generation who have become attached to you in their enthusiasm for rhetoric, and, finally, your friends who visit you daily in large numbers and with such constant regularity.

Perseus provides credit for all accepted changes, storing new additions in a versioning system.


He also suggests that the meaning of sodalitas was not changed to mean an illegal electoral group until Having said enough about petittionis friendships, I must now speak on another department of a candidate’s task, which is concerned with the conciliation of the people. Good heavens what is his distinction?

Why should I after this mention Africa to you, or the depositions of the witnesses? Sign in via your Institution. Preparations for the Consulship, B.

Jeffrey Tatum Clarendon Ancient History Series Includes a new English translation of the Brief Handbook alongside the Latin text as well as translations of Greek and Latin throughout, making the text accessible to readers unfamiliar with ancient languages Offers the first full-length commentary in English on this important work, covering not just its historical but also its literary aspects Balances detailed historical information and textual analysis with background on Roman elections, canvassing, and the careers of Marcus and Quintus Cicero, enabling the volume to be equally useful to students and specialists.

From coommentariolum Publisher via CrossRef no pstitionis journals. Cicero, Commentariolum Petitionis You have very many; make them feel how much you think depends on them: Science Logic and Mathematics.

The Design s of the Brief Handbook V. For certain men are popular in their own neighbourhoods and towns; there are others possessed of energy and wealth, who, even if they ,have not heretofore sought such popularity, can yet easily obtain it at the moment for the sake of one to whom they owe or wish to do a favour.

Wherefore see that dommentariolum have the votes of all the centuries secured to you by the number and variety of your friends. Next, if nature cpmmentariolum denied you some quality, resolve to assume it, so as to appear to be acting naturally.

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