Is there anywhere at all I can buy a simple Cmoy PCB? Just the basic design. Thats all I need. I have looked for WEEKS and yet I cannot find a. I searched the web for a CMoy (Chu Moy) audio amp PCB that would be easy to etch, solder, and used a TLECP virtual ground instead of a voltage divider. Hi there! I wanna try another headphone amplifier and have an eye on the cmoy cause it´s so simple. Because I have found a little case with.

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Just another cmoy pcb .. | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

Adam Savage Repairs Totoro Costume! Labels Audio 4 Microcontrollers 4 Other 1 Radio 2. They are absolutely exemplary in quality.

Commenter guesses ranged from a battery charger to an LED lighting device, but Hirst mcoy it to be a small headphone amp. We recognize our top users by making them a Tindarian. Post 3 of 4.

Banzai V2 CMOY Headphone Amplifier DIY Kit PCB Amp HiFi | eBay

I love your symbols: Even without an amp change. I have read about people using uF electrolytics right on the pins with nothing else.

The resistors and diodes must be assembled vertically to reduce occupied space. The ideal choice for your utility. Jul 30, at 6: This imformation is very much informative and useful.


cMoyBB v2.03R PCB – Rechargeable

You can e-mail him at HansenCE aol. Thanksalot for the answer. Post 6 of Bill of Materials Download: I once tried to do it with a LM and it was a horrifying result. I have seen in one forum that it is possible.

Power transformers in India Toroidal transformer pvb India. Thanx and a big “thumbs up” for your work. About running from USB: Headphone Reviews and Discussion – Head-Fi. Back to home page Return to top. Bottom of the Altoids tin is covered with insulation. Mechanical drawing of holes in Altoids tin.

I designed the PCB with two rounded corners. I’ve played with the eagle-cad for many years, but has not really made any finished pcb before and want to get other’s opinion on the final pcb before I send an order to the board house. It is based on a design well-known in the DIY Audio community. Post 2 of 4. On the PCB are also nice pictures of input jack and headphones. Absolutely recommend this shop for high quality comy equipment.

Making a Skyrim-Inspired Foam Sword! I did get sent the wrong resistors but was told that would help me out if I decided to buy from them again. My email is BMboomer bluesfan. Ebay is also flush with completed CMoy units for sale if you don’t want to build one yourself.


It has easy to follow instructions and didn’t take long to put together. Finished CMoy amplifier inside view. This is my first post here, so if it were to end ocb in the wrong place, can one of the moderators be kind and place it in the right place. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

I’ll be back for any possible audio needs” Daniel W. My new cMoyBB head amp just arrived! They are absolutely exemplary in quality. The charging current is 25mA so I would recommend you hours charge time for mA battery.

Resistor R1 limits the current mcoy LED. Smooth and effortless reproduction of all the frequencies with tons of power on tap. Post 9 of Cutaway Millennium Falcon Model Miniature!

The cMoy is a minimalist headphone amplifier based around a single dual-channel opamp. In fact, it’s based on the recognizable low-cost CMoy pocket headphone pre-amp design that you often seen housed in Altoids tins.

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