FOR WHOM. In compliance with the requirements laid down by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, individuals intending to provide any financial advisory. CMFAS M5 Exam Guide. Your CMFAS Guide to Rules and Regulations on Financial Advisory Services. Test your M5 Knowledge. The CMFAS Examinations are the licensing examinations for the capital markets and financial advisory services in Singapore. After successfully completing the.

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Apart from M6, the rest you most likely can pass with first attempt if you spend sometime to study. And also would very appreciate if you have any notes that could share with me.

No education background in econs, was in IT all along. Anonymous November 7, at 9: It does not apply to dmfas, businesses relating to risk outside Singapore or such other risks as may be prescribed. It shall also ensure that it does not omit to disclose any matter that is material to the statement or representation made. Hi David, Do you still have mock paper?

Just took the test: Itw ould be really helpful. SS2 Ethics in Practice. Guidelines are issued under Section 64 of the FAA. Throughout the FAA, various provisions have stipulated the penalty to the body corporate.

CMFAS M5 – Mister Exam

Really appreciate it if you could help me out here! Please do email me at alicesueann gmail.

Anonymous May 26, at Because Guidelines set out general guidance and good practice, they do not create any legally enforceable obligations or duties. My email is h4v0ck1 gmail.


As part of our continuous policy to protect the safety of our customers and their information, we will instead use email as the default method to reach out to us.

MAS Notice requires such representatives to obtain the requisite qualification in health insurance before they can provide any advice on or arrange such policies or both, unless the representatives fall within paragraph 6 or 7 of MAS Notice When advising on a collective investment scheme, a financial adviser may disclose orally to a client any information on past or future performance contained in the registered prospectus of the scheme if and only if such disclosure is made at the same time as a copy of the prospectus is given to the client, and the financial adviser: Applicants for the licence will have to satisfy licensing criteria, relating to: Where the amount of remuneration, commission fee or benefit is not quantifiable, a financial adviser should furnish its client with a description of how it will be remunerated.

Hi David,sorry to trouble you,but If you still have the m5 mock test sample,can kindly send to me josette19 msn.

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In addition to the obligations under Section 25 of the Cmfws, a financial adviser shall ensure that any statement or representation made to its clients is not false or misleading. Hi David, I am taking my m5 exams next week. Module 6 – Securities Products and Analysis. Changes to the RES Exam format. Anurag August 1, at 8: Information and materials contained in the Site are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis.

Mister Exam CMFAS Guide – M5 Notes – Mister Exam

Chapter 2 – Financial Advisers Act. This is to ensure that no financial adviser is being used by unregistered overseas insurers to assist them to write domestic Singapore risks, since unregistered overseas insurers are not allowed to write domestic Singapore risks. Interest earned, which is due to an insurer under a contract of insurance including a contract of insurance that has been cancelled where cover commences before the appointed day, may be retained by the financial adviser for its own benefit.


Jerevien Poon June 30, at 8: The MAS may, if it thinks necessary or expedient in the public interest, issue written directions. In less serious offences, these offences may be compoundable under FAA. I took 11 Financial papers atall passed at first attempt.

We endeavour to revert to you within a hour window. Please refer to our Terms of Service for more information.

Income Ceiling for Extended Family. Disclosure of Certain Interests in Securities The financial adviser has a j5 to disclose potential and actual conflict of interest to his clients or prospects. The obligations set out below shall not apply: May I ask what are these exams?

Do you mind helping me by sending me the mock paper as I am struggling quite abit. Battle of the PMP Experts! Where a financial adviser receives trailer commission, soft commission or such other benefit from m product provider, it should disclose to the client the amount of such commission and benefit.

No certificate will be issued. Anonymous August 6, at 2: Thank you in advance.

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