of the content of the previous/ existing HLURB CLUP Guidebooks? Two Comprehensive Plans Mandated by the Local CLUP Guidebook Volume 2. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT HLURB would like to acknowledge the assistance of the following in the preparation of this Guide given their active. VOLUME 2: CLUP – ZONING ORDINANCE | ii. Table of Contents. Municipal as provided for in the Ordinance. CLUP Guidebook Volume 3.

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Compare the literate urban population with the rural population. But I can give a guide you can refer to while guideboko the RPS. The bars for males are given on the left of the x-axis and the bars for females are on the right of the x-axis.

Here, an almost rectangular population distribution is shown. Climate and disaster risk, and the formulation of a risk-sensitive land use plan.

Refer to this book again, and again, and again, and again. Use this as base data. Have your copies of the environmental laws beside you when you read this volume for quick reference.

Christer Kjorneberg and Arch. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Guidebooks and Frameworks | HLURB

We have to follow her through time. The upper segment bolume increase over time buidebook it will begin to look like Swedens rectangular distribution. Some Basic Mortality Measures Mortality refers to the occurrence of deaths in a population.

These are found in golume boxes as presented in Volume 3: Education The age structure and population age groups determine the number of school-going age population, and their impact on educational facilities and manpower requirements.

Conversely, the sex ratio increases in areas where out-migration is dominated by females. The environment and natural resources are the support system and sources of raw materials needed in the production of goods and services.


The interplay of these factors affects the population outcomes. Adoption of the Decennial Census Based Population Growth Rates as the Official population growth rate figures to be utilized for planning and policy making purposes Annex 2. Status of Present Environment Settings and ProblemsAn assessment of the overall environmental quality of the area may be culled from the concerned sectoral studies and cross-referenced with the results of natural and other physical related studies.

This can be accomplished by dividing 20 by 1, and multiplying it by a short cut of which is dividing 20 by Thus, better health can be partly attributed to the degree of consumption of preventive and curative health services; educational attainment, by the consumption of education services; and fertility, by the use of contraceptive services, etc.

Data is relevant to social, infrastructure and economic sectors. Population Distribution Describe the distribution of population in the locality focusing on: This implies, in turn, the consideration called dependency burden.

Man Hernaez July 30, at 3: Overseas Workers for the Past 5 years. The guodebook here is that the HUC has the higher requirements than the component and independent component cities. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Compare the current composition of population with the past census data noting any change in composition that may be vital to the planning process.

The EnP Board Review Series: Part 5 – Your planning bibles

Dependency burdens or dependency ratios can roughly be defined by looking at the proportion of the population normally considered dependents relative to the working age. Vollume there are three of them: That is probably what one might voluke when there is fertility regulation. To get this age-specific fertility rate, we simply need information on the number of births by age-group, saythe number of women in age-groupand we divide the births of women belonging to age-group by number of women aged Maternal Mortality RateThe average number of children that would be born alive to a woman during her lifetime if she were to pass through her childbearing years conforming to the agespecific fertility rates of a given year The number of deaths among women years old from pregnancy-related causes perlive births in a given periodNational, regional, vooume, regional, provincialEvery 5 years Vital Statistics Report, NSO 2 Technical Working GroupMaternal and Child Mortality, NSOII.


Horizontal Transect of Ecosystems. This is very informative…thanks a lot. Get the breakdown on population by barangay of the base year see column 2 of sample working table 2 b. It also provides sample tables and outputs—maps, exposure tables, adaptive capacity scores, and the like—so you get to have a basis in practicing the methods.

Guidebooks and Frameworks

Population in built-up area can be derived thru actual survey or consultation with any Bgy. Planning and Development Research Foundation, Inc. It will not tell us the number of children that a woman is actually going to have. A quick way to estimate doubling time is to divide Refer to Tables 9 to This is considered vital in making development interventions that are legitimate and acceptable.

It is done simultaneously with the assessment and situation analysis phase of the CLUP planning process which is outlined in Volume I: It is therefore concerned with the current vklume and characteristics of human population, how they were attained and how they are changing.

Literacy Rate Literacy rate is the percentage of the population who have at least completed a year in elementary education to the population seven years old giudebook over. The simplest way of looking at it is to look at doubling time of population. Employed persons refer to those engaged in any of the major occupation.

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