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This survey should only take you a few minutes, and will be open for one week. In the beginning that is all I thought about but then I let it go. It almost seems people are making it worse for them selfs.

All the people I know have said after the test they felt praactice a wet towel that was rung out. And by when can we expect the results to be posted or be made available online? May 21, at 2: As Stephen Smith posted: What type s of firewalls provide s the greatest degree of protection and control because both firewall technologies inspect all seven OSI layers of network traffic?

It is only given twice a year. A parting question, can you point me to resources that talk about Audit Risk, the Risk management process and the various steps in it? Does it mean I failed, or everyone got that postal mail nevertheless they pass or fail the CISA exam? Think that contributed to the knowledge.


I have read if you disagree with your score you can petition the ISACA for a fee to hand score your test results. I thought this week is the schedule since they delay already for 1 week…Hope the reason of the delay is because they are increasing the quota of passing rate. I guess this year they broke tradition. Does anyone have any idea as to How are the marks calculated?

We have given them more than enough time to grade our exams. DTrojan horse programs are a common form of Internet attack. I have 13 years of IT experience, including: Modems encapsulate analog transmissions within digital, and digital transmissions databasw analog. That password files are practicw Answer: It s weird that nobody is able to know this scoring system… well, we ll have to wait….

I have been reading this forum while waiting the results and yesterday I got email that I cleared CISA exam with scaled points in the 1st attempt. Man that was a tough one!

CISA Questions by ExamCram Practice Test 2 – [PDF Document]

After applications systems testingD. I didnt check the web site but got the notice in a email. It is time to celebrate. BAuthentication techniques for sending and receiving data between EDI systems are crucial to prevent unauthorized transactions.


Which of the following should an IS auditor review to determine user permissions that have been granted for a particular resource? Access control lists ACL C.

Cisw elimination of risk is impossible. Reviewing an audit client’s business plan should be performed after reviewing an organization’s IT strategic plan. I found this data in techexams.

8439824 100 CISA Questions by ExamCram Practice Test 2

You as an auditor should advise both management to seek legal advise. Data mirroring and parallel processingC. Does anyone know the tentative date of results?? I had the mindset if I go down I go down swinging.

An IS Auditor has found out irregularities while conductin an audit. The December results wer just sent out.

BThreats exploit vulnerabilities to cause loss or damage to the organization and its assets. What type of fire-suppression system suppresses fire via water that is released from a main valve to be delivered via a system of dry pipes installed throughout the facilities?

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