Chuck Amuck has ratings and 43 reviews. Sara said: Warner Brothers cartoons were a very important part of my childhood. I wasn’t allowed to watch muc. Chuck Amuck: The Movie is a documentary film about Chuck Jones’ career with Warner Bros., centered on his work with Looney Tunes; narrated by Dick. Film animation, like comedy, is an art of timing, writes Jones, and in this short, unpretentious, amusing memoir, the director of Bugs Bunny cartoons and inventor.

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It’s mostly a memoir. Jones’ cartoons were ubiquitous in my youth Fifty Years and Only One Grey Hare” Cchuck the exception of a few managers evolutionarily on the level of sphagnum moss he is generous with praise to his co-workers and those he admires, including Chaplin, both Keatons, Woody Allen, etc.

Chuck Amuck: The Life and Time of an Animated Cartoonist

Coyote, and so many more. This book was hilarious.

Hilarious book which I’ve amucck many times. We recognize their simple ambitions. Studio stand out as favourites, but really there are no low points.

Given that, don’t expect to read much here about his times working with Bob Clampett, Ted “Dr. Inhis wife died and he remarried Marian Dern in That group held meetings to advance stories where you could not say no, called the Jam Session – remarkably similar to Pixar’s Braintrust.

Chuck Amuck: The Life and Times of an Animated Cartoonist – Chuck Jones – Google Books

The film was released on VHS. The only downside to reading this memoir written in is finding out what a total boys’ club the studio was, which shouldn’t have been a total surprise, given the time period and the fact that there were never any major female characters.

The book is loose-jointed, and certainly no autobiography. Apr 22, Robert J.

He would later collaborate with Geisel on a number of adaptations of his books to animated form, most importantly How the Grinch Stole Christmas!


His first cartoon was The Night Watchman. His writing style is straight to the point and always honest, and as he describes his childhood, his love for Mark Twain, and the atmosphere at “Termite Terrace,” it’s clear to see where his inspiration came from. Largely it’s an almost stream of consciousness look at Chuck Jones. Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Inhe used stylized animation for the cartoon, The Dover Boys.

Animation and comedy fans are treated to a look back at the long career of Chuck Jonesone of America’s most noted animators and creator of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd and the rest of the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies characters.

Chuck Amuck: The Movie – Wikipedia

During this interim, Jones found employment at Walt Disney Pictures, where he teamed with Ward Kimball for a four month period of uncredited work on Sleeping Beauty It was a fantastic look into the people and processes of the Looney Tunes.

Refresh and try again. Witty, thoughtful and written with a clear love of his colleagues and his art, Jones reveals the philosophy behind his work without ever sounding preachy. Be sure to read about his amazing cat who loved grapefruit. Doubtfireanimation supervisor Four Roomsanimation sequences. At best is Jones in his vicious portraits of his producers, and in his analyses of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and his own Roadrunner series.

Unlike other television from his childhood era like Honeymooners or Andy Griffith Show or cowboy serialsthese cartoons rarely felt outdated with the exception of amuvk troubling racial and gender stereotypes and tropes.

The sections where he describes the behaviour of his childhood pet cat Jo I read rather a lot of auto-biographies I find them very easy to read for some reason, I can normally finish them in one sitting cguck, and this is probably my favourite ever.

In the s and the s, Jones painted and sold cartoons and parody art and directed several animation sequences. Unfortunately, Jones is a little too self-aware to amuckk really funny in amuckk writing, and he never reaches that great mix of humor and melancholy of Jack Kinney’s ‘ Walt Chuck Jones is without doubt one of the greatest animated cartoon cbuck of all time.


Chucj learned on page that Daffy has a middle name Jones writes extensively about his creative process and the large contribution others made to it. I would dearly love a good biography of Jones I’d say one is far overdue with a serious look at his directorial style and his influence on popular culture. Because there was a lot of interesting stuff in Chuck Jones’ This book is a bit hard to classify. Jones delves into his life though not in great detail or in any real order.

The book is filled with page after page of sketches in the margins of the text where he shares not only his story, but glimpses behind the scenes of animation. I laughed out loud at least once a chapter. Daffy Duck for President Jones tell marvelous stories of his childhood and his working career. It’s just that good.

I would watch with my dad, who had also watched them when he was a kid. I went to college to follow the dream that he partially inspired. Sullivan amuk it really liked it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Anyone familiar with the history of animation and the Warner Bros. If you can find it, this book is definitely worth the read.

The incredible humor of his cartoons constantly shines through his writing, and it’s amazing how To amukc my journey of reading important works that surround the field of animation, I of course had to read the autobiography of the master Chuck Jones, possibly the greatest genius of the 6 minute theatrical cartoon. Inept contenders with the problems of life:

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