Bryan Chapell, Christ-Centered Preaching: Redeeming the Expository Sermon. Second Edition. Baker, pages. $ “Three points. When we speak of Christ-centered preaching, it is hard not to think and speak of Bryan Chapell, the President Emeritus of Covenant Seminary. Christ-Centered Preaching will make a difference to generations of seminary . The best book I have read is Bryan Chapell’s, Christ-Centered Preaching.

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Summary Chapell beings the book by teaching some expository preaching basics. Bryan Chapell’s new Christ-Centered Preaching may well be destined to join the illustrious ranks. While some writers had been urging preachers to treat every text within the redemptive flow of biblical history–always culminating in Jesus Christ–this book was the first one to tell us how to do it.

Most of it was pretty good, just not what I was looking for or expecting. My own philosophy of preaching is that when the congregants leave the sanctuary, they should be focused on Christ and not on themselves. I picked it up expecting to hone my preaching techniques and found myself learning to read my entire Bible as a testimony to Christ’s redeeming work. The questions and exercises at the end of each chapter are very useful in clarifying the material that precedes them. Louis, Missouri, the denominational seminary of the Presbyterian Church in America.

It will make a difference. This complete guide to expository preaching teaches the basics of preparation, organization, and delivery–the trademarks of great preaching. But the title is “Christ-Centered Preaching”. Louis, will be extremely helpful to many preachers and students of preaching. Return to Book Page.

The questions and exercises at the end of each chapter are very useful in clarifying the material that precedes them.

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I share with him the belief that contemporary congregations are open to expository preaching models provided they are done well and with an emphasis on practical application. Chapell does not hesitate to highlight the strengths of narrative preaching forms and mass communication models of preaching.

Bryan Chapell’s book, Christ-Centered Preachingis a refreshing exception to this trend. My biggest takeaways are the FCF and Christ-centric application process.


centerer The nature of the content included, the form and structure in which it is presented, the clear and concise illustrative material, the practical application of centerev principles delineated, and the consistent focus on the subject without digression namely, Christ-centered preaching all combine to make this a most helpful work. Buy the book and harvest the insight that springs from the fertile soil of a committed preacher who delights in bringing the truths of Scripture to students, the church, and the world.

This is something lacking in Chapell’s hermeneutical theory. I learned a lot of applicable principles that I will use in sermon preparation and delivery. Clear, concise, and relevant, this is a book that will revitalize what happens in the pulpit.

Christ-Centered Preaching, 3rd Edition | Baker Publishing Group

Aug 19, Jordan Shirkman rated it it was amazing. Must read for every preacher of the Gospel.

Despite its great reputation, I was afraid it would read like a text book – helpful at points, certainly informative, but dry as a bone.

This is not a book for the fainthearted or the casual reader. Kleinauassociate professor emeritus of speech communication, Southern Illinois University.

The author is obviously well acquainted with the substantial literature on the subject of preaching and effectively uses that knowledge to support ministry centered in the person and work of Jesus Christ. He reminds us that preaching the text of Scripture naturally implies the responsibility to preach Christ, and he demonstrates how to engage contemporary audiences in such preaching.

My congregation will thank him. Want to Read saving…. Also the general idea of being Christ-Centered is a good one and while I maybe don’t agree with all of the things he says about doing that, the concept overall is one I heartily agree with.

The first sect Christ-Centered Preaching is perhaps a modern classic and certainly one of the greatest preaching texts of the last 30 years or more. For example, Lewis explained: This innovative discussion of the authority and redemptive power of the Scriptures when exposed uses all the insights gleaned chrrist contemporary studies in communications dynamics. Overall, it erred on the side of repetitive; though it is hard to criticize an author or speaker for reiterating material that is near and dear capell their hearts.


Components of Exposition Part 2: The real contribution of Christ-Centered Preaching, however, is revealed in its title. This book will be in the classrooms and on the desks of cenered for years to come.

I was really helped by the chapter on outlining, but thought it would never end it runs about 45 pages.

My congregation will thank him. Chapell seems to have gone off on a miniature digression that is not a part of the elementary principles of expository preaching that themes most of the book. Does this mean that the Scriptures are never practical? Both for understanding how I think through biblical issues, and for having language to talk about the sermons I listen to.

It is broken up into three sections cenrered, preparation, and theology and has a wealth of additional information in the appendixes bryam from how to dress and speak to how to prepare a funeral message. See my first review below: There were a number of things I found frustrating about this book though. The Pattern of Illustration 8.

Christ-Centered Preaching: Redeeming the Expository Sermon

It is not supplemental, but subversive. Creating a jargon word for a concept is not very good unless it makes the concept easier to understand, and I’m not sure it does in this case.

He is a speaker in churches and conferences around the country, preaching and lecturing on topics including grace, marriage, and journalism. The layout is logical, the outlines are clear, and the understanding of communication is shrewd.

Could not recommend more highly. He talks about how to properly illuminate the chrixt over four steps: It’s occasionally a little wooden, but page after page is filled with helpful, sage advice with just the right balance of freedom and direction. Following the lead of literary scholars like Robert Alter and Eric Auerbach, Paul Ricoeur stressed the incomparable power of biblical narrative to affect the reader or hearer.

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