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In an insurrection this is indeed generally the case – it was so in the Indian Mutiny. The Russians in their gradual extension of territory beyond the Caspian have often had to deal with armies – ill armed and organized, of course, but nevertheless armies.

The Nile Expedition moved through a country where some supplies were obtainable; part of the force – the mounted portion – marched, some steamers and barges were available, and the force was warrs by some transport on its line of advance. The Boers he places in a category of their own.

Charles Edward Callwell

Two forms of squares the rigid and the elastic The rigid form. Others also found it useful. The enemy has no organized intelligence department, no regular corps of spies, no telegraphs – and yet he knows perfectly well what is going on.

During the protracted operations of the German military forces against the Herreros and other tribes of Damaraland and Namaqualand, this question was constantly a source of difficulty and a cause of delay. It may be taken as a rough rule that a transport animal cannot under the most favourable circumstances carry food for itself for more than a month; this, moreover, takes no account of the return journey.

Macdonalds brigade at the battle of Khartum. When the Russians conquered Khiva inthe column from Tashkend, consisting of 5, men, was calwell by a supply column of.

Small Wars: Their Principles and Practice – C. E. Callwell – Google Books

Similarly the United States troops had not at first expected to find the Filipinos with artillery; but these brought up two guns to defend Kalumpit. That this occurred so often can only be attributed to a failure to calwlell the interdependence which exists between the administration of supply and the strategy of the campaign.

The Kaffir and Matabili rebellions in South Africa have always proved most difficult to suppress. Ina Russian column under General Tchernaieff attempted to march from Tashkend to capture Samarcand; but after proceeding a considerable distance it was obliged to turn back owing to difficulties as to supply, principally water. Denghil Tepe, for instance, became the stronghold in which practically the whole military power of the Tekke Turkomans concentrated itself in andalthough the Turkomans are, in the main, a nomad race; the Russians failed in their first campaign through mismanagement, but the objective never was in doubt, and in their second venture the formidable nomad race, which might have taken years to subdue, was crushed for good and all when the fortress fell.


To correctly interpret the auguries derived from reconnaissances, from information brought in by spies, and from the various forms of circumstantial evidence provided by the theatre of war, is often one of the most difficult of military problems.

Drawing the enemy on by exposing baggage c. Twice over during the last Afghan war the strength of the Afghans was altogether under-estimated, and on both czllwell with somewhat unfortunate results. Stewart’s force on its march from the Abu Klea wells to the Nile waars was taken, unnecessarily as was subsequently discovered, through some thick bush at night. Such an eventuality was most undesirable, and so villagers were sent out to reconnoitre the hostile position and to convey the idea that the Anglo-Egyptian army intended a night attack upon the Mahdists.

These characteristics served him well while examining small wars, though perhaps not in leading troops. Director of Military Operations August —December The fight at Abu Klea, which will be referred to in other chapters, had a most unfortunate effect as regards supply, for the transport suffered considerably in the action; and the transport being throughout heavily worked and getting little rest was seriously crippled by the time that the force had reached its destination near Metemma.

The suppression of the Indian Mutiny and the Anglo-French campaign on the Peiho, the British operations against the Egyptian army inand the desultory warfare of the United States troops against the nomad Red Indians, the Spanish invasion of Morocco inand the pacification of Upper Burma, can all alike be classed under the category of small wars. The enormous importance of moral effect in these campaigns will be dealt with in a later chapter, suffice it to say here. When the capital is really the focus and centre of a State, however barbarous, any approach to organized resistance under the direct control of the head of the State, will almost always cease when the capital falls; but it does not by any means follow that the conflict is at an end.

But let that not detract from the richness of military theory and historical insight to be found in the pages of Small Wars. This made them vulnerable to the superior firepower of their opponents.

The regular army is being watched in all its operations and cannot prevent it. In June he was created a Knight Commander of the Bath for his wartime services.

European colonial armies employed not only the superior armaments of modern capitalist industry, but also its higher-level organisation and mentality.

This book has now been revised and brought up to date by the author, Colonel C.

Naval History and Heritage Command

The movement being conducted in the dark great confusion occurred amongst the transport; and the force was so seriously delayed that it failed to reach the river before daylight and was forced to fight at a great disadvantage in consequence.


Such conditions are, however, very seldom found in small wars; important towns and centres smwll trade, moreover, are not the sole conditions offering distinct objectives.

The army performed its task of penetrating into Tirah, and of leaving its mark in the usual manner by the demolition of buildings and destruction of crops.

Then, as the supplies carried in these trains are consumed, they are made good, partly from what can be obtained from the theatre of war, and partly by the empty transport moving back to fixed supply magazines for replenishment. The reasons for this are obvious enough.

C.E. Callwell, Small Wars: Their Principles and Practice () | Small Wars Journal

It is not the question of pushing calllwell the man, or the horse, or the gun, that has to be taken into account, so much as that of callwell provision of the necessaries of life for the troops when they have been pushed forward.

A British convoy under attack by mounted Boer guerillas – South Africa, The French in Dahomey were not prepared to find the enemy in possession of guns; and as they operated in compact smwll the hostile artillery proved somewhat inconvenient on one or two occasions. The nature of the enemy, his strength, his weapons, and his fighting qualities can be only very imperfectly gauged. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. The first thing, therefore, was to callwe,l on supplies by every available means so that the whole force should be fed on its way to Korti, and so that there should be sufficient supplies at the front for the mounted troops who had not the boat supplies to depend upon to be able to carry out such operations as might prove necessary.

A fortified village crowded with warriors was found a few hundred yards off, and as a preliminary it was decided to capture this. But the conditions of small wars are so diversified, the enemy’s mode of fighting is often so peculiar, and the theatres of operations present such singular features, that irregular warfare must generally be carried out on a method totally different from the stereotyped system.

Of these the former may be said upon the whole to be the most important as a rule. The French general amall spread the report that caplwell meant to fight his way through; then he suddenly marched off to a flank, and, moving across country, reached Bacninh from another side.

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